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Forever Evil #2 - Rats Review


It's time to get back into the story to witness the latest events as the Crime Syndicate prepares to change the New 52 Universe.

The Good

After only a month, it's great to be back to the main story. The Villains Month titles were a mixed bag and strangely has made the wait for this issue feel longer.

The first issue was a bit of a shocker. Jumping forward slightly since the end of Trinity War, we witnessed the Crime Syndicate proclaim the end of the Justice League. Actually, not just the end, they're saying the League is dead.

With most of the heroes out of the picture, it falls to Lex Luthor to prepare to stand up against them. There are some other villains that refused to accept the invitation to the Secret Society and we'll be seeing more of that in the pages of other comics. There's no denying what a magnificent villain Lex is. The fact that it may fall upon him to help save the day really says something about the state of the DCU.

Aside from Lex, Geoff Johns gives us some glimpses at other areas where the villains are running amok. We also get to see the Syndicate making plans for their next move. The little interactions between the members is what you'll want to pay close attention to. We're familiar with the Syndicate from the pre-New 52 comics but there still is that air of mystery as we see how they may have evolved in the current story. We still have some mysteries brewing (like who is that hooded figure they brought with them) as well as another bombshell we discover when two members are talking to each other.

David Finch's art is spot on here. There is a lot going on as we see different locations. The scenes smoothly shift and there is a nice balance in depicting the action scenes along with the static conversation ones. Finch is a great choice for this series. He makes the villains look creepy enough without it feeling over the top. Whether it's Johnny Quick's evil smile or Lex's secret weapon, we get some pretty impressive scenes. And of course that last page is just what we wanted to see.

The Bad

We still don't know what happened in between the first issue and JUSTICE LEAGUE #23. It's a matter of being patient so we'll have to wait. We know the League is supposed to be dead and the Teen Titans are here. What about the other heroes? We're getting a good glimpse at the entire New 52 world but we're just not sure what happened to the heroes.

The big fight here involves the Teen Titans. It was great to see why they chose to try to engage the Syndicate but the fight didn't quite go as I thought. I wasn't really sure what happened when Atomica jumped inside Cassie. You would think she'd make a big and gross mess. The way the fight ended felt too easy.

The Verdict

After the shocks of the first issue, we get to catch our breath a little to see what happens next in the DCU. The Crime Syndicate is ready to demolish the New 52. If Lex Luthor is the only hope, that should tell you how dire things are. Is there any hope left? You'll have to read and find out. Geoff Johns and David Finch do a great job creating the tone this issue requires. We get a nice mix of action while also getting some insight into who the Syndicate members are in their New 52 incarnations. We get a battle against the Teen Titans. While it's great the team didn't get completely decimated, it did feel like Johns was holding back a little.

By the time this issue ends, you should have all the reason you need to make sure you do not miss the next issue.

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Edited by JLDoom

Great issue, overall this has been a pretty entertaining event so far (and we're just getting started!). Finch's artwork was kinda the weakest part of last issue but it was better this issue if you ask me.

Posted by Vaccine

The TT did not even put up a fight. Meh.

Posted by Superbat420

Did anyone notice the artist drew ultra man where Wonder Woman should of been? Lol ultraman flew away but next panel he was still there

Posted by Rick475069

@captain13: Care to elaborate on how you came to that conclusion?

Posted by zachkastner

@danhimself: Nah, I'm right there with you. Every face looks scrunched up with a huge jaw. And something just throws me about his line weights.

Not a fan. :\

Edited by zachkastner

@jldoom: Good catch. I was wondering about that continuity error as well. Maybe they will fix it in trade...?

Posted by Ando123

Was a great number I'd like to see more developments, like the team of Lex Luthor

Posted by QueenCorp15

I wanna see whats happening with nightwing

Edited by JSAVen

team Lex Luthor all the way hahaha

Posted by noj

@danhimself: Im not the biggest fan in the world of his humans but he draws AMAZING creatures and machines. Deathstorm looks incredibly badass as does Grid. His style really isnt my favorite, he doesnt draw teenagers or slimmer people very well but I appreciate it to a certain degree. It really won me over this issue.

Posted by bigtewell

does anyone else feel the thing that destroyed earth 3 was imperiex? i mean isnt the new 52 iabout rehashing old ideas and passing them off as new and exciting? also i think the hooded guy is maybe jimmy olson or superboy. also one theory i had is that if earth 3 mirror the new 52 does that mean wonder woman is pregnant with supermans baby? i mean ppl in the new 52 have been fearing that so maybe its actually happening

Posted by SavageDragon

I think I must be the only one who just plain doesn't like David Finch's artwork

I dont like it much either but Im digging this story.

Posted by War Killer

I like this issue, I was glad that while it does give us a glimpse at the various corners of the DCU that most of the issue focused the two major forces in this event: Lex Luthor and the Crime Syndicate. Most of the other things will be further explored in tie-in stories like Arkham War. I also thought that the ending was nice, wasn't what I was expecting and I was glad to see some conformation on certain characters from Trinity War.

Posted by CovertAvenger

@superbat420: noticed that too, plus bizarro's suit had long sleeves when Lex noticed he was putting it inside out, but in the next shot it had short sleeves.

Edited by Superbat420

@covertavenger: apparently that bothered nobody else lol horrible art and consistency.

Posted by Superbat420

@bigtewell: did you read the issue? It's not ultramans baby so how coud that be mirror on new earth.

Posted by detective38

@comicbookfan93: No it has to be martin stein power ring called him "professor". I hated the fight with the titans too I knew they sucked in the new 52 but i didnt realize that a team with an empath, a kryptonian, an amazon, and a speedster couldnt take evil flash and the atom. The only thing that would have made the fight worthwhile was if atomica had made wonder girls head explode

Posted by bigtewell

@superbat420: yea I dId what im saying is how in new 52 superman and wonderwoman are intimate but in earth 3 its owlman and superwoman. so i figured if superwoman was impregnated by her lover maybe wonderwoman was impregnated by hers. just vecause i have a different opinion than u doesnt mean i didnt read it. plus they keep mentioning how a superman and wonder woman baby is a big fear so i figure it has to lead to somewhere

Edited by Chewblocka

I dont get where you guys are comin from... David Finch's art is amazing and perfect for this sorta story IMO

Whatever floats your boat i guess.


btw how the heck did batman and catwoman knock in the steel door ? did i miss something everyone else didnt ? someone kindly explain if i missed something

Posted by dirk69er

@chewblocka: My only guess as to how they were able to knock down the door is that isn't really Batman but Superman dressed as him.

Posted by Chewblocka
Posted by maxpower123
Posted by thaalsinestro

Great issue. Loving this story so far, they need to reveal what happen to the rest of the JL though, that question is bothering me...ya, ya, they're dead...but how? I need to know!

Posted by Grey56

@booster_bronze said:


"You, sir, are my hero. I love seeing someone actually make a logical argument on a forum instead of flaming."

- Agreed. Enjoyed reading the back and forth in a civil manner. Well done.

Posted by Grey56

@chewblocka: Agreed about Finch's artwork. I have always enjoyed it; regardless as to the dynamics. It's art though - and each style isn't everyone's flavor. Oh well.

Posted by TDK_1997

I liked the issue.The only weak parts were the Teen Titans involvement which seemed really rushed and fast forwarded.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

I liked the issue 5/5. I think finch's artowork suits the series, regarding the ultraman instead of superwoman scene he probably got confused. And well although the encounter with the Teen Titans was quick it showed how powerful johnny quick and atomica are.

Posted by Superbat420

@bigtewell: nobody said you have a different opinion you came off pretty much saying superwoman and ultraman had a kid, you should make more sense before trying to defend yourself and come off as ignorant

Posted by bigtewell
Edited by UltimateSMfan

Loved this issue, did anyone spot all the art errors though? Ultraman instead of superwoman, Long sleeve bizzaro on one page and short sleeve bizzaro on the next.....and i didn't notice this last issue but johnny quicks' helmet is completely red and cloth like instead of Ivan reis's metallic silver helmet(which i preferred) Ah anyway, no use worrying about it, still enjoying the story.

Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee

Am I the only one who's mad that Batman and Catwoman survived? Mainly because it's most likely Bruce under the cowl. I love Bruce but that's just so lame. I'm hoping it's someone disguised as him though, seeming as he was able to knock down a metal door. Even if it's Supes...uuggghhh.. I wanted someone NEW.

@danhimself said:

I think I must be the only one who just plain doesn't like David Finch's artwork

I'm not a fan of Finch's art. I despise it to be honest, think it makes the book less enjoyable.

Edited by batman2000516

@dirk69er: its not superman,superman and the rest of the league are trapped..... BELOW FOR SPOILER: