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Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #2 - No More Warnings Review


The Daughters of the Dragon appear and Chi hears some shocking claims about Leiko Wu.

The Good

Having Shang-Chi as a lead protagonist is great. His levelheaded approach to conflicts is a nice change of pace and some of the internal dialogue Mike Benson gives him is well-written. In fact, Chi's thoughts during a fight turns out to be more entertaining than the fight itself. While said fight isn't anything out of the ordinary, it still manages to become an amusing melee to witness.

The narrative itself isn't pulling any truly shocking twists or delivering powerful hooks just yet, but the pacing is tight and there's never really is a dull moment. That said, the basics behind Benson's story has the potential to turn into so much more and I'm hoping we'll see it expand or become more emotionally gripping as it progresses. As for right now, there's at least an engaging exchange between Chi and the Skull Crusher. Additionally, the man's claims produces one of the most powerful images in the issue.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the artwork is very inconsistent -- almost appearing rushed in some cases -- and this is a huge distraction throughout the issue. Several characters strike stiff and awkward poses, attention to expressions and facial structure varies, and the way some panels are focused (most notably an angle looking down at characters) make the anatomy look off and really doesn't compliment the style. The coloring is inconsistent at times, too. A man's tattoo changes colors, sometimes backgrounds undergo seemingly random design alterations, the bartender's bow tie switched colors, and a shade of green spilled off of a building and became a character's outline. These are just the examples that immediately come to mind, as well.

It's very disappointing that Shang-Chi doesn't have an opportunity to shine before two characters make a seemingly random cameo. The title alone implies great displays of action, but unfortunately, the battle isn't anything out of the ordinary and, aside from captions, doesn't make us appreciate Chi's abilities. On top of that, nothing in the story really stands out and the villain's have dialogue that comes off as a little generic. So far, it's all feeling very familiar.

The Verdict

Everything in me wants to love this book. I've always wanted to see more of Shang-Chi and I love Mike Benson's work with Deadpool and Moon Knight. Sadly, nothing about this issue feels unique. It's basically by the numbers and then hindered by some very inconsistent visuals. And you'd expect a book called "Deadly Hands of Kung Fu" to show off the lead's hand-to-hand abilities, right? Hopefully the narrative will become more compelling in the next issue. Even though I'm not the biggest fan around of this issue, I simply can't turn my back on Chi just yet. Here's hoping the third chapter is an improvement.

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Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

Wow, a 1 and a 2 in the same day.

Edited by Xwraith

This is the lowest score I've ever seen from Gregg.

Posted by Ultron345

I will remember the moment I saw a 2 star on a Marvel title on ComicVine. I'm kinda stunned honestly. Is this the twilight zone?

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Is this the dude that did Luke Cage noir?

Posted by daredevil21134
Posted by daredevil21134

Personally I loved this issue.Aside from the terrible art it was fun

Posted by dondave
Edited by Owie

Huat is just a terrible artist. I don't know why they keep employing him.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Am I the only one who really loves Huat's artwork?

Posted by Geno

@the_mighty_monarch: You might just be. Think of it as a gift, you get to enjoy more comics that way.

Like Gregg, I really wanted to love this series. Dave Johnson's covers alone made it seem like there was so much potential. But I just can't get past the awful artwork and mediocre writing. There are just so many better fitting artists that could have been tagged to this book, people that are used to drawing fight scenes (which, honestly, should have been a necessary credential for this).

I also don't like how some aspects of the characters' pasts, such as Leiko's relationship with Clive, aren't being mentioned. Or better yet, why Clive Reston is completely absent here. Another minor complaint is the persistence of spelling "MI6" as "MI-6"...

Sadly, Marvel will be getting my money for this entire mini because it is Shang-Chi, but I will remain a very disappointed fan, and they won't be gaining many new ones with this.

Posted by ForeverMan

I actually thought the art had improved from the first issue. While it wasn't a highlight, I still thought this issue was fun with good characterization of Shang-Chi.

Posted by Blaxkleric

I didn't think this title could get worse than its first outing... but this second issue is worse. Benson has completely lost the plot regarding the background to Leiko Wu. Another bad review from me.

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