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Demon Knights #0 - The Prologue Review


The origin of Jason Blood and Etrigan is revealed!

The Good

Spoiler: Etrigan is a terrible rhymer. We get a great backstory here of where Etrigan came from and why he's so darn angry. This is a new origin for a whole new generation of DC readers and it works very well. We also get a nice intro for Jason Blood as well and the world of Camelot.

Paul Cornell does a stellar job at not only giving us a great back story here, but Cornell also makes it a lot of fun. He beats down this character in the first few pages and you really start to feel for him, so you're really rooting for the character as he battles his way through other demons in Hell.

I really like how and why these two characters came together. Jason Blood comes off like a character who deserves what happens to him, so by the end of the issue, there's a feeling of justice. On the other hand, you start to really feel bad for Etrigan because he wants to get away from being someone else's lapdog, and by the end of it all, he may have gotten away from that, but not too far away.

While I really like the idea of Jason Blood having to have his future altered in order to stop his rage and prevent him from all out losing it, I thought it wasn't a big enough event for him to be cursed. Maybe it's just me.

As always, Bernard Chang's art is beautiful and Marcelo Maiolo's colors are amazing. This is one hell of an art team. Every panel looks beautiful, especially everything in Hell. There's lots of great looking demons and a fantastic amount of detail in every panel.

The Bad

No problems.

The Verdict

Demon Knights 0 is a fantastic origin to an already fantastic series. I loved seeing how Jason Blood and Etrigan got to be where they are now. Paul Cornell has been awesome on this book, and he really does well defining who these characters were and where they came from.

The art team of Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo does a wonderful job on this book. I loved the line work and colors here, and think it's the perfect fit to Cornell's writing.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

Posted by TheCrowbar

Would this be a good jumping on point? I dropped it after the second issue, and now I have room in my pull list again.

Posted by CircularLogic

@TheCrowbar: None of the zeros are jumping on points, only origins (Green Lantern being the only exception). I can't quite remember, but I believe the last arc ended with issue 12, so maybe 13 will be a good jumping on point? I don't know, haven't read the solicits

In any case, buy this book. It is awesome.

Posted by Adnan

@TheCrowbar said:

Would this be a good jumping on point? I dropped it after the second issue, and now I have room in my pull list again.

No, it wouldn't (you'd think a 0 issue would though, right?) The last good jump-on point was #8 I think...

Posted by SavageDragon

"I've won each and every battle! Who wants some more, you Demon cattle?!"- ETRIGAN


Finally you guys show Demon Knights some love. Thanks for reviewing this

Posted by bloggerboy

Please support this book. Get the first TPB that collects the first arc. You'll get your moneys worth by the art alone. I really don't want this book to be cancelled.

@TheCrowbar said:

Would this be a good jumping on point? I dropped it after the second issue, and now I have room in my pull list again.

Try from issue #8 or 9.

Posted by Booster_Bronze

The thing I wanted this issue to explain that was still a little murky on was the whole rhyming thing! Why did he have to rhyme back then but doesn't now? Is it because he's in a lower rung on the Hell ladder? Why do demons have to rhyme in the first place?! So confused...

Posted by DrThanos91

Sweet!!!,I want to see more of the demon knights and other supernatural aspects of DC comic characters being used!,I want to buy this comic and enjoy the hell of ETRIGAN!!!!!