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Fearless Defenders #5 Review


Valkyrie, Hippolyta and Dani Moonstar fight The Doom Maidens in the latest issue of this series.

The Good

This issue centers around the trio of warriors: Dani Moonstar, Hippolyta and Valkyrie and these three ladies certainly have their work cut out for them. The latest issue features a plenty of action, so if fighting is what you are looking for then this is going to be right up your alley. The Doom Maidens are led by Caroline LeFay and Mr. Raven, the villains we saw in previous issues of this series. I like the portrayal of these three characters in this issue, it seems as if they work very well together in this series and this issue is great example of that.

The redeeming quality of this issue, aside from the action if you happen to be into that sort of thing, was the dialogue. The series' writer knows how to be funny, and he eloquently references continuity while cracking many of his jokes. This was something entertaining that I certainly enjoyed seeing play out in this issue.

Oh, and the cover is pretty cool too.

The Bad

The moment where the fearless trio gets back-up from, quite literally, every single female Marvel character is kind of cool, but also a little bit silly. While it's cool to see all these characters together in the pages of the same book, it still reads a little bit like a plot device. It's almost like saying, "well, we have a series of strictly female characters, let's take the opportunity to rope in each and every single female character in Marvel comics.

I think this also could very easily have been a more personal issue for Valkyrie's character since she is directly related to The Doom Maidens, it was turned into something of a free-for all.

The Verdict

Although it is somewhat neat to see all these female characters come together on the pages of this series, it is somewhat silly in the end. It's great seeing familiar faces that we haven't seen in a long time like Elektra, for example, but what is she really doing here in this issue? What is the purpose of having so many Marvel ladies all in one place? It feels more like fan-service and less like the natural progression of the story.

The art is, once again, good but certainly not the best. The pencils are solid but the heavy inks and colors make the comic feel a bit too "cartoony." As a result, it's a bit hard to take it seriously.

Although the appearance of so many characters in one book reads awkwardly, some of the dialogue was clever and funny and that at least redeemed the contents of this issue a little bit, at least for me.

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Posted by jwalser3

Love the cover!

Posted by MadeinBangladesh
Posted by Owie

I was actually going to pick this up just for the cover, and because I was hoping the inclusion of all the other characters was going to make the book step up a bit, but after this review, I guess I'm glad it was sold out.

Posted by papad1992

This issue was ok at best. The action was cool but nothing to brag about, to be honest... but with the appearances of Tigra, Hellcat, Black Cat, Coleen Wing, etc... it somewhat redeemed itself, like Babs says, in a cheesy fan-pleasing way. And how each character literally got a panel and said something either clever or battle-cry-like added to the cheesiness. Overall this issue felt like a big block of Velveeta. But all of the cameos felt epic. It's all about who you know... :P

Posted by DH69

The issue i've been waiting for, so far valkyrie was the only reason i read this. Hopefully the heroes stick around and each get some spotlight.

Edited by victorcheenoanleu

Didn't really move the story anywhere, until like the last 5 pages. Still gotta admit the addition of all those super heroines was a fan service, now let's just hope this arc concludes on a high note cause it started off so well.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

Loved this issue! I waited for this massive team up, and it delivered!!!

Posted by bigboi100000

Sara sucked hard on this review

Posted by Perfect 10

this was AWESOME! this is the issue i was waiting for since issue 1. silly? no, COOL! is it silly when every other book does the same thing or is it only silly cause its women? i have a strong feeling of who will be joining up based on their current place in the marvel u. thundra, hellcat, black cat, tarantula, colleen wing, and tigra arent being used anywhere else please KEEP THEM ALL. and it was super cool to see valkyrie go berserker. even better than when sif did it

Posted by tsaimelemoni

This series is getting a little boring for me. The addition of all these ladies for this issue didn't make things exciting or cool, it bogged down the actual story so we could get 'how cool is it that these two are on the same panel?!' moments.

Posted by lykopis

I have no idea why people are finding this book something other than amazing -- because it has been and it continues to be with this new issue. Honestly, just the whole kick@ssery alone is enough to get people enjoying it and yes, there is the Marvel fan-girl in me pretty much loving seeing all these heroes getting together. It doesn't come off trite at all -- what might be fair to say is seeing female superheroes getting together on the same panel and it's the rarity of that which is notable but it a really really good way.

I loved the art -- the story line has gotten better and on top of getting some favourites showcasing what they are capable of, the ending was fantastic.

I can hardly wait for the next issue. The series started out rocky, like most do, but I definitely am enjoying it now.

Valkyrie -- I hardly knew you.