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Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4 - Part IV: Punisher Punished! Review


Will this be the last Marvel comic made since Deadpool is killing everyone? Find out how Deadpool's crazy journey ends and what could possibly happen next.

The Good

There's no denying that Deadpool is not a character to be taken seriously all the time. When a miniseries sets out to have a character kill every single other character in their universe, you know there's a bunch of shenanigans on the way. Once you get over that fact, it becomes a question of how exactly the character, Deadpool in this case, will actually proceed and succeed in killing everyone off. We should always expect the unexpected when it comes to Deadpool but since his mind was 'adjusted' in the first issue, it's been brutal death after brutal death. There's a reason the cover states this isn't for kids.

This four-issue miniseries has had a little more than simply Deadpool killing everyone. In earlier issues, Taskmaster was given the...task of going after and stopping Deadpool. What character would be better suited for this job? There is a history between the two and Taskmaster is often overlooked at the potential he has an opponent.

Throughout the issue, you can't help but feel the despair knowing and seeing these characters dying and getting killed in this 'universe.' Of course there still is a lot of goofiness in the fact that Deadpool has been able to get as far as he does.

How does the story end? I'm obviously not going to spoil it. When I started, I was thinking there was only one way this could all end. Going through and reading the end, I realized that there were in fact several different ways it could have played out. What happens here is completely fitting for Deadpool.

The Bad

Now that the story is over, where do we go from here? I mentioned in past reviews that I was a little bothered at this portrayal of Deadpool. The full potential of what he can do is being shown, even if some situations have been a bit of a stretch. Deadpool can be a funny character but should also be seen as a threat. With these types of "kill the entire universe" story, the question is, would you read it again? For me, once was enough. It was an interesting ride but I don't know if I'd feel the urge to go back and check it out again.

The ending felt a little abrupt. Clearly there is still plenty more characters that could have been killed off. Maybe we'll see a sequel with that addressed. I would have preferred a little more in terms of a story rather than death after death. But then again, all the crazy killings is the biggest draw here.

The Verdict

Deadpool set out to kill everyone. This is the last issue but it can be said that he doesn't actually kill every single Marvel character. There are still more so perhaps we'll see a sequel someday. This isn't an issue or series to be taken completely seriously. By that I mean we know Deadpool couldn't actually kill some or most of the characters as easily as he did in this series. This is meant to be an absurd story where Deadpool is able to step up his game and do the unexpected at a whole new level. The fashion that the characters die is the key in making the story worth noting. The big question is where will the story leave you afterwards? Is this a story you'll want to read again? Clearly there can't be any repercussions for the future of Deadpool or other characters since this doesn't take place in the proper 616 universe. It will make you look at Deadpool a little differently. A stronger conclusion would have been preferable but perhaps we'll see a continuation to these events.

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Posted by The Stegman

"I could have killed the Marvel Universe in 2 Issues" 

Posted by Billy Batson

Well this went with a lazy ending.

Posted by PortlandsBatman

In this series does deadpool still have his healing factor?

Posted by lmothander

Remember the good old days when there was an ongoing series called "what if?"... You knew it would be a good story but would have no tie in to the 616 universe...

Posted by TinyGrenade

@PortlandsBatman: Yessum

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

@The Stegman: sir you just got a follow.

Posted by Lokheit

Well this scalated very fast (it would've been needing a lot of issues to kill everyone he kills just in this issue), but ended too abruptly and too ridicously for my taste. Not much else to say about this series. If this was for the gore, I've seen more gore in Marvel (canon continuity) before. I guess the idea was good, but the result not so much.

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

@The Stegman:

As if. Deathstroke could take out Marvel U in 1 hour. Then he'll relax by the pool, a margarita in one hand, and Wolverine' severed head in the other.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

No doubt that Deathstroke could have done it quicker and better. But I love Deadpool and stand by this little series. It wasn't perfect, but it was okay and feels like a solid 3/5 stars. I hadn't picked up the last 3 issues and read issue 2 then felt compelled to read the next two to see how the story ended.

Posted by LifePool

Enjoyed all the kills, but the ending was much to abrupt. They had a real chance at a good conclusion, I didn't feel this was that.

Posted by theTimeStreamer

@The Stegman said:

"I could have killed the Marvel Universe in 2 Issues"


what a lazy ending. they think 'well give them this ending and keep them on the hook wanting more'. and us we be like 'u lazy and unimaginative. do this again and im taking out my belt'

Posted by SoA

punisher/wolverine kill the universe were much better. i feel gypped by the ending.

Posted by fluffypigeons

@The Stegman said:

"I could have killed the Marvel Universe in 2 Issues"


Posted by slvr4surfer

I only really enjoyed the second one and the ending was really dissapointing and sort of lazy. I wish there was a What If? line being published right now. I would regularly buy that in a regular kind of way.