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Deadpool vs. Carnage #4 Review


It's time for the final round of Deadpool vs. Carnage! Will there be a winner after a bloody battle or will they decided to sit-down and talk about their problems over a cup of coffee?

The Good

Writer Cullen Bunn makes sure this is all about having fun. Yes, the book tiptoes a very dark and horrific tone (this is about Carnage going on a killing spree, after all), but above all else, Bunn is focused on making sure we're having a blast. Seeing as this is the final chapter of a book with "vs." in the title, it wouldn't be much of a finale without a grand fight between the two fan favorites, would it? Thankfully, Bunn mostly delivers on that. If you've been reading along or even just glanced at Glenn Fabry's cool cover, then you know the Merc with a Mouth has backup and a few symbiotic upgrades. It's every bit as silly and violent as you'd want it to be as Deadpool shows off new abilities (thanks to his symbiotes). The two really do waste no time at all to begin dismembering one another and it's a good time -- well, a good time for us since we're a safe distance from all of this graphic madness.

While this finale primarily revolves around the action between these two, Bunn manages to keep the banter flowing. There's plenty of lowbrow comedy spewing from Deadpool's mouth and, while I never actually laughed out loud, more than a couple of remarks did make me smirk. The ending also feels like an amusing nod to the number of "Deadpool vs." titles that are on the way and, maybe it's just me, but it seemed like he was possibly breaking the fourth wall there, too.

Artist Salva Espin and colorist Veronica Gandini are a great fit for this insane script. Espin's energetic character work manages to strike each tone accordingly. Carnage looks fearsome in the opening scene and the two do a great job handling the over the top battle. Even when Carnage is strangling someone to death, you can't help but be amused because of the drastic expression on the man's face. I love how there's the occasional circular panel, as well. It almost feels like a twisted nod to Looney Tunes. It's fitting because this story is filled with silliness and it certainly feels animated, too.

The Bad

Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan around of this "greater force" guiding them. It made for some amusing clues, but you can't help but feel like the whole concept will be cast aside next time we see Carnage and that makes it feel somewhat pointless. The conclusion with Carnage is completely unexpected, but you can't help but feel like they'd call in the big guns instead of just stand around and comment on it. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't go even near there until there's some major back-up. We're talking about an infamous Spider-Man villain who loves to kill, after all. Lastly, I know she's just a supporting character in this story, but Shriek's role felt beyond minimal. Sure, she's there to eventually serve a greater purpose in the narrative, but she basically did nothing except for fire a few blasts during the whole story. I'm glad the focus is on the two leads, but it felt like a missed opportunity to breathe a little more life into this villain.

The Verdict

When you have a limited series called "DEADPOOL VS. CARNAGE" it needs to have two things: violence and a whole lot of craziness. Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin absolutely deliver on both of these. Yes, I have personal gripes with the plot point that's established in this book and feel down the middle on the conclusion with Carnage, but overall, it's a wacky, bloody and entertaining ride. Honestly, what more could you ask for from a story like this?

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Posted by TheCheeseStabber

@k4tzm4n My theory is that the "Guiding force" is Red Skulls mental powers and that this mini is a prequel to AXIS that's why Carnage and Deapool are involved

Posted by micah

I've been enjoying this mini

Posted by Rainja

I haven't read the last issue but so far this series as a whole gets a 3/5 stars from me. If you are a fan of both characters i would recommend it. Its a "fun book" and i don't take anything in here serious. Its almost like filler for me since i like Marvel stories around symbiotes. Deadpool fans will probably disagree as i guess deadpool was pretty much in character. Anyways, That artist who does the cover isn't up to my taste. I hate it. As for the interior art,Its good, and they do the action scenes well but its just comes off as cartoony to me at the end of the day. I don't look at it as graphic as described as earlier. To me its like a Elmer Fud Vs Bugs bunny kind of vibe. No matter what they actually do, the way its illustrated just cant make me take it seriously. That dosen't mean the art is bad, not at all. I am just saying its kind of cartoony. Moving on, Hopefully, they will have another Carnage book and it is done well. Just like the first storys.

Posted by 8008S

The whole chance/determinism philosophical angle isn't well developed here to run for 4 issues, and it doesn't even get solved. Carnage is merely stalled, not killed (but that's obvious since status quo) but not really defeated either. Pointless overall, although I liked the art and fight sequences.