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Fear Itself: FF #1 - Issue 1 Review


The FF look poised to take on Ben Grimm as a powered-up Thing; however, can they be prepared for the origins of his anguish?

The FF look poised to take on Ben Grimm as a powered-up Thing; however, can they be prepared for the origins of his anguish?

The Good

Like Thunderbolts, this issue was meant to let us get inside the head of a "Worthy" and see what exactly is going on in there. Seeing how insecure and scared Ben Grimm was really made this issue. In essence, it's almost a bit of an aside: there's a little depth for the people that want it, but it's ultimately not essential to the main story.

The Bad

I'm not sure why this issue needed to be its own one-shot; it actually set up for something that will probably be explained in the "main" series, which kind of defeats the purpose.

The FF have gone on their share of adventures, and faced their share of threats. By now, it's safe to say they should have some degree of experience with their powers, and handling super-powered adversaries. However, both Sue and Reed seem to be dispatched rather easily by the Thing, and not as a result of his hammer powers. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a way of making Thing seem more threatening to us; instead, it just makes Sue and Reed look inept and inexperienced.

Isn't Spider-Man part of the FF? Where's he at? If he has time to offer his thoughts on camera in this month's issue of Avengers, he should be able to take part in one fight with the rest of the FF.

Since when does getting thrown into a metal pole by a super-strong individual merely knock a person out, and not cause irreparable spine damage?

The Verdict

For $2.99, this issue might seem worth it: you get a little bit of insight into the mind of a Worthy, and you get to see a little of the internal conflict that is going on in Ben Grimm's mind. However, you also get a whole lot of bad to go a long with it: an inept Richards family, a head-scratching absence by Spider-Man, an appearance by Alicia that should probably have ended with her maiming, and no lasting consequences. I'd pass on this one.


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Posted by pulseangel666

Spider-Man is not in this issue because he have a clash with thing in fear itself spider-man 3. No need for him to be in this.
Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

Let me guess. Thing is sad because Johnny died?

Posted by papad1992

Cool cover though!!! For some reason Ben rocks the black and yellow!!!

Posted by Joe Venom

There is an awesome faceplant in this issue

Posted by infonation

She knows Daredevil is blind?!