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Deadpool #18 - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Part Four Review


Deadpool and his allies bring the fight to Butler.

The Good

It's amazing how just one story can totally transform a book. Previously, DEADPOOL felt like it was all about the laughs and madness it could throw your way. And you know what? It did that very well and was really a blast to read. But 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' has turned the title into a brilliant and engrossing ride. The laughs and good times certainly still remain, but they're complimented with some absurdly powerful raw emotion and a narrative that continues to leave me super anxious to get my hands on the next chapter.

Just like in the last issue, co-writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn are doing terrific work with the characters and pacing. I'm shocked how the book has me laughing and awestruck at some action or quips, then seconds later abruptly hits with me with a heart-rending incident. There's some exceptional moments with Cap and the imitation X-Men, but there's a superb spotlight on Wolverine and, of course, Deadpool in this issue.

The panels are every bit as good as the writing. Declan Shalvey's sketchier and rougher style is a virtually flawless match for the gripping tones this story has to offer. It's a great parallel to the grittier moments in the camp and most certainly delivers in making Deadpool look great -- be it when he's badass, depressed or comedic. Jordie Bellaire's coloring brings Shalvey's illustrations to life in such a great manner and the result is some pages I just had to stare at. The blood shooting from Wolverine's hand as his claws are popped and Captain America using his shield in one scene are particularly worth gazing at for quite some time.

The Bad

I love how the intro is a nice reminder of Steve's speed, but having him perfectly fine and Wolverine and Deadpool out of breath felt odd to me considering they also have excellent stamina and endurance.

It's also a bit tough to believe the North Korean officer recovered so quickly after that optic blast at such close range and all of the other guards died or were knocked out -- especially since faux Cyclops was looking right at him.

The Verdict

I'm at a loss for words after reading this issue. I never expected to be hit with so much emotion in this story. I knew this arc was walking a darker and more emotional path, but this was an absolutely staggering read. I know it's such a cliche saying, but I'm telling you, 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' just gets better and better. I can't say this enough: this is a can't miss for Deadpool fans and will most certainly go down as one of his must read stories. Truth be told, the final chapter could be complete garbage and this is still a story I'll be sure to purchase when the hardcover hits. The creative team is truly showing some great range with this one and the result is phenomenal.

Don't worry, Deadpool, I have a feeling you won't be seeing any 1-star reviews for this one.

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Posted by Renchamp

That solves it. I have enough cash for one book this week and it was either this or Uncanny X-Force. I'll wait a week for the latter.

Posted by CTG

@renchamp said:

That solves it. I have enough cash for one book this week and it was either this or Uncanny X-Force. I'll wait a week for the latter.

UXF was good - this was better.

Edited by WaveMotionCannon

I actually felt bad for Wade. Can't wait to see him eviscerate the Butler.

Posted by Ando123

This is a great book dudes,

Edited by dagmar_merrill

Poor, poor Deadpool. Hope his daughter is still alive.

Edited by Protoflash

This is by far the greatest deadpool story thats ever been written. Never before have I actually FELT something for deadpool other than some sort of twisted camaraderie after playing too much GTA.

Posted by Wilbertus

As a Deadpool newbie, could I start with the first issue of this series or would it require prior knowledge?

Posted by ReverendHunt

I never expected the most depressing book in my pull list to be Deadpool.

Posted by UltimaStarkiller

@wilbertus: When you say "first issue of the series", if you mean the very first issue, Deadpool #1, then no, no prior knowledge necessary. If you mean the first issue of this arc, Deadpool #15, then I'd still say not really. The current arc was set up in previous issues, and there are characters you may not be familiar with, such as Agent Preston, but it honestly wont hurt your enjoyment of the current arc by not knowing all of that, following from the beginning just adds to it. Quite frankly, this might be the best place to start. Oh, and there's always a "previously on..." page at the very beginning to explain some of the main plot points, so that will also help bring you up to speed a little. Either way, starting at #1 or #15, you really cant go wrong. Hope this helped!

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Man, I did not expect Wade to break-down like that at the end of the issue. That was probably the first time I've seen Deadpool get emotional.

But yeah, this issue was excellent. I really want to see the Butler get what he deserves. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of Deadpool action.

Posted by Wilbertus

@ultimastarkiller: Thank you, it helped a lot. I meant beginning at #1. I figured that the first issue is usually a good starting point but I wasn't sure as I am not very familiar with the Deadpool comics. However after seeing all these cool reviews every month I just had to get in on the action. I'll see if I can start at #1 and otherwise I'll start with #15. Thank you!

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Wow, another amazing issue. This book is seriously trying to knock Thor: GoT out of the top spot of the years best superhero title. With each issue of this arc it inches closer. I can't wait for the next issue, you gotta think Wade's gonna go bat$#!# crazy on somebody. Great review Gregg.

Note to nameless baddies: Don't shoot a flamethrower towards Captain America's shield.

Posted by joyita1413

Amazing issue...almost makes me cry

Posted by Renchamp

Bought. Read. Loved.

Edited by sparty-dbq

Whatever unbridled hell Deadpool has in store for Butler is still too good for him.

Posted by mxb

I thought they slowed because Wade was loaded with drugs and Wolverine had no HF.

Posted by turel_hash_ak_gik

man, this is so sad. the feels.

Edited by Mezmero

Such a great and sad issue. Oh Wade. I'm so, so sorry. :(

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

I chocked on that page.
I have never seen wade like this. Never imagined this to be possible. When something like this happens to someone like him, it really breaks u.

Edited by The_Titan_Lord

Powerful issue.