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FF #6 - Two Kings Review


Even though the Future Foundation may not appear in this week's issue of FF, this is still a solid issue and essential to the story.

If you have been looking forward to Black Bolt's return after what happened to him during War of Kings, then you definitely need to pick up this week's FF #6.

The Good

So my first thought after putting the issue down was that I needed to hop onto Comic Vine to make some sense of what I had just read. If you've been reading the FF series, but you happened to skip out on Marvel's War of Kings story arc earlier this year then I guarantee you will be at least a little bit lost when it comes to reading this issue. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Just as Marvel had previously teased to fans, Black Bolt indeed will be making his return in the FF series, and it sort of happens here -- but not exactly. Black Bolt's return being highlighted in this series actually makes a lot of sense considering his relationship with the team and how often he's appeared in the Fantastic Four books.

Hickman structures issue #6 of FF starting with a recap of the War of Kings showing Black Bolt's demise. The story shifts then reverting even further into the past where the Supremor witnesses an omen that will alter it's fate and future for ever. All of this is very, very cryptic and I admit I had to re-read it a second time to understand.

The Hickman and Tocchini team is pretty fantastic. The language that Hickman uses to tell his story is really perfect. I especially enjoyed the fact that he skimmed over the events of War of Kings very eloquently without giving everything away -- he does it in a way that makes you want to know more about the story if you haven't read it. I should also mention that the art in this issue is absolutely gorgeous.

The Bad

Aside from the fact that it can be a bit confusing at times, this issue is great. I would caution readers who have never read FF not to start here. Additionally, read up on War of Kings (or at least read about it) before you go into this issue.

The Verdict

Really interesting issue, very different and unexpected shift from what we saw in the previous issues. Even though the FF doesn't make an appearance here, it seems like the events that have taken place in this issue will leave a massive impact on the FF story ahead.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Know FF but still a solid issue. I'm looking forward to the Inhumans and Kree battle it out.

Edited by doordoor123

Does his rebirth do justice? Because he had a great meaningful heroic death. Its too bad that they brought him back.
Posted by xkoenig

Yeah, I had no idea what was going on the first time I read this, but this is classic Hickman - he's bringing all the pieces together and I hope the next few issues are as awesome as I think they will be!

Posted by digimod

I thought this would have been better as an Inhumans One-shot.  I liked it but I felt cheated of a FF issue (which I thought I was paying for)

Posted by JonesDeini
@CombatSpoon86 said:
Know FF but still a solid issue. I'm looking forward to the Inhumans and Kree battle it out.
No FF eh? I can live with that because well...Black Bolt!!! And the rest of the Inhuman's whom I missed and I KNOW they will play an important role in the war. Only thin I'm iffy on is the art. I saw it in previews and it just didn't do much for me. Can't wait to pick this up later today though. 
Posted by ElCapitan

@Babs: Might also be good to check out Fantastic Four #577 for some extra backstory on how the Universal Inhumans are involved.

Posted by Antonio_Blackheart

kool i pick it up

Posted by jloneblackheart

I thought the issue was great, but I am all up on War of Kings/Realm of Kings and Kree/Inhuman history.

Also, you have the wrong Supremor linked. The Supreme Intelligence (known as the Supremor, or leader of the Kree Empire) is the link you need. - Nerd Police :)

Posted by keith71_98

I thought this book was a complete disaster. The art was horrific and it grinded to a halt a wonderful story. Yes this needs to be told but not here and not with such an ugly look.