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Ghosted #10 Review


Jackson and Trick take on Blood Crow in this action-packed end to the arc.

The Good

The second arc of GHOSTED comes to a thrilling close and as expected, like the rest of this series, people die and others come back. GHOSTED is a rotating door of life and fans can expect the truly unexpected, especially within this issue. If you're a fan of this book, prepare for some extremely shocking moments as writer Joshua Williamson brings back elements and ideas back from issue one. What this issue does really well is make you want to read the whole series all over again.

This issue puts the whole series into perspective and gives the reader an "ah-ha!" moment or two. This is less about the adventures of Jackson Winters and more about how life, death, and everything mystical works in Jackson's world. There are threads that tie everything together, but an unknown destiny drags this character along rather than a series of unfortunate coincidences. The story is much bigger and Jackson trying to save Nina from the possession of Blood Crow, and that's extremely apparent at the end of the issue.

GHOSTED #10 effectively hits the reset button on Jackson's life before moving onwards with the folks that meet him at the end of the issue. The events of this past arc are still with him, but there's not a train of people following him along, which is actually refreshing since most books like to carry over many different characters into the next arc. It makes it feel like a single-character focused story instead of the ensemble book from the first arc.

By far, the best moment of this issue is the moment between Jackson and Trick, when Jackson has had enough and walks away. Trick really puts the Jackson into check and this is a character dynamic that works insanely well in this series... It's nice to see a more "lone-wolf" type character have the voice of reason whispering (more like yelling) in his ear.

The Bad

The ghost animals are probably the biggest problem with the series. Understandably, everything Williamson does in this book is done for a reason. It's not just thrown out there. It feels like he's trying to get out the idea that not everything comes back as a ghost but there are some things, events, and even people that have an attachment to the supernatural, even if ghost animals are being conjured. So, while I may not like the idea now, I'm sure, down the road, it will have a greater meaning.

While Gianfelice's art does have a cool style, it can get a bit "wonky" and distorted at times. Basic anatomy is a bit more unrealistic and sometimes, there's a lot of unnecessary line work in people's faces. Luckily, Miroslav Mrva's colors hold everything together.

The Verdict

GHOSTED #10 not only wraps up the second arc extremely well, but it puts the rest of the series into a larger perspective. However, more than anything else, this book is just a real fun read. It works on multiple layers as a great read as well as something building towards something larger that leaves clues, riddled throughout the book. GHOSTED #10 made me realize this is a much more complex book that I originally thought, and that makes me love it so much more. Sure, there were a few art problems, but overall, this is one hell of a read.

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Posted by tparks

I'm glad to see this got a good review. I can't wait to get home and read this!