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G.I. Combat #5 - Mettle; The Unknown Soldier Review


The Haunted Tank returns!

The Good

Haunted Tank

Howard Chaykin is an artist I've never really appreciated. He's extremely talented, but his style is not my cup of tea. That being said, I loved his art on the Haunted Tank portion of this book. There is so much great detail in to everything here, and the Haunted Tank looks super awesome. There's an immense amount of detail here, right down to the rivets.

Haunted Tank is back! I'm so happy! I loved the Vertigo run from a few years back, and I've been patiently waiting the return of this character, and we finally have it. The story was incredibly fun, and it put a big dumb smile on my face.

The issue is action packed and filled with the Haunted Tank rolling over cars, zapping people, causing havoc wherever it goes.

Unknown Soldier

The Unknown Soldier gets himself into some trouble as he tries to uncover who is recent attacks. He seems to get closer and closer to what happened. There are some great action sequences in this issue, including one fantastically drawn splash page by Staz Johnson. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray always to a great job with this book. I love how they've revamped this character for the New 52 Era. I just wish other people felt the same way.

I really enjoyed Staz's art here. He draws acts of violence extremely well, from smashing someone's face in with the palm of your hand to jamming a pistol literally down someone's throat.

The Bad

Haunted Tank

While I really enjoyed Chaykin's art here, I am not a big fan of how he draws faces. The jaws are a bit too chiseled for my liking. This is preference more than anything else, since his art is extremely solid throughout the issue.

Unknown Soldier

I wish this was its own on-going series. Each chapter is too short. I want more.

The Verdict

My biggest complaint about this series is that it's going to be cancelled come issue 7. This has been a fantastic series, especially Unknown Soldier, and I hate the fact it's going away. This book had 4 issues before DC threw in the towel. DC didn't give it a chance, and more importantly, I don't think comic book readers gave this book a chance, and that's a shame.

Although Haunted Tank and Unknown Soldier are two very different stories, I felt they really worked well here. Chaykin's art and Tomasi's writing bring Haunted Tank into the new DC age, and I couldn't be happier. Gray, Palmiotti, and Johnson do another great job on Unknown Soldier as well. G.I. COMBAT is a modern day war book that gives readers tired of the same old muscles and capes something to truly enjoy.

Overall, I loved this issue, and I highly recommend it, even though it's going to be cancelled in two issues.

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Posted by poppduder

I suppose it says a lot when "The Bad" is that you just want more of it.

Posted by inferiorego

@poppduder said:

I suppose it says a lot when "The Bad" is that you just want more of it.

Every ounce of me, during the review, is trying not to get upset the book is cancelled. I am a GI Combat fanboy

Posted by jwalser3

It's being cancelled?

Damn, I was just getting into it.

Edited by MisterKetch

It's a soldier comic, didn't work with Men of War didn't work here. I read the first arc stopped before the Zero issue. It was a good story i guess, I was considering keeping going with it because of the unknown soldier but this haunted tank thing I just don't understand, I didn't know it was one of the cancelled titles but I think that settles my opinion on it. Do you know of the other cancelled titles by chance?

Posted by ReadItNow

I have really been enjoying the Unknown Soldier story! Ending this is very bad news

Posted by Fantasgasmic

I've said it before, I'll say it YET AGAIN: Some properties should never be rebooted. They are bad, and have no place in modern mainstream comics. This is one of them. It is dumb, fun and dumb maybe, but it doesn't work. This, Dial H for Hero, Legion of Superheroes. I count the weeks till we never see any of those characters ever again.

Posted by Cavemold

A 3.99 military books is a tough sell, they should of made it 2.99. 3.99 war books just don't sell for DC.

Posted by jointron33

To they guy who thinks the Legion will disappear at the same time Diah H will...........yeah............

Posted by doordoor123

I feel like if Unknown Soldier was it's own book it would have the same kind of success has All-Star Western or I,Vampire. It isn't much, but I feel like it would have a strong following. I honestly stopped picking this up because I got tired of only paying for half of the issue. I could care less about the war that time forgot. Whoever pitched that story and whoever allowed that story to be published isn't very smart. It might be a good movie, butit would NEVER sell to modern comic book readers.

Posted by jsphsmth

Wish they had started this series with Unknown Soldier and The Haunted Tank, it might not have been cancelled. The War that Time Forgot was forgettable. Guess that does it for DC war comics for a while.

Posted by Sekele


Dial H is one of THE best things to come out of the ENTIRE second wave!

Posted by armystrong_wheeler

Will they come out with a hardcover of thr 7 issur series? I sure hope so!