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Harbinger #10 - Renegades: Part 5 Review


Peter and the team plot their escape from Project Rising Spirit's grip.

The Good

What makes HARBINGER stand apart from everything else is one thing and one thing only: Joshua Dysart. The man writes characters like no other and pulls you in to this crazy world. The lovable and unique personalities of Peter's Renegades have been stealing the spotlight as of late, so it was nice to dive back into Peter's head and really flesh out the character. We're constantly reminded of how flawed the character is and all he's experienced, but despite this, these terrible events have transformed him into a hero you want to cheer for. Even when he's thinking about his own weaknesses, he finds a way to positively apply them to his teammates. He craves pills? He immediately thinks about the pills that would help each of his allies. While Peter steals the show this time around, his teammates are each given an opportunity to remind us why we love them -- especially Faith. That joyful girl never fails to put a smile on my face.

#10 has four artists. While this sounds like it could be a totally jarring experience, I'm happy to report that it's not at all. In fact, the book mostly looks fantastic. You can definitely notice the subtle changes (the segment in Peter's mind is a stunning opener), but nothing here will make you want to avert your eyes. There's two particularly vicious moments in the helicopter which are simply vivid and true jaw-droppers. Trust me, you'll know 'em when you see 'em.

The Bad

No major complaints here.

The Verdict

While this is indeed primarily an issue about Peter, it also takes strides turning the group into an actual team. They're no longer people Peter's dragging along -- they're now officially the Renegades and that should leave any fan of this series absolutely stoked for the upcoming 'Harbinger Wars.' HARBINGER continues to deliver exactly what I expect from it: sharp writing, relatable and engaging characters, and ridiculously fun use of psionic powers. Joshua Dysart can apparently do no wrong with this one.

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Posted by Cavemold

thats nuts 4 artist can pull that off. GIVE ME HARBINGER WARS. my body is ready

Posted by SavageDragon


So you guys know Im loving Bloodshot, and am ready for Harbinger Wars but I havnt read Harbinger until now.

Harbinger Volume 1 trade and the 0 issue arrived at my place a few days and I just read them both yesterday. Simply great stuff. I loved that first trade once it got going. I will be buying the second trade for sure, Great recommendation guys, I'm thankful for it.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@SavageDragon: Happy to hear it!

Posted by That60sGuy

This was a great issue but there was one panel I either didn't see right or was just plain crap. When Faith breaks into the helicopter how does Kris disarm a guard AND knock him down? She doesn't have any powers and it didn't look like the guard Faith had attacked!