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Green Lantern Corps #27 - Forensics Review


John Stewart has to rally the troops against threats both without and within.

The Good

There’s big trouble brewin’ for John Stewart and the rest of the Corps as an unknown force is targeting Green Lantern Sector Houses for destruction, while taking the Lanterns inside of them hostage. Van Jensen, with Robert Venditti, has brought an absolute dream of mine to the page: when it was first announced that the Lantern books were getting all new creators (after the sliiiiiiiiiiight hiccup), I posited on the podcast that it would be awesome to see one of the books actually portray the Lanterns acting like space cops. You know...their essential function? This issue not only has them unraveling a mystery, but doing so using actual forensics to reconstruct how the attack went down. Jensen, as always, displays a command of the massive cast, giving a unique voice to each character. I'm a particularly big fan of how he writes the distension in the ranks with some actual clarity of purpose rather than just having a few of the Corps members being weirdly unreasonable for the sake of creating conflict.

Bernard Chang handles most of the linework duties and, as always, does an absolutely stellar job. The level of detail he puts into these characters and the sheer diversity of each of the various Lanterns is stunning and I have no idea how he manages it. Sure, some of the characters existed beforehand, but plenty were and are brand-new. The visual style is sharp and crisp while maintaining a veneer of smoothness. We also get Sean Chen penciling a few of the pages with Walden Wong on inks and Marcelo Maiolo coloring the whole thing. These pages, partially due to Maiolo’s gloriously varied and expressive colors, work fairly well for the change in location and keep the story moving at a good clip.

The Bad

Most artistic shifts are jarring at the best of times, and this one DOES accompany a different location, but there’s still little justification beyond the practical (likely having to do with a deadline) and while it isn’t BAD, it does fall a little flat next to Chang’s. A central point in this storyline has to do with the core Green Lantern storyline and, while it may be explained in another issue, it seems extraordinarily odd and out of place in this one. I’m happy we’re not still seeing these titles stuck in a neverending crossover chain, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them exist completely on their own for at least a FEW issues.

The Verdict

The Green Lantern book I’ve been waiting for continues to live up to my expectations. Seeing the Lanterns behave like actual law enforcers is a delightful shift from their “saving the universe from cosmic apocalypses,” which is seems like it should be another branch, is a breath of fresh air for well-trod characters. I truly hope this new role for Corps remains an ongoing thing, because I personally can’t get enough of it and I know I’m not the only one.

Posted by kilomac29

I really enjoyed this. I felt like I was thrown in the middle of a (space) CSI episode in the opening pages, it was pretty great. I had actually forgotten Yara's circumstances until that "interrogation" scene. It was a bit of an "oh yeah" moment. Good stuff.

Posted by Captain13

Nearly perfect issue for me. The artistic shift didn't bother me much, but I'll talk about the other stuff in the third paragraph.

Van Jensen's police reporter background really helped this issue with all of the cool police procedural stuff. I also like how the characters are all characters. What I mean by that is that they each have unique voices and plausible, reasonable motivations. Like was said in the review, it's not Mary Sues vs weirldy unreasonable people.

This title and Green Lantern are really intertwined. I would also like more of a split between the titles. Right now it feels like the 4 titles are a weekly title. If that's the case, shouldn't they be renamed? I do like the fact that GLC feels like the lead title and GL feels like the spinoff though. :)

A lot of big stuff keeps happening in the GLC title. :)

Loved it!

Posted by Twentyfive

Maybe I should break my vow never to pick up another DC comic again and read the GLC comic, huh? Especially since the main human Lantern featured in this book is John.

Posted by mysoulz

I really enjoyed this. I felt like I was thrown in the middle of a (space) CSI episode in the opening pages, it was pretty great. I had actually forgotten Yara's circumstances until that "interrogation" scene. It was a bit of an "oh yeah" moment. Good stuff.

I also thought opening pages felt like an CSI episode. Those were my exact thoughts on this book!

Edited by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@twentyfive: Sigh... alright because I also have a vow against DC and Marvel I'll be the one who asks: why don't you read DC? and what makes you want to read GLC? (although I actualy do wan't to know why you would want to read GLC instead of the main GL book)

Posted by Twentyfive

@captainmarvel4ever: Well, it may not be the best of reasons, but I grew tired of DC's rehashing of some characters, mistreatment of some others, and recycling of story material. I didn't want to continue to support them. As for why I want to pick up GLC, I think it's because from what I'm hearing now, John is the main human character of the series, and he's been my favorite Lantern since the JLU days.

But to be fair, I don't read much of Marvel these days as well, except for Ultimate comics Spider-Man, Young Avengers, Captain Marvel, Journey into Mystery featuring Sif (RIP), Defenders (RIP), and Brian Wood's X-Men. When Ms. Marvel comes out, I'll be picking that up.

I don't pay any mind to the main stuff going on at Marvel with their plethora of X-Men or Avengers books. Not interested.