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Green Lantern #24 - Lights Out, Part One: Dark Days Review


Lights Out begins here. If you think you've seen Green Lantern crossovers before, you haven't seen this one. Venditti and co. do not hold back.

The Good

Let's be honest, we've seen a lot of Green Lantern crossovers lately. We recently had one right after the other. They've been great and it's good to have such cohesion in the GL Universe but they can feel a little daunting at times. Especially for those not reading all titles (for whatever reason). Lights Out may be another crossover but the first part ensures it is one that will matter.

We've seen the introduction of Relic as well as his backstory. There may be a minor feeling of similarity with a certain other gigantic universal force but Relic's motives and approach is different. He has a reason for wanting to rid the universe of all the Lantern Corps.

Robert Venditti gives a great mix of pace to the story. There is a time for the facts to be laid out and when it's time for the action to begin, it kicks in with full force. If you think this will be just another crossover with no real impact, wait until you see the implications set forth at the end. And this is just the first chapter.

Billy Tan gets a chance to shine here. Whether it's the majestic look of Oa and the Central Power Battery or the frantic panels of Relic's attack, it's all impressive. Of course Alex Sinclair's colors add to the wonder of it all. The GL books need top notch coloring. That is something Sinclair excels at.

The Bad

I do enjoy Tan's art but there are times when the character's hair styles are a little off. Hal and Kyle's hair seems to change slightly from panel to panel. Sometimes Hal's head looks a little too round.

The Verdict

I wasn't sure if I was ready for another big Green Lantern crossover or if I really wanted one. This issue makes it clear that we are ready and do want this crossover. Robert Venditti is ready to shake things up. There's no tiptoeing around here. When the action starts, it doesn't stop. You will be thankful this is a story that crosses over into the other titles because with the way this issue ends, you won't want to wait a month. Billy Tan and Alex Sinclair have their hands full in the art department and the succeed in making it all look glorious. You've heard how stories will "change everything." This one appears to be actually ready to do just that. Don't miss this one.

Posted by dondave

A Good Start

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Just read it. Awesome stuff!

Posted by ScarletWitchFever

I was worried at first about having yet another 'revelation in the GL universe,' but, having read it, I'm not as hesitant. I'm especially glad that we're getting a much needed new villain. GL issue twenty-four earned all five stars. Great issue.

Edited by inferiorego

I dropped off GL a while back, but this issue really got me interested again. I love what they're doing with Relic.

Posted by Booster_Bronze

I approve of how Relic isn't really "evil", how he is doing what he simply believes is the right thing to do (as most villains believe they are doing the right thing).

Posted by batmannflash


Posted by jwalser3

Relic seems like he is going to be an interesting Lantern villain.

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Im still very happy I dropped the book when Johns left. I've thumbed through each post Johns issue and nothing has made me regret my decision. It still seems to me like the writer is trying too hard to grasp the epicness that was the Johns run and failing horribly. The 16 bucks I'm saving a month (from all 4 GL titles) is now being put towards more consequential comic books.

On a side rant WHY are all of Billy Tan's characters so stretched? they all look too tall and too lean.

Edited by Mowgli22

read it, liked it. pretty happy with it. Hopefully it continues to deliver.

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Promising , really promising

Edited by Highball792

Assuming the Lanterns aren't completely destroyed after Lights Out, I wonder how Relic will be used after the event... I mean, if the Lanterns show that they can use their rings without destroying the universe, like Relic says they will, what will drive Relic to continue to try and destroy the Lanterns?

Posted by manwithoutshame

This is gearing up to be a great story.

Edited by Herokiller12344

I'm still not a fan of Hal Jordan being THE Main Character of The entire Universe besides Earth.

Posted by SinestAdam

Am I the only one who thinks this?

Posted by thaalsinestro

Loved this issue! Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

Good start. Not a fan of Billy Tans style but ill live with it. I like how they portray Hal like the tool he is.

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Great issue, this should be a fun event.

Posted by longbowhunter

Haven't read an issue of GL in sometime. This was pretty good. I definitely like Relic. Seems he has a contentiousy plan for any lantern defense.

Posted by admwriter

I haven't really connected with the post-Johns GL universe much; I've read each of the books (with the exception of the unnecessary Larfleeze) but it has just come across as... less than. (Although, admittedly, they have fared MUCH better than MOST post-Johns teams have done.)

That said, I really enjoyed this issue and the high stakes set forth for the story. So many of DC's villains these days are toothless, one-dimensional and forgettable. They come around, create some chaos that has little in the way of ramification, and then disappear back into the toy chest. Rinse and repeat. Relic is different. He has a very interesting backstory and motivation. Given that motivation, I can sense where the story is ending, but we will see.

My ONLY complaint with this issue is that Venditti's Hal Jordan doesn't SOUND right to me. While Johns' Jordan was always kinda douchey, it was couched within a quiet confidence and played a little tongue-in-cheek. Venditti's Jordan just comes across as a plain old jackass. We'll see how things progress.

Posted by sagejonathan

Fantastic issue. I don't read all the GL titles (only GL & GL: New Guardians) because its expensive and I never buy crossover stuff because that's money I don't want nor need to spend, but I will be buying everything for this event. Relic is awesome and Billy Tan's art is great.