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Deathstroke #20 - Prodigal Sons Review


This is the final issue, Slade fans. Does it go out with a bang or does it fizzle away?

The Good

Bravo to co-writers Justin Jordan and Tony Bedard for one really good swan song. After last issue's over the top events, I was sure this was going to be an issue filled with fairly campy moments ("I'm bad, but I'll do what needs to be done to save my family!") and predictable solutions. Well, they proved me dead wrong. Right when it seems like the resolution to Jericho's wrath is over... bam! Another dilemma. And right when we think that's over.. bam! More madness! Then, it's all topped off with a completely unexpected emotional finale. Seeing the good guys overcome impossible odds is always inspiring and gripping, but sometimes seeing how characters on the other side of the aisle resolve these terrible scenarios can be far more riveting... and that's exactly what happens here.

The visuals by Edgar Salazar and Juan Fernandez remain consistent for the most part. The action is easy to follow and the hits certainly feel forceful. That said, the panels truly shine during the aftermath of all the chaos. There's an extra emphasis on shading and it's a perfect modification to fit the dark turn of events. Oh, and I swear his goatee is jelled to look like an upside down Wolverine. Just saying.

The Bad

If you've been reading the series, then the opening may be a bit jarring based on the previous issue's conclusion. Jericho and Majestic are basically face-to-face with Deathstroke and Lynch, but now Majestic is off fighting a ship in the sky. I guess he just stopped by the say "hi" and then swooped off to face a bigger threat. It felt a bit odd seeing as #19 seemed to imply an immediate conflict, then the next thing we know he's elsewhere.

A few moments felt overly dramatic to me. There's a panel of Terra basically going beast mode, yet Slade is able to stop her with one arm and she waits around to listen to reason. If she was as motivated as the previous panel implied, I have a feeling Slade would need to do more than the, "Chill, bro" response to stop her.

Wrapping it up with an A.R.G.U.S. after-action report felt really lackluster after hitting us with such an engrossing scene. I feel like the series would have left more of an impact if it concluded on the note right before the report begins.

The Verdict

While the final remark is meant to express how badass Slade is (you know, just in case you haven't heard by now), it also feels like a jab at the character's future. Let's say some writer has the opportunity down the road to give Slade his own ongoing again. Well, God help him when it comes to keeping that series alive! It's definitely a shame to see Slade leave just when things were turning around, but hey, at least it ends on a high note, right? Here's hoping we see more of the Terminator in other titles.

Posted by sho3s22

loved the ending IMHO. Higgins gave this series a great begging and Jordan gave it a proper ending, the art was swell as well. Now I'm just waiting for Slade to make his appearance in Teen Titans

Posted by Red_Robin212

Such a bugger this got cancelled.

The only bad period the series had was Lifeld's run (No surprise there)

Posted by Brownghost
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Sigh, like Slade,everything I love always dies.

Edited by Cavemold

Liefield just killed this book off. After that there was really mo momentum to hold on to.

Posted by Ben3000

If Terra is in this book, I'm guessing it takes place after Ravagers 12. I haven't been keeping up with this series.

Posted by ATB877

2 things:

1. Cannot believe DC made Rose and Slade separate like that. They obviously have different plans for them.

2. There was a creepy glowing green eyes soilder towards end implying his son faith is not as he thought.

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Nice review.

In the second sentence of the final paragraph its says, "...give Slade his own ongoing again."

Should it say, "...give Slade his ongoing series again."?

Hope that helps.

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

I loved the new DS comic so much he was hecka cool and I felt like he was equal to Batman in strategic skills and I hope Superman/Batman comes out the second week of the month so I could fill the slot left by DS

Edited by soumya

@atb877 said:

2 things:

1. Cannot believe DC made Rose and Slade separate like that. They obviously have different plans for them.

2. There was a creepy glowing green eyes soilder towards end implying his son faith is not as he thought.

yeah.I noticed that too...may be Jericho didn't die after all..

Posted by sho3s22

@brownghost: I know...still waiting for him to appear in Teen Titans

Edited by Scarlet_Spider_Forever

Disappointed that the cover wasn't better for a " Grand " finale Deathstroke issue.

Edited by hamlet33

OK. Who else thought by the cover this was a New 52 reboot of the Judas Contract?

Edited by Kneepawn

Bring back Jericho please.

Posted by Catsnlynne

Really wish this wasn't being cancelled.

Posted by arnoldoaad

I pretty much disliked everything that happen on this issue.

why the hell reboot anything if everything is going back to the same thing.I didnt liked Kyle Higgins run that much but i liked that it revived the original Ravager, nothing was done with him and now he is dead.

I hated the return of Jericho and hated how it ended here

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

This series was getting good, now it's cancelled. :(


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- Yes, this book is finally ending so that a potential non-trivial book can take it's place.

- *slow clap starts*

Posted by spidermonkey2099

Haven't read any of this series yet.... Maybe I'll pick up the trades. I wouldn't mind seeing Slade turn up in Nightwing as a recurring villain, resuming the rivalry they had in the old Teen Titans books.

Edited by blackkitty

*meh* that's kinda my reaction to Slade. I mean, originally in the Teen Titans he was fighting to just stay alive, and somehow he became the worlds biggest bad-ass seemingly over night. Always felt strange to me. In this series, just never liked the character. When he turned around in the first issue and killed the people helping him just because, that bothered me and really turned me off the whole series.

Posted by Edgar_Salazar

All and alll glad that must liked the book, really hope to have the chance to draw Slade again in the future!

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@edgar_salazar said:

All and alll glad that must liked the book, really hope to have the chance to draw Slade again in the future!

Thanks for chiming in, Edgar!

Posted by Edgar_Salazar
Posted by RenaissanceMan

Slade is the best. All they really need is a great writer to keep a great character like this going in a series.