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Deadpool #14 - The White Man Cometh! Review


Can Deadpool, Iron Fist and Luke Cage stop the power of the White Man?!

The Good

So, there's a villain from the '70s who dresses like a pimp and goes by the name 'The White Man' because... well, he's really white. He was frozen back in that decade when Deadpool "teamed-up" with the Heroes for Hire. He's now free and if him blurting out a line like, "Why is it so hard for the White Man to get a cab in New York City?!" makes you laugh, then you're about to have a ridiculously great time with this issue. If not... well, then I guess you haven't been digging the humor in the book, and I have no idea why you're even reading this review.

Look, I'm a guy who loves his Deadpool with a lot of layers and a strong focus on why he's an anti-hero. The character had depth in the earlier years, made some great developments in CABLE & DEADPOOL and, of course, is seriously badass. There's no sign of that Deadpool in this issue whatsoever, but you know what? I couldn't care less because co-writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn do such a great job delivering an onslaught of laughs that it more than makes up for it. You'd think "The White Man _____" lines would get old, right? Well, they didn't for me. At all. This writing duo had me cracking up throughout the whole read. From Luke Cage absolutely loathing his connection to Wade to the White Man's defeat, I had a goofy smile planted firmly on my face virtually the entire time. It's a super silly issue crammed with so many big laughs. Besides, can you really expect a different kind of tone when you're dealing with an enemy like this?

Scott Koblish provides the art in the issue (along with Val Staples who does solid coloring as always) and slides right into the crazy chapter with no problem. His style draws similarities to both Mike Hawthorne and Tony Moore's, providing an animated and fun atmosphere, while also bringing it when it comes to the more violent elements of the book. He's more than capable of stepping up when it comes to a joke that relies purely on visuals (as seen by the guy discovering what's in his soup). Plus, his ability to make the kids adorable in even the most ridiculous events adds so more much levity to a few moments. There's something truly special about a group of adorable kids attacking a villain dressed like a pimp.

The Bad

I have some minor problems here and there but literally all of them can be countered with, "dude, it's an issue focusing on comedy, not logic."

The Verdict

Duggan and Posehn continue to do what they do best... and that's make me laugh like a fool. They successfully bring this absurd villain to the modern era and it makes for a wildly entertaining adventure which is every bit as enjoyable as the "lost issue." It's essentially slapstick and one-liners for a vast majority of the ride, but the conclusion switches things back into a more serious direction and has me legitimately curious to see how they'll handle the next issue. I love me some purely comedic Deadpool, but I really hope the next issue will be able to incorporate a more serious tone as well because the scenario certainly calls for it.

Posted by OmgOmgWtfWtf

I lol'ed when I read the title...

Oh, the plight on the white man!

What we will do now...haha

Posted by The Mast

More and more people are dressing as Deadpool at conventions because they think he's some wacky comedy job. A joke character.

That's the strongest indicator there's nothing left of what made him great under Nicieza and Kelly.

It's the same as when kids start wearing Freddy Krueger gloves. The character is a child molesting murderer. Kids dressing like him is completely missing the point. Deadpool is similar. He's always been funny, but he is actually beyond a joke now.

Posehn at least writes the series well, and if you like Jokepool then this is for you, but Daniel Way is to blame for all this. Essentially he said, "Forget every great arc and development he had. Let's add two voices in his head and make him the girl faking drunk at a party."

I wish I could support Deadpool now, but I just can't. I have to drop this.

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Smh, lol!

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the Power of the white man, sounds racist..

Posted by RageEx2
Posted by k4tzm4n

the Power of the white man, sounds racist..

You haven't read issue #13 or this one, have you? :P

Posted by DrellAssassin

I literally laughed out loud throughout this entire issue, absolutely loved it.

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Can't wait!!!

Posted by TheAcidSkull

@the_mast: you gotta admit that it's at least well written, and yeah Way is hack if i've ever seen one.

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Posted by chem86

Totally! I agree Nicieza and Kelly haven't even been even challenged in terms of a more serious deadpool with depth...But I'm still enjoying this new series, like greg said, they're tons of laughs and great humor. Also I've really LOVED the throwback 70's issues and hope they do more of them!

Posted by Elm


Deadpool "teamed-up" with the Heroes for Hire.


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Maybe it's just me... but I saw a semi serious Deadpool at the end of the issue that had some depth. I really can't wait for #15 Mainly to see how they handle Wolverine and Cap.

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"No watcher, no problems."

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I spotted this out the corner of my eye and had to click it. I was like wtf is this?

Posted by Fenderxx

Really excited to see where they go next .. this series has had alot of laughs but we have also seen a few hints at strong character arch for Wade.

Posted by PunyParker

The White-Man......God this was funny!

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This remains one of the few books that consistently makes me bust a gut laughing. This issue and the previous one are probably the funniest ones in the run so far. It's going to be next to impossible to top these flashback arcs but these writers haven't slowed down a bit. Duggan and Posehn's run has become synonymous with a smile on my face. Being a Deadpool fan is really paying off in spades. That's not a racial remark by the way.

Posted by zeitgeistler

This series thus far has yet to impress me, quite frankly as a die hard Deadpool fan I'm more then a little disappointed. Deadpool has lost all of the attributes and subtleties that made him the most interesting character in the marvel universe, substituted instead for mediocre laughs and poorly constructed story arcs. Really hate to give up this title but getting harder and harder to justify picking it up. : (

Posted by Perfect 10

loved it. started with issue 13 cause of iron fist and luke and loved it. this was waaay more fun and funny than the last issue. love all the 70s movie stuff really cool. going to stick around for issue 15 but honestly i would love to see a heroes for hire with these 3 fighting ridiculous villains like this