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Doctor Who #2 - Hypothetical Gentleman Part 2 of 2 Review


Part 2, and the conclusion of the Hypothetical Gentleman. Who is this man? Can the Doctor stop him?

The Good

As I said with my review of issue one, Andy Diggle knows his Doctor Who. Not only does he capture the Doctor's voice incredibly well, he also captures the world of Doctor Who incredibly well. He understand how these characters relate to each other and how they talk to each other. He understands how the stories come together, and the twists and turns they take. He applies that to this book, and it feels like you're watching an episode of the show. This story will make Doctor Who fans happy.

While this story line wraps up, it leads to bigger things in future issues. Will Doctor Who comic fans be getting a longer story arc? Looks like it. Although seeing a two issue story is pretty cool, it looks like readers will be treated to a larger arc featuring a bigger threat.

This issue deals with something I've always had in the back of my mind: Why does the Doctor have to know everything, even if it means threatening the lives of other people? It's even specifically addressed here. It's something the Doctor has to face as he tries to learn more about his enemy.

The Bad

It's the same problem I had with the first issue. The art is just ok, and the writing out shines it. Proportions looks great, but at no point in time am I "wowed" with the art. In addition, I don't think the colors do the art any justice. The colors are pretty dull. Everything blends into each other and by the end of the book, you feel like you're just looking at a black and white book.

As I finished reading this issue, I got pretty bummed because there's nothing really on the line for these characters. Nothing can change or nothing crazy can happen because this all takes place within the same universe as the television show. You can't really take chances with these characters because by the end of the day, their stories and their world have to fit within the stories and world of the already established Doctor Who episodes.

The Verdict

DOCTOR WHO 2 is an ok issue. As far as Doctor Who comics, as a whole, go, it's better than the majority. I think this issue, and the first, will lead to much bigger things in this series. Andy Diggle does a phenomenal job here and he really has a great understanding of this world and its characters. I'm very excited to see where this book goes, and I like the idea of a larger arc in this book, much like the television show.

On the down side, I really have problems with the art on this issue. It doesn't do the writing justice. The biggest problem were the colors. They seemed pretty dull and they all blended together. On top of that, because this book has to work within the television series' continuity, I feel like nothing is at stake for these characters.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story, but not so much the art. I give this a mild recommendation.

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