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Green Lantern Corps #62 - Love is a Battlefield Review


Kyle and Soranik take on Star Sapphire Miri. It's all about love and who is Kyle's true love?

Kyle and Soranik take on Star Sapphire Miri. It's all about love and who is Kyle's true love?

The Good

Out of this whole run of Green Lantern Corps, this is the FIRST time I've ever given an issue below 4 stars. I've loved this series top to bottom, well until now.

Kyle Rayner, without the mask, looks pretty awesome. Can we keep him without the mask?

Daniel HDR's pretty awesome on this book, mainly when there is tons of crazy construct craziness going on. He's probably the first artist to make me notice how insane construct battles can get. The best example of this is a full splash page where Kyle is being grabbed by the emotional tethers of the Star Sapphire Miri.

The Bad

I feel like we're starting to see the effects of the new 52 start to take place with this throw-away issue. It's not a terrible issue, but I'd rather the book just disappear for the month than have this story. Sure, if you love Kyle, you're going to love the issue, but for me, it didn't really add anything to the Corps. Sora and Kyle may not be on speaking terms, but that's not something I personally care about in a Green Lantern book. It feels phoned in.

The Verdict

Green Lantern Corps #62 feels like a throw-away one-shot from the 90s. There's been so many great and epic things happening in the Green Lantern universe for the past 5 years, and this issue feels like a giant leap away from that. If you enjoy a love story between Kyle and Sora, as they fight a Star Sapphire, then this is the book for you. For some of us, it's going to feel like a big disappointment from such an amazing series. I do not recommend this issue, and it's extremely hard for me to say that.

Posted by The Stegman

yeah all three green lantern books are starting to feel like filler arcs until the new 52 titles come out

Posted by nnotdead

yeah it was a filler issue, but i didn't find it to be a bad issue. i think it did more than just show the trouble in Kyles love life, but his trouble he is having with in himself and the rest of the corp. maybe why he is going into the New Guardian series.  found it to be a good read, but if you're more of a casual reader of GL skipping it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

Posted by Kallarkz

It was a filler issue but with Kyle being my favorite character and me having wondered for some time now how his relationship with Natu was going to work out. 

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Honestly, even though it focused on Kyle and Soranik's relationship, this could've been a perfectly fine issue. I've loved their relationship. (I'm totally extremely manly, btw.) But I felt the plot was incredibly weak, and Bedard has a poor grasp of Miri. I was still all set to enjoy this issue after your review, but I agree, it just wasn't that great. (But I don't agree that this series has NEVER been below a 4, the middle-end of Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns got pretty mediocre.)