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Eternal Warrior #1 - The Eternal Warrior Review


Dive into the life of Valiant's immortal man.

The Good

Immortal warriors. Brutal Combat. Mythological stories. If any of those words catch your attention, you're going to want to give Valiant's latest book a shot. Previously seen in ARCHER AND ARMSTRONG and X-O MANOWAR, Gilad Anni-Padda aka Eternal Warrior now has a book all to himself. Written by Greg Pak, this opening chapter serves as a great introduction to the character. No, Gilad isn't just another unstoppable, badass warrior -- he has far more depth than that (though those traits certainly don't hurt, either). This issue is a solid insight into the interesting character, showing how he loves battle, yet as you'll see, is also a man driven by morals and is even a selfless leader. The character is filled with potential and in Pak's more than capable hands, I'm excited for what's to come.

Pak wastes no time throwing us right into Gilad's life and the events are wonderfully paced. We're spared pages upon pages of exposition and we're thrown right into the middle of what feels like an epic story. Instead of focusing on the minor details surrounding this battle, the spotlight is placed on who Gilad is and a critical moment with his loved ones. It's a superb way to introduce the character and even though he's appeared in other Valiant books, it's 100% new reader friendly. In spite of being a rather bloody, dark and emotional issue, Pak's sharp script has a few surprising moments of levity as well ("Follow the crazy girl on the elephant!"), including Gilad's very first line

Trevor Hairsine is definitely the right artist for this book's atmosphere. His work is gritty and rough, making the grand action scene visceral and intense while still being able to sell the facial expressions in the far more emotional and compelling instances. While the opening battle is grand in scope and impressively vicious, I found myself more attached to the scenes which followed. They were somber and able to capture some amazingly cinematic moments. Brian Reber does a commendable job with the colors, too. The opening battle is surrounding in darker and gray shades, giving off the unclean feel of the violent war taking place and making the gruesome bloodshed standout even more. The use of vivid colors in the later scenes -- particularly the sun -- are fantastic and a great contrast to his past, further illustrating his new direction in life.

The Bad

Throwing us right into the middle of things was a good choice overall, however it did slightly take away from the emotional punch in a very important moment.

Minor gripe: the distance between eyes feels like a bit too much at times.

The Verdirct

Despite being 23 pages long, this issue felt like a super quick read and that just goes to show how thoroughly entertaining and gripping it is. When I was hit with the last page, I immediately wanted more. ETERNAL WARRIOR #1 is action-packed, well-written, and overflowing with potential. Yeah, you can bet I'm sticking around for the next issue and I strongly recommend you give this a shot, too. Consider this another victory for Valiant.

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Posted by That60sGuy



Posted by Mucklefluga

Hmmmm, i don't know. Seems to much like X-O-Manowar-just-without-the-suit to me. What time period is this book set in?

Edited by impossibilly

Eternal Warrior was one of my favorite series from Valiant Classic. After reading this review Gregg, I'm looking forward to giving this issue a shot.

Posted by Cap10nate

Great first issue. Very good at introducing the character and definitely leaves you wanting more.

Hmmmm, i don't know. Seems to much like X-O-Manowar-just-without-the-suit to me. What time period is this book set in?

The issue opens in ancient Mesopotamia to introduce the character, but ends up in the present. Don't know if it is the right before Unity present or a different shade of present.

Other than the obvious fact that the plots will completely different due to the nature of the characters and their paths, I think that the main difference between the two books will be the characters personalities and how that will guide their actions. If you have been keeping up with X-O, you have seen who the Eternal Warrior is and how his personality is different from Aric's.

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

My LCS didn't have any left in stock! I hadn't mentioned to the owner that I would be interested in this one so he didn't set aside one for me but he said he is trying to get one for me and quite a few other people who inquired about it. I'm glad to see it got a good review though, makes the wait worth it.

Posted by Mild_Karl

I'm interested in this book, if only because Valiant's titles have been across the board real solid so far. I don't have previous experience with this like I did with Manowar so I'm going into this blind but if it's a fun ride, I'll definitely give it a shot.

Posted by jwalser3

Eh, it's like Manowar. First issue in the past, then pick up the actual story in the next issue. Haha.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

This was really good. The last page definitely makes me wonder what's coming next, especially since it's in the modern time. I'm on board for at least the first arc. My only gripe is Hairsine's art. I'm personally just not the biggest fan. I have the same complaints with his, and since I'm mentioning it, Cary Nord's, art in X-O Manowar (Lee Garbett's is much better). I can deal with it though if the writing and story is good and exciting. I just think his style is a bit too rough and jagged for my taste, often times his final work looks like many artists rough draft sketches. I do recommend the book to anyone interested though.

Posted by bladewolf

Honestly, I feel like this was only a so-so issue overall. Not bad, but 3/5. I feel Hairsine's art was a bit too gritty for my taste.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@jwalser3 said:

Eh, it's like Manowar. First issue in the past, then pick up the actual story in the next issue. Haha.

It has that similarity, yes, but like already pointed out by others, everything else is different.

Besides, isn't "being like" X-O in any manner a good thing? :P