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Five Weapons #6 - Back To Class Part One: Tyler's Revenge Review


It's time for the assassins to go back to school!

The Good

FIVE WEAPONS' return is essentially more of the same, and that's absolutely a good thing. Seeing as it's the start of a new volume, writer/illustrator/letterer Jimmie Robinson creates an extremely friendly issue for new readers while also establishing a whole new status quo. This means chiming in on everyone, telling us who they are, and also setting the stage for what's to come. It's covering a bit of familiar territory for pre-existing fans, but it's hardly torture.

We only scratch the surface of the new characters, but it's enough to get us interested in seeing more of them and hope we'll see Robinson continue to give the former cast even more love as well. There's certainly a lot of characters to juggle, but Robinson makes each unique and appealing in their own way. Robinson's also taken some big steps to make sure this second volume doesn't follow the same formula as the first. Sure, we're still going to see the lead use his sharp mind to solve issues and has already left us wondering what he'll do next, but the premise this time around feels bigger. A clear antagonist and a mystery which have already been established. Plus, it's blatantly obvious this volume will jump into the potential romantic element between Enrique and Jade.

If you dug the visuals in the last volume, you're going to be pleased yet again. The cartoonish vibe remains strong and matches the book's atmosphere so well. It's lighthearted, warm and welcoming, while also offering a consistent amount of detail. Not a single panel looks rushed and the unique style makes this feel like it could be an animated series.

The Bad

As stated above, there's a moderate amount of mandatory exposition for new readers. It's understandable, but for fans of the first volume, it feels like we have to make it through that to continue to the new and important stuff.I'm all for Enrique and Jade becoming a couple, but it looks like this will be laced with drama that kind of feels like something out of a CW show (she caught the end of a not-so-flattering sentence, she thinks someone else is cute and said guy will clearly manipulate her, etc.). The poor guy has so much to worry about as it is, so I'd much rather see all of the major conflicts stem from other plot threads.

The Verdict

FIVE WEAPONS is back and as wonderful as ever. Jimmie Robinson kicks off the second volume by making the stage even bigger than the first volume. There's more characters, there's more mystery, and there's most definitely more conflict. To spice things up, there's a whole new twist with the protagonist, and it's one that's sure to keep us guessing how he'll solve each problem as they appear. I strongly recommend FIVE WEAPONS #6 to anyone looking for a refreshing and fun story.

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Posted by danhimself

the only problem I had was Tyler's complete flip in personality....Enrique gets introduced and Tyler comes up to him and they're like best friends but then a few pages later Tyler hates him and wants to take down the school....was he acting that way the first time only because people were around?

Posted by k4tzm4n

@danhimself: Yup, it was just an act in front of the others.

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