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Grim Leaper #1 Review


Imagine dying over and over only to find yourself in a new body each time. That's the focus here but there's a nice little twist that will pull you into the story.

No one wants to think about dying or going through a violent death. Our main character here has to do that all the time and has no idea why.

The Good

I'll admit, when I first heard the premise of this comic, I immediately had thoughts of Quantum Leap and Groundhog Day. You get a tiny bit of that but mixed in with a bit of Final Destination. We begin the issue with the main character already having been killed. It turns out, for some reason he's not sure of, Death has it out for him. It's not simply that he keeps dying and returning to life. When he does return, it's in the body of another person. Once he figures out who he is in this new life, Death begins searching for him again.

It's an interesting concept. The bit of mystery as to why this is happening keeps you glued to the story. It turns out our character might have someone to talk to about all of this...provide Death doesn't intervene.

It turns out there's more that just this story by Kurtis Wiebe and Aluisio C. Santos. There's also a second story by Joey Esposito and Jeff McComsey. It's a nice little story that gave the entire issue a different feel. It's not often we see separate back up stories in comics these days, especially ones that have nothing to do with the main story.

The Bad

It's an interesting idea. We'll have to see what the explanation is as to why this is happening. The first death we see was almost comical. The character gets decapitated by a flying tire. That didn't sit right with me. I'm no expert in flying tires but I don't think the impact would knock his head off unless his feet were cemented to the ground.

Our main character runs into another person in the same situation. It could be fate or something but it felt a little too convenient.

When reading the issue, the main story does end with a cliffhanger but it's not a clear distinct ending. With the way the story was going, it could have been possible that the backup was continuing the main story. It wasn't until I got to the end with the credit/title page. Looking back at it, the two stories are pretty separate so it makes you scratch your head a little.

The Verdict

Dying can be a bummer but imagine going through death after death, only to find yourself in a new body. To make it worse, you have no idea why you keep dying and you know it's going to happen again. Everyone loves a good mystery and we can hope the explanation will be just as exciting. I'm definitely curious to find out what the story is. There were a couple moments in the story where the art or situation felt like a bit of a stretch (yes, I understand we're talking about a guy continuously returning from the dead). We're also treated by a cool back up story. Because there wasn't a clearly distinct ending in the main story (at least, in my opinion), I was a little confused in thinking the story had somehow shifted into the main character jumping into another body. You'll definitely be interested in seeing what comes next. Adding in back up stories is a great way to showcase other creators but hopefully there'll be a clear separation between the two.

Posted by VanAce

Sounds interesting. Image have been going from strength to strength this past year.

Posted by BlackArmor

sounds cool, I might check this out

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

Sounds like a mix of Quantum Leap and the Deaths of Ian Stone.

Posted by SeanNOLA

Boo! Batroc isn't even in this issue!

Posted by kurtiswiebe

The funny thing is, a week after I sent Aluisio the script for Issue #1, someone in his home town was killed in the exact manner Lou does at the beginning.

Yes, a wayward tire can rip a head off.

Thanks for the kind review and taking the time to read the first issue!