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Green Lantern #11 - The Revenge of Black Hand, Part 1 Review


Hal Jordan and Sinestro's working relationship takes a turn. They'll need to sort things out if they plan on stopping the Guardians' plan to wipe out the Green Lantern Corps.

The Good

Now that the Indigo Tribe arc is over, we're seeing some changes in how Hal can operate. This could explain how Hal can operate as a Green Lantern in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE without any mention of his ring being tied to Sinestro. Hal may not be known for being brilliant but he has managed to turn the entire situation to better suit his needs.

Throughout this issue, we are seeing more of what makes Sinestro tick. He's clearly a complex character an no longer a simple two-dimensional villain. There has to be a reason he was chosen to be in possession of a green power ring once again and it appears that there is still some good inside deep down despite some of his past actions. There is also another glimpse at the future and it will make you pause to try to decipher the images.

We get to see more on Black Hand's return to independence and what it could mean for the future of Hal and Sinestro. The great thing about his gaining his freedom from the Indigo Tribe is the mention and acknowledgement that Blackest Night still happened in the New 52. We know that most of the Green Lantern continuity has been carried over with the launch of the New 52 universe but it's great to get more assurances that not everything long time readers have seen has been erased or forgotten.

Doug Mahnke's art continues to be a treat in this series. His detailed and gritty style speaks volumes. The scenes with Black Hand and is delightfully creepy. I love where Geoff Johns is taking the series but it's Mahnke's art that takes the stories to another level. Sinestro always has the right amount of indignation and superiority displayed in his expressions. Each time I read an issue with his art, I shudder at the thought of someone else handling the art duties.

The Bad

It's understandable that after a big story arc, we might need a moment to catch our breathes. The story does continue and we are getting more developments but it's on a smaller scale. We know something big is coming up and there's more of a feeling that we're just getting teased here. Black Hand reaches his destination and makes a move but it isn't anything that will necessarily change the future of the series. Even Hal and Sinestro's talk and the glimpse of the 'future events' don't have the grand feel that we've had in previous issues. I found myself wanting more. That isn't always a bad thing but it could be that we've been a little spoiled with the amount of action recent issues have contained.

The Verdict

There's a storm brewing and it's headed towards Hal and Sinestro. We're clearly in between story arcs and it's a time for readers and the characters to catch their breath before the next big story. Hal has managed to get a firmer grasp on his situation and reliance on Sinestro. Meanwhile, Sinestro continues to show different facets of his personality. He's done some truly bad things but shows he is a way more complex character than the villain he used to be. While there are developments occurring and the set up for the coming story is present, there is a slight feeling that this is just filling the time until after September's zero issue. This isn't to say this is a simple filler issue. Dough Mahnke's art combined with Geoff Johns' story makes even a slower paced issue worth the price of admission. This title continues to make me happy to be a Green Lantern fan.

Posted by warpgirl

Of course Blackest Night survived into the New 52. Geoff Johns is DC's darling and Blackest Night is his darling. In pre-New 52, when Lobo asks, "what god threw up a rainbow all over the universe"? The answer is... Geoff Johns.

Posted by Mucklefluga
There's a storm brewing and it's headed towards Hal and Sinestro coming Mr Wayne.

Had to do it :P

This series sounds great. Every issue seems to get awesome reviews, i should really be reading it :/

Posted by zackattack529

i have to disagree, im sure this arc isnt supposed to be just a filler as you mentioned this is supposed to have a shocking conclusion that leads up to green lantern annual ! (issue before the zero issue) so this is definitley an arc to be reading.

Posted by longbowhunter

I'm hoping this Third Army arc pays off. The fall of Guy Gardner is something I'm interested to see. BTW how cool was Sinestro's lantern cave?

Posted by primepower53

Can't wait to get this issue.

Posted by G-Man

@zackattack529: Yeah, I'm sure it's not filler. Something big will happen with Black Hand. There just wasn't a lot in this issue. I still dug it. There just wasn't anything really big compared to some past issues.