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G.I. Combat #3 - The War that Time Forgot; The Unknown Soldier, Chapter Three Review


Men run from dinosaurs then blow them all to pieces! The Unknown Soldier breaks into a terrorist cell and demands answers!

The Good

Ariel Olivetti does a better job this issue with the art. While sometimes, his art is still a bit rigid and stiff, during the fight scenes he does a much better job at showing movement, something a few (well, a lot) of people in the comment section pointed out last week.

I am really enjoying the War The Time Forgot story on its own. It's like a 90s action film with infinitely better written dialogue by JT Krul. We get a bit of more info about Elliot and where he comes from, and I like that little added scene to break up the overall story of "oh crap, dinosaurs!"

Everything about Unknown Soldier is fantastic. We get bits and pieces about what his "powers" are and get into his mind as he goes into a fort to take down the bad guy. I just love how this book is paced and how it comes together in the end. The final page of this book is a great reveal, and I cannot wait to continue reading this. Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti have me hooked.

The Bad

I feel like the War That Time Forgot story really isn't going anywhere. We're three issues in and all we've really seen is guys fighting dinosaurs, which I love, but we need more than that. I guess the only info this comic gave us was that some dinosaurs don't eat people. This is probably a problem because of page restraints though.

Both of these books clash BIG TIME. They do not work well together in the same book because the tones are so different. War That Time Forgot is fun, while Unknown Solider is incredibly serious and paced very differently than the action filled dino-chase.

The Verdict

I really am loving this book, and I love the fact that there's a solid war title on the shelves with a fantastic creative team. Everything about Unknown Soldier is awesome, and while I really enjoy War That Time Forgot, I feel like the story isn't progressing much. My main concern with the overall book is that the two stories do not work well together.

Overall, I highly recommend this series and issue because it is a fantastic read.


War Time Forgot: 3/5

Unknown Solider: 5/5

Overall: 4/5

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Posted by jsphsmth

Cannot wait to read Haunted Tank. It was an old favorite of mine from when I was a child. Hopoing that Sgt Rock (he real one from WWII) shows up in this comic.

Posted by doordoor123

Love how you kind of reviewed the two stories separately. I think this book would be doing much better sales-wise if it were "Unknown Soldier". Or maybe like All-Star Western where Unknown Soldier was the main story and the other was a back-up.

The Unknown Soldier story is great and the art fits so well with it. Something about the art in it really pulls me in. It adds so much character to the story. Great book.

Posted by Imagine_Man15

I love Unknown Soldier more than I can describe, but The War That Time Forgot seems painstakingly mediocre to me.

Posted by primepower53

This book=waaaay underrated

Posted by Green ankh

I had a big week so i didnt pick this issue up. Now i think i have too. Marvel is pretty much loosing my interest but i seem to be picking up more and more DC.