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Demon Knights #5 - The Traitor Review


Mordru has offers for for everyone... Will they take them or will they fight against him?

Who will work for Mordru? Spoiler: Not Etrigan.

The Good

My favorite thing about this issue and this series is that you can tell Paul Cornell loves writing this book, at least I think he does. This book is a lot of fun, and my favorite thing is that it features some of the lesser known characters from the DC Universe. Characters that truly do deserve a bit more respect (Etrigan, Xanadu, and Vandal Savage). This book has given me a new love for the Demon Etrigan, a character who confused and annoyed me prior to the new 52.

DC has a ton of super-hero books, and this is not one of those books. It's pure awesomeness. I'm never the biggest fan of mystic books or books that take place during the medieval time period, but DEMON KNIGHTS has me hooked. It's incredibly cool, and it's the best non-superhero book at DC.

Every issue, Diogenes Neves kills it on art. The most notable image, aside from the AMAZING final page of this issue, the most notable page is the reappearance of Etrigan. There's a really cool action shot of Etrigan swiping at an image (magical image!) of the Queen. There's a lot going on in the panel, but both characters really stand out and the panel is beautiful.

The Bad

With all the characters in this book, it can get a bit confusing to keep track of them and everything going on. Story wise, this was a bit slower of an issue because it was more about the Queen and Mordru testing the knights than anything else.

The Verdict

Despite the confusion, this is a book you should be reading. The artwork is amazing, and this seems to be a true labor of love for writer Paul Cornell. These are some really cool characters, and it's a book you should give a shot, especially this and the next issue, but only if you like awesomeness. I highly recommend this issue and this series!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I'm enjoying Demon Knights quite a lot so far. I was kind of hesitant to start with as I wasn't really familiar with any of these characters but I'm glad I stuck with it. 

Posted by SmoothJammin

I think I'll try and squeeze this in alongside Robinson's Shade series

Posted by Battlepig

Easily one of the best books of the New Fifty-Two. Also, I do love how Cornell manages to drop subtle hints at characters' backstories. Here we have Horsewoman, seemingly bound to her horse and apparently unable to walk on her own. And Cornell just mentions it in passing yet it is such a strong moment. Well done!

Posted by stormtrance1618

I like awesomeness and Demon Knights IS awesomeness!

Posted by ComicMan24

It is one of my favourites, if not my favourite, that came out of the reboot. Great art and story.

Posted by Benzo

Everybody needs to reading Demon Knights! :D

Posted by Azrael66

Etrigan is a badass.

Posted by Gordo789

After kind of a rocky start this story keeps getting better and better. I hope they keep up the good work.

Posted by Dernman

@Azrael66 said:

Etrigan is a badass.

Post 52 Entrigan>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pre 52 Entrigan

Posted by SavageDragon

I love this one. It is my favorite new 52, great art, interesting story, awesome characters, nuff said. So tight.