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Deadpool #28 - Honeymoon in Tokyo Review


Deadpool and Shiklah travel to Japan!

The Good

No other creative team can make me laugh as loud and as frequently as Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn do. There's so many hilarious references and gags in this one -- really, I won't even hint at them because I don't want to spoil any. But instead of feeling just like one pop culture joke after another, they compliment the ridiculous nature of this story and had me laughing like a fool Seriously, I think my neighbors heard me cracking up a few times. Even something like a hero making a cameo and saying some entirely silly lines was absurdly funny.

Yes, this issue is mostly massive laughs, crazy fun action and enjoyable bits of randomness, but -- believe it or not -- it also serves as a nice follow-up to The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (if you're a Deadpool fan and you haven't read that story, you need to do so right now... well, after you're done reading this review). It felt like a major dose of fan service and was legitimately heartwarming, too. Additionally, it introduces a little mystery that'll clearly serve as the next big plot. Duggan and Posehn, you definitely have my attention with that one.

Artist Scott Koblish and colorist Val Staples bring the visual goodness. Duggan and Posehn hand these two a script that's full of all kinds of craziness, and Koblish/Staples are able to make it all look so very awesome. Not a single panel felt rushed and every scene impressed me in totally different ways. Lively facial expressions, hugely detailed environments, grand special effects... they deliver on each and every element. Honestly, it's impressive how varied and solid these panels are. And no, I still can't get over how adorable Irene Y. Lee's intro page art is. It's overflowing with cuteness. The fact the recap is sharply written is just a nice bonus.

The Bad

Honestly, I have no major complaints here. It's easily one of the most entertaining issues I'll read all month and had a total blast with it.

The Verdict

You know that feeling you get when you look deep into the eyes of someone you love? It's a feeling of happiness that you never want to end, right? Well, that's basically how I felt reading this issue. I absolutely loved every second of this ridiculously hysterical ride. It kept me smiling, delivered a staggering amount of amusement, and it all looked great, too. As if an issue that's pure fun wasn't good enough, it also leaves you wondering what's going on and what that will mean for the next story arc. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Duggan and Posehn are doing great things with Deadpool. Don't miss it, my fellow Wade fans.

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Edited by Maddpanda531

Oh man, I loved this issue so much! That random guest appearance was fantastic and the humor was top notch (as always)! Loved all the Pokemon jokes.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

My comic store was closed today.. gotta wait till saturday..

Bah humbug.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

I don't know this issue didn't grab me like it should. Though it was interesting to see DP and His Wife aren't always hunky dorey

Posted by Fenderxx

Domo !

Posted by J_HickmanIsGod

they really are doing great things.

this is the best Deadpool team/series since the original '97 volume.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

This was one crazy issue, in the best way possible. Got a lot of laughs out of this one. I was a bit unsure about him and Shiklah getting married before, but this issue makes me hope they're together for awhile. Landshark!!!

Posted by JTHood

Deadpool's marriage turned out to be a great idea.

Posted by Tensta

Love the story, the art and the humour and yes, the recap page is adorable.

Posted by murderpool

Shiklah says everything about this series in one simple phrase

"You're kind of awesome."

Posted by Mezmero

Still one of Marvel's best books and some of the funniest stuff Deadpool's been apart of. You can tell that some of their Nerd Poker experience has helped color some of the humor. When Deadpool made that Die Hard reference I immediately thought of Mr. Sark. The ending kind of made me sad or at least concerned.

Posted by jonnyh101

I haven't laughed out loud at a comic in a good while, but when shiklah had enough of the bad guys and just ate one up and every other person who wanted the money just ran off I was nearly in tears! 10/10 issue!