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Flashpoint: Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager #2 - Red Tide Review


Aquaman and Ocean Master show Deathstroke and his crew who's boss by beating, maiming, and murdering them all. Plus, an appearance from Warlord?

Aquaman and Ocean Master show Deathstroke and his crew who's boss by beating, maiming, and murdering them all. Plus, an appearance from Warlord. Yes, you read that correctly, Warlord.

The Good

First thing's first. Warlord? I had a really good giggle when I saw him in the issue. I am not a huge Warlord fan, but I love seeing the integration of this Conan-like character into the world of Flashpoint, as a pompous pirate, who no one takes seriously. Ok, now that's out of my system.

This book is the most fun I've had all day. Sure, there's been one or two I've read that I overall liked a bit more, but Deathstroke #2 was the most fun. Why? It had an insane amount of over-the-top pirate violence, and it's all thanks to Jimmy Palmiotti, who's been doing some great over-the-top cowboy violence for years (Jonah Hex). I loved the brutality that Aquaman and Ocean Master displayed in this issue. Yes, these guys will kill you, but they'll find a new and exciting way to do it each time.

Violence aside, as always on a pirate ship, the captain is seconds away from a mutiny, or one of his crewmen doing what they take to rise up in the ranks, which is displayed here numerous times. The best way to sum up everything in this issue is pirates with super-powers, and yes, it works.

The Bad

Although it's a fun book, it isn't the best of the Flashpoint tie-ins. Sure, it's fun to watch Aquaman and Ocean Master cut people's heads off, but I question whether or not this book is necessary to the event. (Spoiler alert: Doesn't really matter)

The Verdict

As I said earlier, it's not the best of the Flashpoint tie-ins, but it is for sure the most fun. How could you not love pirates with super-powers? Well, modern-day pirates, none of that Pirates of the Caribbean garbage. Not only that, it's super-violent. At least that's a plus for me. This isn't a must have Flashpoint tie-in, unless you hate fun. I don't know how much more clear I could make it. Did I mention Warlord yet?

Posted by SaucyJack

Picked this one up today. Looking forward to reading it once I catch up on some of the other Flashpoint books.

Posted by keith71_98

Not as slick and polished as the first issue (which I absolutely loved) but still a lot of fun!
Posted by The Mighty Monarch

See I think that's what makes the Flashpoint tie-ins so great, and proof that DC handles events better than Marvel. Flashpoint is all about the big alternate universe that's actually the main universe but warped. Therefore, I think what makes the tie-ins so great is that they can mostly be read on their own, treated as a group of Elseworlds stories all taking place in the same universe. None of the tie-ins are ESSENTIAL to the main story, and even the main story isn't essential for some of the tie-ins. That, in my opinion, is the best type of event. So if you just want to follow your favorite characters through it, you don't have to go out of your way to be up to date on the main story, and if you only want to follow the main story, you don't get forced to bog yourself down with tie-ins that may or may not interest you.

Posted by Eyz

Pirate Deathstroke makes so much sense!
Pirate Deathstroke  Vs. Aquaman was an obvious lead in :D

Posted by GraveSp

I miss Warlord