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Deadpool #55 - Deadpool Reborn, Part 1: Bright Bright Sunshiny Day Review


Deadpool survived the "Dead" storyline but he's not the same person he was. He might feel more alive than ever but that could end up biting him in the butt.

Who's that good looking guy on the cover? It's Deadpool. That's right. He has a new face and has other issues to get used to.

The Good

Who would've thought we'd actually see some evolution in Deadpool's character? For the most part he's essentially the same. He's still talking to himself and has a love for killing. After surviving his quest to die, which resulted in the loss of his healing factor, he's changed in some ways. Besides have a normal face, he has to adjust to the fact that he can be injured (and have to use caution when shaving). The fact that he can be harmed and actually killed should change the way he operates. But this newfound condition has made him feel more alive which means he's itching to get down to business.

Not having a healing factor shouldn't be a big deal but the fact that he's been able to carelessly charge into situations without worry is no longer an option. This is what adds a new dynamic to Deadpool. He actually has to do some thinking. Deadpool thinking? Things are indeed changing. He might be using his brain more but taking on the Intelligencia without a healing factor might not be the smartest move.

The Bad

Deadpool has a good looking face. That almost feels like taking Superman's cape away. His funky complexion has always been a part of who he is. Not having a healing factor also takes away who he was. Now he's a regular mercenary that has voices going through his head. Change can be good but it's hard to say if this is a good idea for the long term or if it's just going to be reverted.

Shawn Crystal's art works to create the vibe necessary for the title but some members of the Intelligencia didn't look menacing enough. MODOK may be a silly character but his recent change has made him creepier. The scene in which they are all shown felt awkward as they were all stiffly standing around. There were moments of a lack of background during these scenes as well.

The Verdict

You think you know what Deadpool is all about? Deadpool is playing with a different set of tools now. The changes from the previous storyline resulted his face looking normal and the loss of his healing factor. Deadpool is still the wacky mercenary itching to get the job done the only way he knows how. The lack of a healing factor now requires him to think a little more. That's something that could prove to be a challenge. It's great to see this change in Deadpool as it serves to mix things up and put him in a different position. At the same time, it might be too much of a change. It's hard to imagine that this is who Deadpool will be now. We're used to these types of major changes to revert back to the previous status quo over time. Daniel Way should be commended for taking this risk in changing who Deadpool is.

Posted by evilvegeta74

Maybe he will pay Wolverine a visit!

Posted by Doctor_Deadpool

After a lot of thought, I've come to a conclusion: for Deadpool to actually change, something like this had to happen.

He might change back, but so long as these events aren't retconned he may never be the way he was. And that's what character developement is all about.

Posted by TheHeat

4 stars, eh? I might just check this issue.

Posted by Primmaster64

Why not heal his face and keep the healing factor. And get rid of Thanos curse.

Posted by Master_Thief

give it 4 issues all will be back to normal

Posted by The Stegman

I honestly can't see Deadpool without a healing factor, part of his character is him hilariously taking large amounts of damage with no regard to his safety, as Master_Thief above says, I think he'll get it back eventually.

Posted by pspin

Who is crazier now Deadpool or Moon Knight?

Posted by Nefilim927

Pinky and the Brain vibe from the Intelligencia

Posted by IronAngelX

I hate that his face is "pretty" it's weird. His appearance is part of his persona and that took a little part of that away.

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

This whole thing wreaks of temporary. If I am remembering things right, he got the healing factor to combat his aggressive cancer. The factor never cured his cancer, just healed him at a rate equal to the damage the cancer was causing to cancel out (to an oscillating degree but still averaging out)

I'm sure that this will run for a few stories then we will get clues that his cancer is coming back, then he will eventually have to make a decision of whether or not to pursue a similar method to survive as he had done before.

Also it doesn't seem like he should still be crazy if his healing factor is gone. As I remember it it was his healing factor constantly creating brain cells (and him constantly loosing them to cancer and attacks) that was the original explanation for his insanity in the first place. If that is gone, and the cancer isn't constantly corroding his brain, then his insanity should level off and he should start operating like a normal minded person.

Posted by Doctor_Deadpool

@Beast_in_the_Shadows: Normally, I'd agree- if not for his appearance carrying over into Uncanny X-Force. I do think they'll change him back some time or at least give him a healing factor (hopefully not a god-like one this time), but I think this change will last for at least a year.

The big question is: will his growth as a character stick even when his healing factor is back?

Posted by Deadcool

I... I don't know what I feel about this.

Posted by Trodorne

This is temporary. They will give him back his healing factor.

Posted by Rosencrantz&Guildenstern

Could you guys please give me some explanation? Shouldn't him not having a healing factor mean that his cancer would start affecting him again? Or, did eliminating his healing factor also get rid of his cancer,since the two were so interdependent?

Though honestly I wasn't keeping up with the old merc recently, some I might've missed a point or two.

Posted by MercSauce64

this is like taking away wolverine's healing factor (literally) , making bruce wayne poor, or spiderman's spider sense. this was such a key aspect of who who deadpool was and what really made up his methods. i haven't read this issue yet, but it just doesn't bode well

Posted by Croi

I think that this is a big moment, and it shouldn't have been written by Way.

Posted by Kallarkz

I really don't think the Thanos curse is being used anymore with deadpool's healing factor gone. 
I'm pretty sure they would have brought it up at least once. 
With his healing factor gone how would he come back from getting his head ripped off?

Posted by Wowlock

The mostly fun aspect of him was coming from his care-free attitude. With this new developements... I am afraid he might end up like his counterpart Deathstroke...and we know how boring that can be.

Deadpool's charm might get lost in the shuffle with these developements if they won't do it right. It is an interesting new take on Deadpool but I doubt it will be as fun and exciting as his old-self. ''Regularizing'' Deadpool may very well take many things from his character and take away the irony of '' A guy who wants to die but can't ''. We may see him return to ''normal'' in his own sense later this year but I just hope this move won't taint him for the future.

Posted by NyxEquitis

Its so weird actually seeing a...face(thats not horribly scarred anyway)...on Deadpool. Not entirely happy with the fact he's lost his healing factor either, one of the reasons he's so funny is that he can be put into hilarious situations because of it. As its been said, its part of who he is.

Posted by Mikey Venture

Great, so Deadpool is pretty much just Daredevil now.......good job.

Posted by Teerack

I wish they at least had one word bubble explaining why he isn't dying of cancer.

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

This too won't last.

Posted by Teerack

I honestly didn't mine him not having powers, because there are plently of people with no powers like Moon Knight or Hawkeye that do just fine, but he got his pinky cut off, and i hate that.

@Mikey Venture said:

Great, so Deadpool is pretty much just Daredevil now.......good job.

Daredevil has powers that heavily effect how he fights, so no.

Posted by ssj2DeadPool

I never thought it would be possible to ruin Deadpool.

Posted by vicioushero

Why is he blonde? Wade Wilson has black hair.

Posted by AskaniSon295

To be honest when I saw this cover I thought Bob agent of Hydra had taken over being Deadpool. Would love him to attempt a Relationship with Domino or with all the marvel females it would be amusing if he was like super-charming and made the females swoon and was still a jerk to the heroes like classic Deadpool. Deadpool should find some way to steal the Taskmasters powers or copy them at least.

Posted by Jawshco

There is no way his lack of powers is going to be permanent, and it's not fair to compare him to those other characters because Wade is truly one of a kind when comes to his personality (or perhaps, personalities). This temporary change is just a fresh way to keep growing this character that we love. He'll get his powers back- just like Wolvie getting his adamantium back. No worries! In the meantime it's cool to see how he reacts to being powerless. I mean c'mon!... you didn't L-O-stinkin-L at his battle with Paste Pot Pete? That's some funny stuff right there. I'll remember that one for awhile. Four Stars are well deserved on this ish.

Posted by ShirEPanjshir

@Teerack said:

I wish they at least had one word bubble explaining why he isn't dying of cancer.

Yeah. Weird isn't it. I commend Daniel Way for at least trying something new. But I too had hoped to at least read something on the whole cancer issue. Since Deadpool 's healing factor not only healed his healthy cells, but also his cancer cells. Thus his body was waging an eternal war. Now that the healing factor is gone, I'd think the cancer 'd be back.

Posted by Flashy_flash

Did he lose his pinky?