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Flashpoint: Project Superman #2 - In These Small Hands Review


Kal has found himself an ally that wants to help him escape. Will he take up his new ally's offer?

In the Flashpoint world, Kal-El isn't Superman, he's a boy and eventually a man, held captive by General Lane to be a super-hero. Project Zero helps Kal escape, but will they both make it out alive?

The Good

First off, I want to get a couple of my favorite moments out of the way immediately. So, in case you didn't know, Krypto is in this book, and for two pages, he goes puppy crazy! I love the panel composition and pacing in these two pages. It's not dragged out, and you know that this scene takes mere moments before it's over. The panel layout is a bit chaotic, which is exactly what's going on within each panel.

My second favorite part is the relationship between Kal and General Lane. There's a cool father/son relationship between these two, and while Lane seems to want that relationship, he is also a General and must protect his investment. This story has an awesome ending to it as well, which really adds to that relationship between the two characters.

The Bad

I don't like the Project Zero character. I just don't care for him. He was not too much more than a giant warrior, running around and smashing heads, and it felt out of place in this book.

Frankly, I am not a fan of the story of Superman being trained by the government as a weapon. It's ok, but not my favorite of the Flashpoin series so far. Project Superman was actually the only Flashpoint book that I didn't get to read the first issue of, so that is for sure part of the problem.

I'm a middle of the road type of guy when it comes to Gene Ha. His artwork feels a bit dated, and while I loved him during the 1990s, I'm not enjoying his artwork here compared to the writing of Lowell Francis, and I was quickly told that Scott Snyder, who I thought wrote this, only plotted it. Another bummer for me.

The Verdict

It's not the best of the Flashpoint series, but it certainly isn't the worst (that honor goes to Secret Seven). This issue contains some great moments, like the relationship between General Lane and Kal, and the Krypto fight scene, but overall, for me, it falls a bit flat because of the story and the artwork of Gene Ha. I'm right down the middle on this one, and while I can recommend it for the big Flashpoint fans, I'm can't say the same for the casual reader.

Edited by HubrisRanger

Wait, you hadn't read the first issue of this? I think it would make a lot more sense if your had; Project Zero is a far more interesting character when taken within the context of the Neil Sinclair character (IE, the man who came before the monster.) Might want to read that and give this a second stab.

EDIT: Also, Scott Snyder didn't write this, Lowell Francis did the script. The plot itself is the only thing that Snyder contributed.

Posted by inferiorego

@HubrisRanger: I think it's an interesting character, but I'm not digging it. Issue one sold out quick at my store, so I never got to read it. In fact, it's the only Flashpoint issue I've missed. (Except for Lois Lane #2, but I chose not to pick that one up)

As for Scott Snyder, I'm sad he didn't write it, but the writing for the issue was still pretty good.

Posted by limbani

I like your reviews Mat because i think that your judgement is very adequate! (actually, your reviews are the best on this site).

Posted by longbowhunter

I chose to skip this. Issue #1 didnt do alot for me, so it was hard getting excited for this. 
Also I must echo the statement below me. I count on your reviews every week.
Posted by inferi22

It's okay I'm really only picking up this flashpoint book because of two amazing words on the cover: SCOTT SNYDER

Posted by Kal'smahboi

 I have to disagree with your rating. I loved this issue. It would have had me on the edge of my seat if I hadn't been laying down reading it. Every moment was honestly a thrill for me. 
 As for Subject Zero, he was much more interesting in the first issue, but the entire issue was about his characterization and his eventual fall from grace. Reading #1 is definitely a prerequisite to reading #2.
I decided that I was going to read only one tie in and I'm glad I chose this one.

Posted by RockyRaccoon37

@Kal'smahboi said:

I decided that I was going to read only one tie in and I'm glad I chose this one.

This series has been solid so far, but man you made a mistake in not grabbing the Batman Flashpoint book-- that story has been utterly brilliant so far, and looks like it'll wrap up nicely.

Mat, I think you're off the mark here-- this series has done a fine job of depicting what happens when a normal man is turned into a Superman through artificial means, and what happens when a true Superman is poked, prodded and turned into an experiment. The isolation and inhuman experiments turn Kal into a meek, scared boy-- but as the last panel shows, cannot completely destroy his sense of humanity and compassion. In the end, Kal is still the shinning example of humanity that we have always known and no amount of torture could ever change that.

And not to be that guy, but saying "frankly, I am not a fan of the story of Superman being trained by the government as a weapon" isn't really an adequate criticism. You could at least elaborate on what it is you didn't like.

Posted by danhimself

this book just isn't making any sense....all of the scientists keep telling Kal that they want him to grow up and be a great hero and what not and then they kill his dog and experiment on him....that's not how you make a hero it's how you make a sociopath....scientists are stupid

Posted by ProjektGill

I hope in the next issue, they reveal Subject 2. Kal is 1 and Krypto is 3 and we assume Kara is 2 so we have yet to see any of her. I did like the climax of the General Lane and Subject 0 confrontation, it was unexpected but very cool. Great review Matt.