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Eternal Warrior #2 - Swords of the Wild! Review


Years ago, Gilad turned his back on his destiny and now the consequences have finally come crashing back into his life.

The Good

Man, writer Greg Pak sure knows how to grab you and pull you right into a story. In the debut issue, Pak did a terrific job introducing us to what kind of man Gilad Anni-Padda is and showed us the basics of why his unique universe is more than deserving of its own title. While building the signature character and the individuals which surround him, Pak also gave us quite a lot of what we'd expect from a series with a title like this one: bloody action. Much to my surprise, this second issue is even better than the first.

In this issue, Pak presents topnotch writing and takes the necessary steps to build both the characters and the overall narrative. Both focuses are juggled incredibly well and the result is an issue which not only builds a much stronger connection to the main character, but also teases the start of something potentially huge without giving too much away, either. We're hit with quite a bit of exposition but it never comes off as forced -- it all feels organic and successfully avoids redundancy. The action takes a little bit of a backseat this time around, but it's 100% worth it because the character and story building is commendable and completely engrossing. It's a great insight into Gilad and has some brilliant bits of emotion and drama tossed in.

Artist Clayton Crain jumps in for the flashback scenes and, boy oh boy, it looks stellar. The pages come off as immaculate, presenting wonderfully detailed characters and beyond realistic and animated locations. The first splash page is damn good, too, and will most likely drop your jaw. Seriously, it's magnificent stuff. Meanwhile, Trevor Hairsine and Brian Reber prove once again they're a mighty fine fit for the title. Relatively minor gripes over some facial features aside, the two create a more than fitting atmosphere for each scene. Moreover, the action comes off as precise yet brutal and tends to have an appropriately somber vibe to it.

The Bad

You know you're dealing with a very good issue when your key complaint is, "Well, the change between two totally different artists is obviously somewhat jarring."

The Verdict

At this rate, ETERNAL WARRIOR absolutely holds the potential to become my favorite Valiant book, and if you're a regular here on our little corner of the internet, then you know that's pretty big praise. Pak is doing an outstanding job growing Gilad as a character while throwing in a more than ample amount of fascination and shocking action as well. At the end of the day, it's simply a quality book that each and every action fan should check out.

In the event you missed out on issue #1, an informative intro makes this a totally adequate jumping on point. However, I still strongly recommend buying the first issue just so you can see how everything actually plays out for yourself. Plus, it's awesome, and you like awesome stuff, right?

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Posted by TommytheHitman

Just like with Quantum and Woody. I'll wait for when it comes out in trade form. "Starts counting the days."

Posted by Lvenger

This might be the first Valiant book I'm actually interested in based on what I hear of this series. It suits my tastes much more than other Valiant titles. If only I had the money to spare on it...

Posted by HeckTate

@tommythehitman: You're missing out dude. Quantnum and Woody is one of my most looked-forward to titles every month, and I haven't checked this issue yet, but the first Eternal Warrior was AWESOME.

Posted by Cap10nate

Great issue. Clayton Crain is awesome. As much as I like hairsine's art, Crain has that little something extra to make it amazing. If Pak and team keep it up, this book could be competing for my favorite Valiant title with Harbinger.

Posted by frozenedge

My only problem with Eternal Warrior and other Valiant titles is that they're all monthly issues. I wish they were at least bi-monthly so I won't be tortured waiting for the next issue

Posted by AllStarSuperman

Best comic this week. I loved the flashback flights. There better be ninja or samurai fights eventually.

Posted by Xwraith

I actually didn't really like the art.

Edited by AllStarSuperman
Posted by Xwraith

@allstarsuperman: I'm not sure why. I feel like I should love this book, but I don't find it as engaging as X-O Manowar (the other Valiant book I'm currently reading).

Posted by AllStarSuperman

@xwraith: I felt awkward with the first issue cause I thought he would be exactly like he was in XO manowar, but this takes place before that. And I loved this issue. I love the flashback fight scenes. I think the I want to kill the earth ending was awesome.

Edited by CaptainHoopla

Good issue. Cool story and great writing. Unfortunately, I really wish Crain didn't do the art in the flashback scenes. His art is excellent and just makes Hairsine's look worse than it normally does. Seriously, his faces are incredibly bad, there are a few panels here where I wasn't immediately sure if it was Gilad or Xaran, and considering one is a man and the other a woman, that's not good. I really want to stick with this book, but I'm afraid the art is going to irritate me into dropping it.

Posted by Cavemold

Love the ART HOLY HELL. Great read

Posted by Hanson724

Great issue!

Edited by D9000

Is there anything else I can read that explains what the heck the Gods in this series are all about? I feel like they're the main antagonists here but I don't really understand what they're all about.