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Demon Knights #18 - Reunions Review


Etrigan makes his triumphant return, but will Jason Blood punish him for it?

The Good

Jason Blood makes his triumphant return, and he does so with a little help from his friends: one in particular. Yet the friends he keeps underestimate him and his abilities, and Jason doesn't appreciate that one bit. In this issue, Jason is the central character: his recent experiences, torment and pain have molded him into a different man. He knows this, and while his friends may not, he will insist on making sure that he gets a bit of his own brand of revenge on a certain demon. The dynamic here between Etrigan and Jason Blood is interesting: even though the two characters never spend time together on panel, their rivalry and resentment for one another is being molded into an incredibly interesting relationship. The two characters clearly despise one another and writer Robert Venditti really gets that.

Bernard Chang delivers yet another beautifully penciled issue, and the colors are vibrant and bright; really perfectly done and very complimentary to the story in this comic.

Venditti is able to bring a lot of very different characters alive on the pages of this series, and he successfully gives each of them time to interact with one another and shine in their own right in this current story. The result is a dynamic story that is well told, a plot that is organized and well executed, and a story that is interesting and very different from so many of the other titles currently being published at DC. These characters are complex and interesting, and Venditti has a fantastic way of telling pieces of a story without unveiling all the cards under his sleeve. He is great at giving us depth with few words, choosing the language carefully.

The Bad

There is really nothing bad in this issue. This is a great follow up to an already very interesting story.

The Verdict

I really have been enjoying this series and I think Venditti has done a fantastic job taking on these interesting characters and playing with their relationships a little bit. This has been an incredibly exciting issue, and the story that we get here is definitely one that continues to escalate and get more and more interesting. The art is really fantastic, and very complimentary to the story being told here, which is great. The result is another solid issue and one that is bound to pique the interest of anyone fascinated by and invested in the world of Etrigan and his supporting cast. As far as a jumping on point, you can definitely start your journey here as it is, for the most part, easy to follow along. You may, however, not get the most out of the story if you don't at the very least read the previous issue.

Posted by The Stegman

Just read it, and I completely agree, this series has been one of the most consistently well written of the entire New 52. 

Posted by SmashBrawler

Damn it, why doesn't everyone read this series? It's always been fantastic, and Venditti's run has been pretty damn good.

Posted by bladewolf

This series is amazing, but I have to honestly say this is the weakest issue thus far. Chang's art was far below his usual quality, and the story felt rushed and disjointed. There were a few cool moments I must admit, like Jason's plan. 3/5 for me.

Obviously, I LOVE this series, so I'll keep reading.

Posted by Ben3000

This book has been the most consistent book in the New 52. It's probably my favorite team book out of DC Comics. I do wish more people talked about this series though. As for Venditti and Chang, man I wouldn't mind seeing these two write an arc for Justice League Dark. As for the issue itself, another fantastic issue. These two haven't dropped the ball at all in my books.

Posted by jsphsmth

Considering how poorly the series has been selling, Venditti took too long putting the band back together. The slow boil approach when you first take over a book that is in danger of cancellation isn't the best approach. Something more dramatic would have been wiser. Now I have to wonder if we will see a proper conclusion to the arc before the cancellation.

Posted by LemmyCaution

Please keep singing the praises of this book on the podcast, Sara! I think Corey likes it, too...

Posted by Ravager4

Am I the only one who seriously hates Xanadu at this point?

Posted by dontbelievethehyperion

@Ravager4: No, you're not. She is an annoying wench.