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Fury Max #1 - My War Gone By Issue 1: While All the Planet's Little Wars Start Joining Hands Review


Garth Ennis continues his take on the Marvel characters in the MAX line with an in-your-face look at Nick Fury's early days. Obviously this isn't an issue for the kids.

Have you ever wondered what Nick Fury would be like if he wasn't held back by the constraints of Marvel Comics? Garth Ennis is ready to answer that questions as he returns to the MAX version of Nick Fury.

The Good

It's great to see the MAX titles and the mature take on the familiar characters. Garth Ennis is no stranger to giving a harder take on the Marvel characters and he's the logical choice for this series. The story is a flashback tale. Nick Fury is recording his history or memoirs and we journey back to 1954.

There are certain characters that do feel like they're holding back in the regular Marvel Universe. I don't feel that profanity and explicit content is absolutely necessary for comic book characters but it's good to know that they can exist. Nick Fury is a man of little patience when it comes to ineptitude. With everything he's seen and gone through, you can't expect him to have a kid-friendly way of speaking. Yes, Nick will say some naughty words here but like the other MAX titles, it's more than that. This series could give us the Nick Fury we were meant to see.

Being set in the past allows Ennis to go in some uncharted territory. With the PUNISHER MAX stories, it was accepted that it was a different continuity but here, we can pretend that it does happen in the proper Marvel Universe.

Who better to handle the art duties but Goran Parlov. With the number of PUNISHER MAX issues he's worked on, he should know exactly what Ennis will want in the script for each issue.

The Bad

Is it unfair that I wanted more from this issue than we got? There is some action and some explicit scenes but I felt like Nick wasn't given the chance to be fully unleashed as I had hoped he would be. I understand that this is only the first issue and I do see the potential present. Having Ennis and Parlov on board and this being a MAX title made me hope it would be a little more over the top.

The Verdict

For those concerned over the end of PUNISHER MAX, we now have another MAX title on the store shelves. Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov join forces again to bring us a harder look at Nick Fury's past. This issue does go along with the atmosphere of what we would expect but it felt as if the crazy Nick Fury action we might've hoped for has been held back a little. The stage has been set. Nick may have spent some time brooding a little here but from the end, it looks like the action will definitely pick up next issue. If you need something a little edgier in the Marvel Universe, this is the book you'll want to check out.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Totally forgot this book came out today. Looks good. But since this a high price tag and 6 issue mini. Trade wait.

Posted by Gambit1024

I had no idea this existed! Totally picking this up. Love Nick Fury, Love MAX, Love Garth Ennis.

Posted by JamDamage

sounds great. I hope it's a Max story just because it's not for kids, not because they want to throw in swear words just for throwing them in.

Posted by JonesDeini

Mini eh? Well then...wait I shall. Love Ennis!!! But I can't float another $4 book anytime soon.

Posted by longbowhunter

I was all for this book when I thought it was an ongoing but since it's a mini I'm jumping on the bandwagon with Jones and Spoon here. I'll wait for the trade. I'd also like to find Ennis' previous Nick Fury series.

Edited by Billy Batson

I was going to add this...*fist shake*
also it's Fury Max not just Fury

Posted by hectorsquall

HELL YEAH! I'm picking this up! The last Fury Max mini was really fun and awesome. I think this one will be even better :p

Posted by SupremeHyperion

I love the Marvel MAX line of comics and I want nothing more than them to bring back my Squadron Supreme. I am definitely going to start following this series.

Posted by SupermanJohnathanKentJr

YES! Dave Johnson is doing the covers! I love you, man!

Posted by Pbott

I really enjoyed both this and the shadow. Based on that does anyone have any other Garth Ennis suggestions that are similar to these. I have read some of his other work and found them way over the top, its not that any amount of violence will scare me off, its just that i dont enjoy books that have over the top sex and violence that get in the way of the story.

Posted by SavageDragon