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FF #6 - Save the Tiger Review


The Yancy Street Gang makes a bold move that could change everything. And what the heck is Medusa up to?

The Good

When a series contains a large number of characters, the book sometimes suffers. Too many characters can bog down the book or give a sense that some are being ignored. That is NOT the case with FF. Matt Fraction has a huge arsenal of characters and each one has their one unique feel. Combined they add a great feel to book in combining the element of family along with humor and action.

Fraction is a master when it comes to his subtle use of humor. But that, by no means, is an indication that this isn't a serious book. Under the surface, there is deeper signs of some heavy and serious issues. We're seeing development with Scott over the loss of his daughter, Darla with her position as both a superhero and pop star and even another great development with another supporting character (I absolutely do not want to spoil it but applaud Matt in the combination of humor and seriousness in the scene).

While all of that is going on, we also have the mystery with Medusa as well as the continuing attacks by the Yancy Street Gang. The battle between the Gang and Darla escalates to a new level.

Mike Allred's art is absent from this issue. For those that know me and my love for his art, the assumption might be I would be outraged. That isn't the case. Joe Quinones captures the feel Allred has given this book. Laura Allred does her usual amazing jobs on the colors as well.

The Bad

There was a tiny sense of not seeing the whole story. While Fraction does manage to bring in, or at least show, the other characters, a couple were reduced to a single panel. What's happening with Old Johnny? What is the story with Medusa? It almost feels like Fraction is teasing us by making us wait. What about Alex and his trip last issue?

I mentioned that Joe Quinones did a good job on the issue but there were a couple times some characters' looks were a little inconsistent.

I feel a little weird inside having actually seen the face of a member of the Yancy Street Gang. Some things should never be seen.

The Verdict

This was another great issue from Matt Fraction. There was a strange feeling as if something was missing. The absence of Mike Allred's art may have played a tiny part in it but that wasn't quite it. Fraction does a great job juggling the numerous characters in this title but perhaps we're starting to see a hint of there being too many story plots happening. We do see some great development with some characters but a few others that were absent. Based on the events from last issue it felt a little odd not seeing an actual continuation of their parts. Joe Quinones does capture the feel of the title that Allred has bestowed upon us and the colors by Laura Allred further allows this feeling. This book is a combination of fun and energy yet Fraction lays in some serious elements without bringing you down. You can always expect laughs and entertainment when it comes to reading FF.

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Posted by longbowhunter

Not a bad issue. I really like Joe Quinones. I just wish he wasn't trying to ape Allred. The covers I've seen him do are always excellent.

Posted by Kerrigan

Five-star book for me. Still as fun and engaging as it's been from the start: I was completely engrossed from cover to cover.

And it has a cutaway diagram of the Baxter Building, which is always awesome.

Edited by kilomac29

I just picked up issues 1-2 of this series only with Fantastic Four 1-2 today at my LCS, based mostly on the good things I've read about the two series on this site. Really looking forward to the reads. Plus I dig Matt Fraction.

Edited by dreamfall31

A pretty decent issue, but probably the weakest so far. The art was an okay substitute for Allred, but the faces really showed how Allred is perfect for this book. Not bad at all, but kind of just an okay issue in my book! Still love the series! The page that showed the see through Baxter building was pretty badass!

Posted by adamcrouch

This is one of the many marvel books i wish i could get. i really want to get into the fan 4 in general but i dont have the money now. maybe after i get out of school. the essential arent too badly priced though i guess.

Edited by Hatutzeraze

I was bonkers for this issue. I loved the reporter with the press pass hanging out in the seedy internet cafe and his shady dealings with the Yancy-Streeters. The Allred take on the classic cut-scene of the Baxter Building was also a gem. I loved this issue.

Edited by andrew2696

Best thing about the issue for me were the hoodies.

Edited by judasnixon

This was pure metta...... It was Fraction's middle finger to all the trolls and the Miss Thing Haters...... Loved the Mole-Ling coming out joke and how marvel stands with it. FF #6 should of been called Matt Fraction's soap box and I'm more than cool with that......

Edited by Mezmero

This issue was great. The story was good and the art was fantastic. I honestly didn't notice the change in artists but my eye is not as keen as the hardcore Allred fan's. I do agree that certain characters didn't get as much play as they should and that there seems to be a lot of setting up things to come. I'm loving the characters more than anything in this book so when certain ones are not getting featured as much in the narrative it's a little disheartening. And that scene with the Mole kids was adorable. I'm not much of a touchy feely reader but it's moments like that in comic books that warm my icy heart. Thanks for the review.