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G-Man: Coming Home #1 - Volume 3 Review


The third volume of G-Man and Great Man's adventures are collected. Be warned, this book is full to the brim with adventure and hilarity. Such a fun book!

The Good

I cannot get enough of Chris Giarrusso's G-Man. Let's be clear, my love for the stories involving this character has nothing to do with the screen name I use (I've mentioned before where it comes from and my last name starts with a 'G'). This book contains all five issues of the 'Coming Home' story, continuing from G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS. The first issue was available in print in a limited form and the rest were available digitally. Getting the complete story in a digest book for ten bucks is a great deal.

Chris Giarrusso is known for two things - his art style and humor. Many are familiar with his work in MINI-MARVELS but you really get to see him unleash on his own characters. And there are a lot of characters.

It's not many comics that can actually make me smile or laugh. That's the charm of this book. The situations with the kid heroes borders on the absurdity but that's also why it works so well. Also, it's not just kids here. There are plenty of adult characters as well.

The story does continue from the previous volume and while events are referenced, you can easily jump in here and follow the fun. But you will want to read the previous volumes. I do have to say, the stories keep getting better and better. And I can only imagine what future repercussions may occur from what happens at the end.

I've complained about the lack of quality all-ages titles. This is one that truly is all-ages. It's not a book just for kids. The jokes and situations are hilarious. When I returned from C2E2 with a copy of the book, my daughter let out a bit "Yessss!" as soon as she saw it.

The Bad

I'm already longing for more.

The Verdict

The G-MAN comics are one of my favorite series. This release contains all five parts of the latest volume. Chris Giarrusso knows how to cram in fun, entertainment and good times all in one book. There are so many colorful characters and each one shines on the page. The situations can get absurd and you can't resist the charm of how it all plays out. This is what all-ages books should be like. The stories appeal to all ages and aren't watered down just to be sold to younger readers. There is something for everyone here. Unless you're a fan of utter violence and awkward situations. After having read it all in one sitting (on a plane), I'm already sad it's over. Buy this book and treat yourself to some fun.

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Posted by fables87

Is this where your name comes from?

Posted by G-Man
Posted by fables87
Posted by xkoenig

I love this review, and the fact you love a comic called G-Man. It's like how my name is Xavier, so I love X-Men and root for all sports teams that are called Xavier (e.g. NCAA basketball). lol :)

Posted by csl316

I saw the G-Man logo at the convention and figured that's where I could meet Tony. My hopes were in vain.

So at the moment this comic's synonymous with disappointment but maybe a quick read will remedy that.

Posted by iceslick

@g_man Oh wow it's the G-Man and CBS: "Welcome Home!" Crossover in a comic book!!!! LOL

This hilarious! I hope you weren't biased on this review! ;-) lol

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

LOL, I would love to have a comicbook based on me, my stories would be noir and dark detective stories or similar to that.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Seems legit that Tony would review G-Man :)

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I'e read the free G-Man stuff on Comixology and i love it. Will buy the collected stuff soon for sure.

Posted by Mucklefluga

I'e read the free G-Man stuff on Comixology and i love it. Will buy the collected stuff soon for sure.

Posted by ComicKing7

I loved mini marvels and after meeting Chris Giarrusso I got hooked on G-man

Posted by Sammo21

@fables87: lol, he literally says why in the first parts of the story.