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Green Lantern: New Guardians #2 - Part Two Review


Members of other lantern corps are after Kyle Rayner, who is now some sort of "ring magnet."

Usually, members of the Green Lantern Corps have one or two enemies to fight off, but what happens when you have a member of every other Lantern Corps coming after you because rings from their corps chose you?

The Good

I really love the concept of all these lantern corps choosing one person to be the ultimate ring-barer, and I can not think of anyone better than Kyle Rayner. He's a fan favorite, and if anyone deserves their own insane story, it's him. I'm really wondering how, after this issue, Kyle's powers will work, since the majority of the rings create constructs.

Although I was annoyed with some of this book, it really is great for some of these characters to have a home and not just be stuck in the DC toy chest until they need a background character in space. It feels like they're trying to add a lot of different elements to this new book and take a chance with some not so familiar characters. That's a plus in my book.

The bigger the panel for Tyler Kirkham and Harvey Tolibao (pencils), Batt (inks), and Nei Ruffino (colors), the better the art. There's quite a few weird art moments in this issue, with mixing styles and whatnot, but the art really pops off the page when this team has a larger panel to work with. Two of my favorite pages are when Bleeze is trying to puke blood on Kyle and the arrival of Saint Walker. Really great detail and color in this book, mainly on the larger panels and splash pages.

The Bad

The Ultimate Ring-Barer costume isn't my favorite and it's because all the logos are on it. Kyle looks like a NASCAR driver. If anything (when he also gets the Orange Lantern ring), he should have a white lantern logo, since all colors mixed together are white.

I enjoyed this book quite a bit less than the first issue. It felt like each page was a testament to how cool that character looks and how easily they can be beaten, except for Saint Walker... he's the "man."

This next little annoyance area spoils a bit of the book. Read at your own risk

.Pretty pissed that Ganthet is just a regular, old Guardian now, and he's now longer on the front lines, kicking butt, especially since he's been lobotomized.

See what I'm talking about? Lame.

The Verdict

Overall, I enjoyed the issue, but it was no where near as good as issue one. I'm loving the Kyle Rayner story as Ultimate Ring-barer, and I want to know how his powers will change. I'm glad that some of these B-List and C-List space characters have a place to call their home, and I loved the art on the splash pages. What I didn't like was the Ultimate Ring-barer costume Kyle wears at the end of the issue, and how every page just seemed dedicated to showing off how cool a character in the book was. Lastly, this issue completely changes the character of a Green Lantern staple, and it was a bummer for me. I recommend the series and issue though.

Posted by cobra88king8

I really enjoy the direction that they're taking this book and I can't wait for the next issue. I agree with the problem you had with that one character, but I think it may have something to do with the book overall and I hope it means it's going in the direction I think it is. another problem I have with these books are the covers, so far they don't have anything to do with the problems that are happening inside the book and it can make it somewhat confusing to see.

Posted by Rixec

I enjoyed the new costume and maybe one of the things Kyle needs to do is save Ganthet.

Posted by komikboy

hmm... i agree about the bad...but i actually like when the intense of the story increased when the Guardians show up. especially when Ganthet told that he being lobotomized. But all ring bearer costume isn't my thing.

Posted by luckydomino1

really enjoyed it alot now that he is wearing all those rings what are they gonna do with the story is he gonna go mad with power and attack people is he gonna give those people the rings or is he gonna go on a great journey to mordor to drop them in the lava pit where they were forgerd

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue
Posted by RScottH08

I liked this one, your right though, not as good as #1, but really enjoyed anyways. the costume did seem weird, though i think it will get better once the orange ring shows up for sure.

overall this was a good issue, another good set up for the next issue and its just really easy to get hooked on.

Posted by noj

@Scarlet_Rogue: Awesome theory dude! I can't believe I didnt think of that! It makes total sense and would be an interesting plot twist. I kinda hope thats the direction it takes

Edited by danhimself

I don't know why you guys are saying that he didn't have the orange ring but the last page clearly shows him wearing it

he's got 7 rings on

Posted by RScottH08

@danhimself: lol your right my bad, but is there not a little message for the orange saying you've been chosen? unless they just got a tad bit carried away on the drawing. who knows, just makes it more interesting for issue 3 i guess lol

Posted by danhimself

@RScottH08: there's that and he doesn't seem to have the orange logo either...unless it's on his back

Posted by Sky_Jokiel

@danhimself: Yea I actually paged back because it shows the orange ring on his right pinky finger... Odd it doesnt show that he was chosen in orange or the fact that there is zero orange on the last panel... hmm guess we will have to wait and see

Posted by Eyz

"The Ultimate Ring-Barer costume" Really? Oh man... not feeling it either...

Posted by theduffel

@Scarlet_Rogue: I think that makes sense. Overall i can't get enough of this series and I never want it to end.

Posted by Booster_Bronze

@theduffel: I think the reason there isn't any orange message is because there is essentially no REAL orange corps. There's only Larfleeze's ring, and he TAKES peoples' essences for his "corps", they aren't really "chosen."

Fanboy debating aside, I love this series. It's easily my favorite of the New 52 and I can't wait each month for another to come out. I don't mind the

so much because I think it's just another nail in the coffin of turning the corps against the Guardians' excesses.

Posted by pjdinho

Is this Ganthet plot tied into Green Lantern #1?