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Dexter's Laboratory #1 Review


The boy-genius returns!

The Good

IDW is a nostalgia making machine. From Samurai Jack to TMNT to the Ghostbusters, they're doing great work with so many memorable franchises. Dexter's Laboratory is the latest one the publisher is tackling and, based on this first issue, it's off to a wonderful start and sure to please fans of the animated show.

First and foremost, this issue is adorable and that's 100% thanks to the creative team. Derek Fridolfs creates a script that's full of moments that'll make you smile or even chuckle. Be it Dexter's various reacting to Dee-Dee or the way the panel layouts majorly compliment some of the gags, the lighthearted and fun tone is strong with this series. If you're going to dive into this story, you better be prepared to smile.

Artist Ryan Jampole and colorist Jeremy Colwe produce visuals that are totally spot on. I may not be the biggest fan of the show ever -- I've watched episodes here and there and had a good time with them -- but based on what I've experienced, this most definitely looks and feels just like another episode. They've done a brilliant job duplicating the show's signature visuals and it works extremely well in this format. There's more than a handful of panels that are satisfying vivid and absolutely packed with an animated spirit.

The Bad

Honestly, I have no major complaints about the issue. That said, I didn't find myself completely in love with it, either. The flow of levity is steady and there's plenty of cuteness, but I didn't actually laugh out loud more than once or twice. I'm sold on it, just not blown away.

The Verdict

DEXTER'S LABORATORY #1 is pure happiness. It's consistently full of fun and establishes an energetic and attention-grabbing story. And with an ending like this one, there's absolutely no way you'll be able to resist picking up the next chapter. It's a potentially twisted cliffhanger, but we'll just have to wait and see how it's handled. No matter what direction the book goes next, it's safe to say these characters are in good hands. Fill yourself with a bit of joy and give this pleasant issue a read; you've earned it.

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Posted by micah

Maybe IDW will bring back ed, edd n eddy

Posted by andy_117

"I didn't myself completely in love with it"

That sentence is missing a word, I think.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@andy_117 said:

"I didn't myself completely in love with it"

That sentence is missing a word, I think.

Fixed, thanks.

Posted by KingStandup

This looks awesome. I'm going pick it up later. Thumbs up IDW!