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Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1 - Part I Review


Deadpool wants to kill the entire Marvel Universe? And a 'parental advisory' on the cover? How can we not check this out?

There are many kinds of Deadpool stories. This one is bound to catch you off guard.

The Good

We've seen the Marvel Universe get "killed" before courtesy of Punisher. Now it's Deadpool's turn. You can imagine the wacky shenanigans that could result and you might be tempted to avoid this out of fear of it being a purely satirical story. Let's just say that when Deadpool comes after the Fantastic Four, it's not really funny. This is Deadpool the killer versus Deadpool the goofy comedy relief. There are some 'funny' moments but this is him as a mercenary on a mission. In other words, the parental advisory is on the cover for a reason. This scene will leave a slight heavy feeling in your gut.

The premise is simple. It makes sense. There's a reason for Deadpool's actions. We don't get the full story just yet. There's enough of a tease to make you want to see more. Deadpool is just starting off here. It gets ugly but it's bound to get even uglier in the coming issues. Deadpool definitely has the skills and ambition to take on pretty much anyone. Seeing him take on characters like the Fantastic Four will make you appreciate what he's capable of. Just be prepared for the results.

The Bad

Maybe it's just me, but I prefer my Deadpool with a little more funny over deadly. I mentioned that we have seen different varieties of Deadpool but there were times I felt the story getting a little too dark. When I envisioned a comic with Deadpool killing the entire Marvel Universe, I pictured a more comedic approach. Perhaps taking a darker and more serious approach gives the story more meaning rather than being seen as more of a joke. I like Deadpool being deadly but when he steers away from his usual self, it feels like a different character. Some may want a more serious Deadpool but after all the humor, it feels like another character wearing the costume.

The Verdict

Does Deadpool have what it takes to kill the entire Marvel Universe? Based on this first issue, he's off to a good start. Readers shouldn't expect the typical Deadpool story as this issue earns the parental advisory slapped on the cover. We have seen different version of Deadpool and this goes along with the darker and less goofier versions. As with these types of stories, you have to wonder how much they'll matter in the grand scheme of comics. We know the entire Marvel Universe can't really be killed. I expected a lighter and more humorous story but there could be something to this more serious approach. I'll definitely be checking out the next issue to see where this is going to go. It's a little disturbing and that makes it clear that this isn't a simple goofy story with Deadpool thrown in just for kicks. If you like your Deadpool less funny and more violent, you'll get a kick out of this.

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Posted by moywar700

this is silly.

Posted by Dinozord

In an interview Bunn clearly states this story is meant to be darker, way more serious, and will easily earn the parental advisory. You went into this the wrong way, you should have gone in knowing that the comedic spurts from Deadpool would be disturbing. Knowing that with every kill we, the reader, would not know how exactly to feel. And finally knowing that you shouldn't bring other Deadpools into this new story because it will be like no other.

Posted by doordoor123

I think enjoying this comic really depends on what kind of Deadpool you like. I don't like normal Deadpool, so I loved this.

Posted by Duke_Nasty

I did not enjoy this issue. With the Parental Advisoy and a different writer I wasn't expecting the same Deadpool. I was expecting this issue to be completely dark and violent or to be full of dark humour that was funny for adults.

Bunn doesn't write a funny Deadpool(which he clearly attempted) and when he was acting is a comical way it wasn't mature or immature it was just lame. Deadpool had none of the normal dialogue that makes him intriguing and enjoyable and the art made him look bland and did not create a dark atmosphere. Besides some poorly drawn blood I don't see why this issue warrants a Parental Advisory rating.

If you've seen Sue holding a stretched out Mr Fantastic while he's dying in the preview panels, you've seen the only good part of this issue.

Posted by Meteorite

Is this a mini or an ongoing? It doesn't say on the cover

Posted by Bluefox170
Posted by SoA

this got a 5-star review in my book, we get to see a side of deadpool few see that he is a killing machine . it felt brief but so far so good.

Posted by Super_SoldierXII

Gimme a break. Deadpool couldn't even kill himself.

Posted by Cavemold

I loved it g -man , it was more serious deadpool but he still had some jokes.As you said it had more meaning which is exactley why this deadpool issue rocked. It wasn't your same old deadpool. I for one love more violent deadpool. I don't understand why you thought it would be funnier deadpool . Given the title and parental advisory. Deadpool can actually be considered seriously when written this way.

Posted by Cavemold

At duke nasty anytime you have heads falling off with blood and parental jokes it's going get parental advisory . Would you want a 10 year old to read the book. As for g-man I think if you researched the title before hand you might of enjoyed it more. Cheers

Posted by SithLantern93

@Bluefox170:Don't use gay as insult,please.

Posted by Man of Lengend

are you kidding me!!! this was a great issue five stars all day ... I mean come on

Posted by SoA

@Man of Lengend: exactly!!!

Posted by EdwardWindsor

his aggressiveness in this issue seemed more classic Deadpool to me, yeah comedy is a major part of personality but now days it seems they play him purely for laughs. Most of the time he doesn't have the same lethality and general grittiness he once had. I personally think this issue kind of straddles the line between the two extremes. A sort of every fans Deadpool rather than the modern or the classic version. It definitely made me want to see more from the series to.

Posted by Mercy_

I can't gwt into the kills the universe stories. The whole concept seems utterly absurd.

Posted by InnerVenom123

@moywar700 said:

this is silly.

Congratulations, that's the point.

Posted by moywar700

@InnerVenom123 said:

@moywar700 said:

this is silly.

Congratulations, that's the point.

I know.

Posted by Cavemold

It's suppose to be absurd and crazy

Posted by JohnnyWalker

i love DP. i hated this.

Posted by Duke_Nasty

@EdwardWindsor: I would love for Deadpool to be a little less goofy and more aggressive and violent like he was before and I'm not a huge fan of Way's run. Problem is this wasn't like classic Deadpool because he wasn't funny and the character wasn't interesting at all in my opinion. I don't like the way it was written or the art but I will probably continue reading because it will probably get more interesting with other characters.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Im assuming this will be out in trade after it has finished, right?

Posted by EdwardWindsor
@Duke_Nasty first issue dude give it time. I was referring to classic deadpool more brutal style he was more a bad ass but funny assasin than a funny assasin who is occasionally badass like he is now.
Posted by KMART4455

Too bad Deadpool doesnt actually kill any of those guys on the cover without pis.

Posted by JairamGanpat

@KMART4455: I'd say he can take down Cap

Posted by KMART4455

@JairamGanpat: Yeah i agree, his best shot is cap

Posted by Novemberx2

this was a pointless read. not even worth the asking price

Posted by infinite_gems

i personally could go without the whole "616 deadpoolwith a bad attitude" to me this sounds like a prequel to that "punisher/wolverine vs marvel universe" or an obvious "what if" but i think the award for darker went more along the lines of deadpool PULP, 5ronin deadpool,and zombie deadpool. i feel like there trying to hard almost like in "fear itself" you begin to grow bored of the senseless violence and wish something entertaining happened.

Posted by broo1232

Never liked Deadpool.

Edited by neiliusprime

this is an alternate take on Deadpool, thats why its different. I read the issue, and since its the first issue, its an ok read. I am interested to see how this turns out though

Posted by WWAJfan

in my op this book is more enjoyable than AvX

Posted by Green ankh

Never liked Deadpool. I can not imagine this being more than a waste of your money.

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

so far it's looks enjoyable.

Posted by Pwok21

I like the throwback to the original Deadpool style, so I'll probably pick this up.

Posted by TheHeat
@SithLantern93 said:

@Bluefox170:Don't use gay as insult,please.

Posted by LifePool

It was okay, I'd like to see Deadpool actually, yannoe, funny, but it was okay.

More than anything this worried me about Deadpool's new writer, since this guy clearly failed at the few 'jokes' he had.

Posted by SithLantern93


Posted by VenomMelendez

Deadpool has been Dark before. In fact, Deadpool in this book is kinda like the Joe Kelly era of Deadpool. Plus, this is a horror comic.

Edited by CrimsonAlchemist

Definitely gonna get this issue this weekend i love me a seriously deadly DP.

Posted by k3vbomb

horrible review

Posted by shackle

I can't believe there are people out there still eating up the Deadpool schtick.

Posted by Zombiebite1888

People who complain that this isn't like the the Deadpool we see every month is the reason we can't evolve as comics. The reason they keep bring Steve Rogers, Bruce Wayne, Sabertooth, yadda, yadda, back to life so we never see new takes on characters. Deadpool will be going back to his scarfaced self soon enough. Saying that i will say that this version isn't my favorite (Wade Wilson's War is) but i did enjoy the more serious approach to the character. It reminded me of Marc Spector in the Bendis Moon Knight series. We do forget that most heroes have to be a like crazy to do what they do but a few really do have illnesses that go beyond the "Dave has a lamp shade on his head, he's crazy" CRAZY. Just enjoy it for the What If... story that it is.

Posted by LastOblivion

I didn't like it too much. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either, It was... Okay.

Posted by sparty-dbq

That cover scares the s*** out of me. Cap's face in particular.

Posted by THEBATFoE

Hmmm...I don't think I'm gonna pick up this one I prefer more "Wade Wilson's War" version of Deadpool over this one... Though maybe I could get a second hand copy or something.

Posted by rawr

I love Deadpool but this was barely able to call itself a Deadpool book. None of that Deadpool spirit was in it! Even when he is depressed and off his more nutty self in Uncanny X-Force he is never like THIS. I kinda just feel like its a mass murder Marvel fantasy fulfillment book that Happens to be using Deadpool as its instrument of violence. Sad pandas really.

Posted by CaRunaway

I'm still not sure exactly how to feel.

If the writers handle the story well and bring it full circle within the 4 or so issues I've been told this is running, then I can see this as a decidedly good alternative mini for hardcore Deadpool fans.

However, if the writers just have him kill everyone with no story follow-through. . .not so much.

Also, was I the only one that was reminded of Freddy Krueger a few times?

Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

I don't like stories where people with super powers die to people with guns and swords. But I do like seeing lethality addressed in storylines. I'll check this out.

Posted by SadiaVicious

This is the real deal.

He's the real Deadpool, the one who wanted to kill X-Force long time ago.

Lovin' it for my surprise.

Posted by Mikey Venture

I like how people pretend to forget that Deadpool is ACTUALLY a blood thirsty Mercenary, and kills people. You know, like a mercenary.

Posted by vegetarianmeat

Not sure that I agree with the review here. This is exactly how Deadpool would react in this situation. When someone is inside of your head controlling your intentions, you're a different person. That put with the fact that Deadpool is just destroying everything and generally being awesome, I mean come on the twist at the end... just wow. Deadpool is here to kick ass and it's going to be sweet.

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