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Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #2 - Revolutions of Terror Part 2 Review


The Doctor and Gabby deal with beings from the psychic dimension

The Good

Both Gabby and the Doctor deal with beings of the psychic variety and try to figure out how to stop them before they hurt anyone.

What's strange, yet great, about this series and the issue is that is doesn't feel like an episode of Doctor Who. Sure, writer Nick Abadzis has the tenth Doctor's voice down and elements of the show are a part of this world, but for the first time, while reading a Doctor Who book that deals with the newer seasons in the series, it doesn't have the same formula as other comics. This feels like a story in comic book format and not a comic trying to play to a tv series format, if that makes any sense.

This is a pretty dark and disturbing issue when you really think about it. Issue #2 deals with beings that don't like on our plane and how they are interacting with us. Some of them choose to hunt humans. There's a lot of horror elements thrown into this issue, which make for some of my favorite Doctor Who stories, when things get a bit scary. I love the idea of these beings creating human's worst fears and psychically changing them into that.

While, at times, it feels like Gabby's purpose in this story is just so The Doctor has someone to over-explain things to. There are moments here which make me love this character and her place in the story. The cliffhanger is a great example as Gabby is left alone while the Doctor does his thing and she sees a friend who has been, for lack of a better word, possessed. Gabby is headstrong, but very panicky here both traits make her a well developed character.

Artistically, this book is pretty rad. Artist Elena Casagrande and colorist Ariana Florean provide an art style that's opposed to the tone of the story, yet it works exceptionally well. Casagrande's style has a tinge of Sean Murphy in it, which is something I was attracted to as a reader. She also does a phenomenal job of capturing David Tennant. I've read quite a few of these DW books in the past and there's been one too many artists that drop the ball in this department. Casagrande is awesome in this book and she should be/will be going places.

The Bad

Easily, the biggest problem with the issue is it gets caught up in explanatory dialogue way too much. The Doctor spends a to of time explaining every intricacy of everything involved in the story to the point where it becomes very distracting. Sadly, it's something that kind of needs to be done because there is so much that needs to be explained. It probably would have been better for the comic if said things were explained throughout two issues and not just this one.

The Verdict

Doctor Who is rolling on strongly. The story is pretty interesting and the art is fantastic. This issue gets way too into the ideas of over-explaining jargon to the point where it's tough to get through. However, overall, this issue and series are building up to be a hit. I'd say give this issue a shot.