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Green Lantern Corps #22 - Meltdown Review


John Stewart just wants to do his own thing, but fate has other plans as the new recruits need SOMEone to train them.

The Good

WHAT a breath of fresh air this book has been, and it’s only been two issues! Again, I don’t mean to disparage the previous creative teams, they did a fantastic job telling an epic, sweeping space opera, but after that it’s nice to see Van Jensen (with additional co-plot credit from Robert Venditti) and Bernard Chang get back to the GL Corps being galactic police/peacekeepers. What’s also nice is seeing some major fallout from the last two major events, which saw the Guardians try not only to convert the entire galaxy into their emotionless Third Army, but accidentally unleash a horror from beyond time that nearly wiped out all of creation.

People no longer trust the Green Lantern Corps, even though the Guardians are dead (at least the ones that engineered all of the above horrors) and John Stewart and his new recruits run up against some pretty sturdy opposition, even though they’re where they are to do good. Add that to rings across the spectrum giving out for some unknown reason and Fatality trying to halt a ring of sinister shapeshifters, and you’ve got quite the issue. Jansen writes with great economy, letting new readers in on who’s who while seamlessly writing the characters longtime readers know and love. I love the new recruits, I love the situations they get in and if this issue is any indication, they’re just getting started. Oh and the end of the issue treats us to some of the most honestly horrific and hilarious alien version of dirty talk I’ve ever heard.

Let’s talk about Bernard Chang again, though, because he and colorist Marcelo Maiolo do an exemplary job making this issue pop and gleam. I’ve said it in past reviews, but colors are SO important when you’re dealing with the various Corps, so Maiolo has his work cut out for him, but manages to rise above and beyond the occasion giving life and verve to Chang’s stellar pencils and inks, which again frame the action cleanly and solidly, making both action and conversation exciting.

The Bad

This issue had a LOT going on in it. Some would say too much. I am part of that some, because this issue is a whole lot to take in. It’s not that the issue ever becomes confusing, but between Stewart and his various wants, the four new recruits and Fatality off doing her own thing, no one group gets very much focus. Stewart is leading the recruits, which is a good move, but between his group, Fatality on her own, the other Lantern entities, the goings on of Oa and some (admittedly great) action scenes, this particular issue feels unfocused and scattershot. I’m hoping these disparate threads unite down the line, but for now I have to acknowledge that the whole thing feels like it could use a few extra pages.

The Verdict

Did I mention the alien dirty talk? This book is still a joy to read, and having too much ambition isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s not completely perfectly executed, but I’m happy that someone is focusing on the smaller Lantern stories. The art is fantastic, the writing goes perhaps a step too far, but not nearly enough to wreck the book, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the title.

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I am really digging this series since the new creative teams jumped on! The artwork is great and I love seeing Stewart front and center! The way he gives instruction to the rookies is great and very drill-sergeant-esque. Breath of fresh-air indeed!

Posted by Black_Claw

Loved this issue, can't wait for the next.

Posted by jorelliot

I'm glad we're finally focusing more on John Stewart beyond the "I killed a planet" thing

Edited by blkson

Anyone else get a Aquamand/Mera type of vibe from this book? So far thats the kinda feel I get from Stewart/Yrra. Could be interesting going forward, although I don't really care for the relationship. The story was all over the place too, just like in Aquaman. I know, I know, weird comparison but thats what this book feels like to me.

Anyways, nice review. Solid issue. I wasn't even reading Green Lantern Corps until Stewart become the titular guy, which happened when the creative change happened, so I can't say if I like the new approach to the book or not. I enjoyed the issue nevertheless.

Edited by dagmar_merrill

This book was amazing! I have no complaints at all. I hope they do something with Maro that makes up for him not being able to talk.

Posted by Zeeguy91

Loved this issue, can't wait for the next.

Me too. Its about time Stewart had some actual personality.

Posted by Dud317

"Jruk will take the thirty seven on the left, can you handle the other two, human?" I'm pretty fond of Jruk already.

Posted by OutlawRenegade

I loved it! 4/5 for me as well. It did have a lot going on, but Jensen and Venditti are REALLY, REALLY good at using space effectively. I feel like I got a lot for my money. The plotting is tight and I appreciate how the writers are able to balance the set up for the upcoming crossover while still letting this book have its own story. This title really makes the Green Lantern universe feel more cohesive than the others.

The scripting is phenomenal! There were so many lines that made laugh out loud, like:

  • I can't wait to fill your thorax with larvae
  • I can't wait to devour your head to feed our young

John and Jruk are really bad*** and likable!

Chang continues to wow me with his art. His background in architecture really, really adds to all the constructs--especially John's. I don't want this artist to leave this book ever!

If you don't pick this up, then you're missing out.

Posted by OutlawRenegade

@dud317 said:

"Jruk will take the thirty seven on the left, can you handle the other two, human?" I'm pretty fond of Jruk already.

Me too! His 3 person take out was epic!

Edited by Mrgreenlantern

Issue was great! i'm glad they keep all the books woven together with the overlapping story of the different corps battery issues

Posted by Uncle_Yusuf

All the GL books are kicking tail. Especially this one.

Posted by Uncle_Yusuf

Jruk is another awesome addition to the GL Corps.