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Foster #1 Review


A new and gritty comic in a brand new world by Brian Buccellato and Noel Tuazon. Full of real and psychological monsters, this is a book that has the feeling it's about to explode.

It's always great to have a new series that is easily accessible to everyone but it's even better when that new series has a butt-kicking factor to it.

The Good

Checking out a new comic series can always be a gamble. Everyone loves the series based on existing characters with decades of history but even comics with big name characters such as Batman or the X-Men can be intimidating to new readers. Brian Buccellato is no stranger to comics. He's been wowing us with his colors for years now and recently pulling double duty on THE FLASH, he's started showing us he is also skilled at writing comics.

FOSTER is a self-published comic set in a realistic world. It's realistic except it seems to be stuck in the 70s and the monsters from our nightmares just might actually exist there. The main character, Eddie Foster, is a war veteran that became an alcoholic in trying to outrun the monsters in his life. Simply put, he's not the type of character you'll immediately find yourself gravitating to. He's a down-on-his luck fellow that doesn't appear to have any aspirations or goals. He's the type of guy you might try to avoid in real life. But when the chips fall into place, he steps up and that's what makes him a compelling 'hero' for the story.

The vibe of the story rocks. With the introduction of Vintage City, the characters, art by Tuazon and Buccellato's colors, there is a great 70s era, grime and gritty feel. Superhero action is always fun to see but there's something about pure traditional bare knuckled action and suspense. You'll think you have somewhat of an idea where the stories going to go and then it takes a hard right turn into different territory.

The Bad

Eddie Foster is a normal guy. Because he's something of a loner, it doesn't really seem like he'd be getting any help. This is where the stories sometimes stretch things a little too much, having the average Joe hero be able to accomplish impossible feats. That isn't necessarily the case here but something I'll be keeping an eye on.

It could be part of the storytelling but we're left hanging a little wondering what the connection between Foster and the Dwellers is, if there is any or if it's just a coincidence.

For some reason I felt I wanted to see a bad-ass car chase.

The Verdict

I was sucked in from the first page. The story is grounded in reality with twists and pop out of the shadows in your nightmares. You'll be immediately hooked and eager for the next issue. It's important to take a chance and check out comics that don't rely on characters that have been established for decades. FOSTER is a fresh story with the possibility that anything can happen. Buccellato doesn't try pull anything over on the readers and is straight forward with his storytelling. The world created here is ripe with potential and finding out how Eddie Foster fits in is going to be part of the fun. Tuazon's gritty style fits perfectly with the story and the final pages is just the beginning of the story.

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I can't this comic anywhere, for love nor money. Anyone know a site to order it from??

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@ntuazon: Cheers mate :)