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Green Lantern #20 - The End Review


How do you end a nine year run? Geoff Johns does it in a massive issue with action, twists, deaths and possibly even tears...from the reader.

The Good

This is how you end a long and successful run in comics.

I'll be the first to admit I haven't been crazy about Wrath of the First Lantern. But because of the events it caused leading up to this issue, I have to give it some credit. This massive issue is everything you'd want from Geoff Johns after nine years.

One of my problems with GREEN LANTERN in the New 52 was trying to figure out if everything that happened before still happened. It hasn't been a huge problem and we've been lead to believe that pretty much everything did. As this is sort of a celebration of Johns' run and Hal Jordan's rise and fall and everything that came after, we do get a great and concise summary of his story. If there are readers out there that somehow haven't been reading GREEN LANTERN and were waiting until next issue's new direction, you'll want to reconsider and pick up this issue.

I'm sure there will be some naysayers complaining that the few pages of 'history' were just to stroke Johns' ego but that's absolutely not the case. Nine years is a long time and Hal has been through a lot. Even die hard fans will enjoy seeing the events that lead to Hal's death last issue.

There are some intense scenes that will make you pause and admire Doug Mahnke's art. Seeing Hal's face after his decision last issue, Sinestro's pain and transformation and of course the legendary battle that results is something you won't want to miss. It's almost as if it's a party for Johns and Mahnke's departure. The gang's all here.

Even knowing some of the things that will or have to happen due to clues and hints in previous issues, there's still a big impact in seeing the events unfold. Having been on board for every single issue of Johns' run, you can't help but take in every detail, moment and development. There will be times it feels like your heart's getting crushed. The way certain things had to end, I won't lie - I got a little teary-eyed.

This is the sort of comic I wish I could rush out and thank all involved personally. I've always been a huge Hal Jordan fan since seeing those old cheesy Super Friends episodes. John's has dragged Hal through Hell and back several times.

I could go on. And on. But simply put, I loved the issue.

The Bad

We get to see the 'futures' of some characters. We see what their fates are supposed to be. It is fitting to see in this final issue of this arc. It just feels it limits things. What happens if things do change? Do we just disregard the pages here or pretend/assume we were slightly misinformed for certain reasons?

The Verdict

Is this issue worth $7.99? This is a question I've heard a lot before getting a chance to write this review. We're talking about the end of Geoff Johns' nine year run. We're also talking nearly 60 pages of Doug Mahnke art (with some pages a few pages by incredible 'guest artists'). This is an epic ending and beginning. If you like Green Lantern at all, there's no way you should miss out on this. It's not $7.99 for one issue. It's an important part of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps' history. There's so much that happens here. This is the grand finale and we have to say goodbye and hello to some characters. I personally wasn't crazy about Wrath of the First Lantern but it's safe to say this is my favorite comic of the month. This is not a comic or series I will be forgetting anytime soon. Thanks again to everyone involved. I couldn't have asked for a better finale.

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Posted by ccraft

Thats cool, I hope Comixology will have a big Green Lantern Sale so I can get Geoff's whole run.

Edited by k4tzm4n

@ccraft said:

Thats cool, I hope Comixology will have a big Green Lantern Sale so I can get Geoff's whole run.

I asked about the other day and the comiXology support page said they'd pass along the suggestion!

Edited by mattydeNero

There will be times it feels like your heart's getting crushed. The way certain things had to end, I won't lie - I got a little teary-eyed.

I couldn't agree more. This was a tip of the cap to not only the creators involved in this remarkable run, but also to us, the readers. The gang was indeed all there. I loved, LOVED this issue.

Edited by doordoor123

Man, that was an awesome issue.

About the future sequence:

Who says that future is the future? It was told by an unreliable character -- Sinestro

Edited by UltimateSMfan

This was SOOOO GOOD!!! Can't contain the tears!!! Hands down, The Best Comic I Have Ever Read!!!

Posted by AllStarSuperman

I want it

Posted by ccraft

@k4tzm4n: Cool, I'll also suggest it to them. More suggestion maybe they'll actually do it.

Edited by k4tzm4n

Welcome to your new "Right in the feels!" meme:

Edited by Arkhamc1tizen

I haven't got this yet but a must bye as someone who owns John's whole run.

Posted by johnreid5895

This was literally everything I wanted from Johns' final issue.

It's hard to pick one moment...I loved the "RISE" moment (s). It might not be apparent if you read it quickly but the scale of the legendary battle was HUGE.


Hal becoming the new Black Hand

Sinestro merging with Parallax.

Sinestro sparing Ganthet and Sayd because they were the only Guardians to show emotion.

Realising what Hal was after in the Dead Zone.

Nekron killing Volthoom...

the Future scenarios...

Sinestro being the new Bookkeeper on Oa.

Hal's second "Rebirth".

There wasn't a bit I didn't like about this issue. You can argue about perfection all you want, but as an end to Johns' 9 and a half year run, there could not have been a more fitting issue.

Edited by nerdork

Im getting it, and I think it will be worth the $7.99.

Posted by Theorder14

@nerdork: Yup it's definitely worth it.

had to read it several times

Posted by The Human Stain

First comic I'll read today for sure.

Edited by ivolution2k1

"thats the tragedy of this all jordan. hal we'll always be friends"

that gets me everytime

Posted by The Stegman

Ugh, I gotta wait til tomorrow to get my comics, this is going to be the longest 24 hours of my life.

Edited by theTimeStreamer

man was this a huge let down. twists every turn for the sake of twists.

Posted by johnreid5895

@ivolution2k1: Totally forgot that moment (How could I!?) but it was awesome. Ultimately, the core of Johns' run had been Hal and Sinestro.

Posted by ptigrusmagus

$8 is fine for this, some complain to complain

Edited by Herokiller12344

I've yet to actually read this issue sadly. But after reading this, I feel fine about Hal kicking the bucket. I never really cared for him after that bullcrap retcon about Parallax. Anyway, points to that guy who predicted the twist about Hal and the Black corps.

Edited by Shajita

Can someone answer this with a simple yes and no:
I've only read the Green Lantern series and have not been keeping up with GL Corps or New Guardians. Can I get the full experience from this ending or should I just wait a week and get the 15 or so issues I'm missing?

Edited by saoakden

I'm going to miss Geoff Johns on Green Lantern.

Edited by stevencarver_

@johnreid5895: Wait, how did you figure your second to last spoiler? Was there something I missed?

Posted by JamDamage

WOW what an ending. Great finish and a lot of the unexpected. Almost every question that needed to be answered was answered and thats the only bad thing. How does the new writer get to move on with the futures already being set for so many of these characters? What ever. It was great. Really well done. What Johns has done makes me want to go back and read every GL issue he wrote and I just might. Here's hoping Green Lantern can still burn bright with a new writer.

Posted by johnreid5895

@stevencarver_: If you're referring to the Bookkeeper...

One, look at the face and hand you see (partial face) towards the end (I think post-Main Story, and post-Epilogue) and read the dialogue when Lantern Snow asks about Sinestro.

Posted by Slifer26

I'm glad that they've revealed the Orange Lantern Oath I've been waiting for this for 3 years

Edited by Extremis

@johnreid5895: totally agree

Couldn't have ended on a higher note. It's a shame Johns has to leave, but all good things must come to end. All we can hope for is a promising new Emerald Era to be ushered in by Robert Venditti and crew.

Edited by Rixec

I've yet to actually read this issue sadly. But after reading this, I feel fine about Hal kicking the bucket. I never really cared for him after that bullcrap retcon about Parallax. Anyway, points to that guy who predicted the twist about Hal and the Black corps.

Then you've never cared for the whole of Geoff John's run. Shame on you! And it wasn't a total retcon; Geoff examined what happened and made it all fit with his story, and had it make sense!

Edited by sinestro_GL

Geoff Johns, thank you for an unbelievable run!

This issue was 9 years of great story telling moulded into one.

Everything I would have ever wanted from a GL book was in this.

5 stars are not enough to describe what this issue means to me.

Edited by DeadpoolTattooGuy

wow this issue was amazing! I kinda want to stop reading Green Lantern now because I dont want the ending of all the lanterns and corps to change.

Edited by Tacos_Kickass

Does this come before or after Green Lantern New Guardians/ Red Lanterns #20?

Edited by Captain13

Meh. I'm just looking forward to Venditti and Jensen.

Posted by johnreid5895

@tacos_kickass: Those are Epilogue's, so this comes first. Both of those are peripheral though.

Posted by dondave

A wonderful end to one of the greatest runs in comics history

Posted by NightRunner

I thought seeing the futures of some of these characters was great. When you wright a story for Tens years and have been following it for that long you need some finality. When the next person takes up the mantle of writing green lantern I will except their story for what it is and not worry about it. Great Issue

Edited by WWAJfan
Edited by Tacos_Kickass
Posted by Mrgreenlantern

God i loved this issue it had everything you could want in a comic

sad to see Johns leave but its time for a new chapter in the book of OA

Posted by feedonatreefrog

sooooooo goooooood. Even as a stand-alone story, surprisingly.

Posted by SmashBrawler

Man, I really loved this issue. What a perfect way to end this run.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Can't wait to read this!

Edited by johnreid5895

@wwajfan: It's literally Larfleeze saying "What's mine, is mine and mine and mine. And mine, and mine and mine! NOT YOURS!"

Posted by paralaxsteve

Wow what an amazing final issue from Geoff Johns. Blackest night was the first graphic novel I ever bought and it completely reignited my love and passion for comic books. I have always admired and enjoyed Geoffs stories although info feel the third army and wrath of the first lantern were a bit weak and got quite peeved at how they both went across all the lantern books but I do feel this issue was totally awesome and it reminded my what it was that sparked my love for comics again. Geoff is an amazing writer who has done so much for Hal, the lantern univers and the DCU as a whole. I for one will miss seeing Johns written on the cover of Green Lantern.

Oh and GMan love your review here.

Posted by JLDoom

Damn, I can't wait to read this!

Posted by batsymyplaything

Incredible end to incredible run by Geoff Johns.

As for $7.99 expense, I think it's worth it, great art, story, and a soild conclusion and a saga for Green Lantern comic book.

In the Brightest Day, In the Blackest Night ....

Posted by bookerman20

I stood up and gave this issue a standing ovation....

Johns run on Green Lantern is what got me back into comic books. I thought the First Lantern was lame, but what an ending. My only complaint is for the spoilers that were being released. This has been my favorite comic series and I hope it can continue where Johns ended. Man, $7.99 for that....I consider it a steal

Posted by Dabee


Posted by longbowhunter

I've been reading this title since 2007. It's had it's high and lows but this issue definitely ranks among the highs. Most of all I think I'll miss Doug Mahnke. His pencils on this book have made him one of my favorite working artists. Any GL fan owes it to themselves to pick this up. Well worth the price of admission.

Posted by Juandicimo_Magnifico45

This issue was a great ending to Geoff's amazing run, totally worth picking up. Although I thought the "future" parts were veeeery stupid.

Man, that was an awesome issue.

About the future sequence:

Who says that future is the future? It was told by an unreliable character -- Sinestro

This is exactly what went through my mind.

Posted by Tacos_Kickass

What I don't fully understand is how ( spoiler mode!) Sayd is still alive at the end, didn't she die long ago? Shes a construct for Larfleeze now isn't she? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else but I'm sure its her.

Definitely enjoyed this issue, It solidified Sinestro as one of my favorite characters.

I hope the Lantern Universe continues to be amazing as its been the last 9 years.

Posted by CommanderShiro

Thanks Geoff Johns for such a great run on Green Lantern, and getting me into comics. Loved this issue.

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