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Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #2 - Chapter Two Review


The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe head to the bazaar and find something quite bizarre.

The Good

The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe all head to the Frenko Bazaar and find there's a secret slave trade! Can the team escape or will one of them be sold into slavery?

The 2nd Doctor (played by Patrick Troughton in the television series) is featured here, and while he is by far my least favorite of all the Doctor incarnations, writers Scott & David Tipton do a great job at capturing the essence of this character. I also love the fact he doesn't play his flute in this issue... not once. Thank you. A lot of credit for capturing this character should also go to the artist, Lee Sullivan, who also does a great job at capturing the character, especially with smaller things like how he stands and the way he holds his hands. It put a dumb smile on my face to see such familiarity in this book.

Another aspect of the art I really enjoyed was the design of some of the characters. Instead of making some of these robots a bit more updated, as we think about robots now, Sullivan keeps everything feeling very late 60s. The robots look great and the Ice Warriors look the same way they used to as well.

The overall story is a pretty fun ride. It's nothing Earth shattering or fantastic, but if you're a Who fan, then you'll like it. It feels like a second Doctor story. It fits the time it originally came from.

The Bad

I have the same problem with this issue as I do with issue one. Right now, there's no connection between the two issues. It's just a story about the Doctor and his companions caught up in a crazy situation and then the Doctor finds himself alone. I really want to know what's going on here and have some over-arcing story at least alluded to in this issue. I feel like I'm in the dark, in a bad way.

Another aspect about the book I wasn't too keen on was the art. It comes off as a bit dated. While the art is reminiscent of the older comic strips, I would have much rather seen an updated style and bring this version of the Doctor into the 21st century, art wise.

The Verdict

It's another down the middle issue of this series. It's pretty fun and I enjoy seeing each issue cover a different incarnation of the Doctor from the series, but this issue fails to make a good connection to the overall arcing story we're supposed to be in. While the art does feel a bit dated, I do like that the robots and other characters feel like they came from that era. It was a nice touch, leaving everything the same.

Overall, I give this issue a mild recommendation.

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Posted by G-Man

So are all the Doctors going to end up alone until the end? Maybe we'll see all the Doctors together to fight the nemesis?

Posted by inferiorego

@G-Man said:

So are all the Doctors going to end up alone until the end? Maybe we'll see all the Doctors together to fight the nemesis?

I don't know. The first issue set up, briefly, that the baddie will be essentially collecting them, but the end of both issues just has them alone. Most likely, by issue 4 (Tom Baker), we'll get more revealed to us.

I'm assuming that issue 3 will be the Doctor karate chopping everything. I'm ok with that.