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Guardians of the Galaxy #6 Review


Consultant Neil Gaiman comes along for this fantastical cosmic tale into sharp focus as more is learnt about the mysterious Angela.

The Good

Brian Bendis and Sara Pichelli...with Neil Gaiman...with Olivier Coipel on six pages of the art. It’s like someone combined a Reese’s cup with a s’more, it’s all these different, but great, elements coming together perfectly. Guardians of the Galaxy has, oddly enough, been a title that has stood somewhat apart from the Infinity event. This may be due to its status as a monthly, rather than biweekly, ongoing title, or may be because it’s doing it’s own thing. Regardless, even it isn’t immune as we see Peter Quill confronting Thanos on what, exactly, he’s up to, but unfortunately the Mad Titan is making a strange kind of sense. Meanwhile it’s taking the entire rest of the Guardians to take down the strange interloper who emerged from a gash in reality following Age of Ultron. Gamora, the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, is seemingly halted by the woman’s skills, Groot is rendered moot, Rocket Raccoon can’t catch a break, Tony’s liable to shoot himself in an unfamiliar suit of armor and it isn’t until Drax shows up that things become even manageable. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a cosmic event without the watcher watching and pontificating.

Sara Pichelli handles most of the linework, with Justin Ponsor on colors, but Olivier Coipel jumps in for six pages with Mark Morales on inks and Ive Svorcina on colors near the beginning. I can’t say that it’s a seamless transition back and forth, but that’s because both artists have incredibly distinct styles, particularly when it comes to how they draw human faces, so there was almost no way that it was going to sneak by unnoticed. Fortunately, these are some of the best artists in the biz, so there are no complaints on my end. They both strike the same tone as well, cartoonish without sacrificing seriousness or being too over-the-top. Pichelli, in particular, has the unenviable task of drawing a melee battle on the moon and she manages to absolutely knock it out of the park. The sense of lessened gravity is subtle, but definitely there, and the myriad combatants are fluid when they need to be and absolutely crushing when it counts.

The Bad

Angela’s outfit is...certainly eye-catching. “Distracting” might be a better word. This wouldn’t bear mentioning if it weren’t for the fact that they recently redesigned Gamora to have a less absurd costume, making this go against the tone of the book even more. A very specific, dramatic, moment in this book becomes almost comical because of Angela’s costume. The characters in the book even mention how odd it is.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Uatu’s contention, and continued dramatic intonations, that he’s sworn to never interfere. The man interferes with things he shouldn’t more than a paid-off referee, but every time he shows back up, he talks about how he has to ignore the worst atrocities and never help anyone. It comes off as a bit disingenuous.

The Verdict

Those complaints are about as fanboyish as I get (does the fact that I’m AWARE of it negate some of it??), so I can still very safely say that this book is worth the wait every month. I’m absolutely enraptured by how they’re going to answer the question of exactly who Angela is and where she comes from. Many of the characters comment on how familiar she seems and I can’t tell if that’s a tongue-in-cheek reference, or if it will actually amount to anything, but either way I can’t wait to find out. Some of the best creators in the industry are on this book, so if you’ve ever been unsure of a cosmic superhero book, this is one to convert to.

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Posted by flazam

Loving this title

Posted by Trevel8182

The last issue teased we might finally get to know what happened to Nova, do we get any answers in this issue?

Posted by CommanderShiro

So happy to finally have a new issue out. The wait was killing me.

Edited by Cap10nate

I've been going month to month on this title deciding whether or not to drop it as I was not impressed with the first arc. The last two issues have been very good and I will definitely be picking it up again next month

Posted by spinningbirdcake

Man. Drax gets a legit Falcon Punch in.

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

When i saw the redesigned peter quill armour from DnA's run... i squirmed a little. I LOVE THIS BOOK NOW because of this issue. Drax wasn't creepy to the max, and by stars and garters is Sarah Pichelli's art beautiful...

Edited by pauatt


Over in Nova Thanos mentions Rich Rider saying "He has long been dealt with". WTF, enough already. Just bring him back Marvel, lol. I realize "dealt with" doesn't mean dead, but it's just getting irritating now.

Posted by HeckTate

FINALLY. This is definitely the first book I read through when I pick up my week's worth of comics. Should be new GotG every week, it's criminal to make us wait this long.

Posted by Trevel8182

@pauatt: Its more annoying that Star-Lord hasn't said anything, Richie was the closet thing he had to friend and he acts like it didn't happen, unless he's working with Thanos which is the only explanation id buy.

Posted by pauatt


Star Lord never mentions him along with most of the cosmic cast. The new issue of Nova had some hints toward Rich.

Posted by LsDeep

I haven't picked up #4 or 5 since the first 3 really didn't do anything for me, I may just give it one more shot after reading this review. Couldn't hurt.

Edited by Trevel8182

@pauatt: Hopefully Cosmo and Quasar are looking for him since apparently no one else including the New Warriors who are currently trying to replace him, care that he's gone.

Edited by movieartman

wow, that was seriously one of the best ongoing fight scenes ive seen in a while, bless sara pichelli.

screw the haters, angela was sexy as hell, her body aways looked realistic and non exaggerative, but still sexy.

there was a single panel last issue where she was in a back broke pose, thankfully none of that crap this issue

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

Finally I've been waiting for Angela issue's in Marvel. Hopefully she clicks.

Posted by pauatt
Posted by The_Titan_Lord

This one rocks. Love the issue.

Edited by fodigg

It's so funny to me that they bothered to PG-rate Gamora's costume just to have her fight Angela, who was wearing what amounts to a large belt. And then when Rocket makes a crack about it Gamora doesn't even give him side-eyes about how she wore about the same for years. Still, it was a funny line.

I think this issue was pretty damn good. This is starting to pick up. I wish they'd explain a bit how they got to this point with the combination of items from the original Star-Lord run (e.g., element gun) and the more recent stuff, but I'm still enjoying how they're blending the old with the new. It was a gas to see Stark fighting in an old Star-Lord suit.