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Dead Body Road #2 Review


Gage finds himself in the middle of a standoff at a diner.

The Good

The first issue of DEAD BODY ROAD introduced a large cast but only familiarized us with a handful of characters. In this issue, we continue to follow Gage but the writer also introduces us to Rachael. If you read LUTHER STRODE, then she's likely to remind you of Petra. She seems like she's out of her league, but despite that, she's still tough as nails and isn't one who'll give up in the face of some serious danger. Despite introducing someone who definitely seems like they'll play a big role, a good chunk of this issue is a vicious and fast paced action piece. Jordan's always delivered with more visceral content and DEAD BODY ROAD absolutely feels like a comic that has the potential to one day be turned into a rated R heist movie.

Artist Matteo Scalera and colorist Moreno Dinisio bring Jordan's cinematic script to life brilliantly. Scalera's ability to create energy and intensity is virtually unparalleled. He makes the hits and shots in the action scene feel every bit as chaotic and abrupt as they should. On top of that, Jordan's presenting a dirty world. Most of the people are criminals and the one guy who isn't is bleak and basically surrounded by death. It's gritty, dirty and violent and Scalera nails the tone with his style. Dinsio's coloring is a nice contrast because the colors are crisp and vibrant. They don't drown out the mood Justin and Scalera create at all. Instead, this bold use of colors helps bring it to life and gives a greater sense of depth to all of the grime.

The Bad

This mini-series is moving along at a really fast rate and it's tough to really connect with the characters. Aside from being badasses who love to curse, we haven't really seen any unique personalities shine through or reasons to really feel compelled to care about them. Since this was such a fast-paced issue, it feels like a quick read and it's tough to really get hyped when we're hit with the cliffhanger. Odds are it'll be a way more effective read in a trade.

The Verdict

Look, we all know this is a story we've seen a million times before. There's a dude who wants to avenge the death of his loved one and on the other side there's a heist gone wrong and the big bad wants everything fixed. It's all familiar stuff, but as I said in 'This Week's Essential Comics,' what makes this book special is the creative team, and this issue proves that. Justin is creating a thrilling story that feels like it's straight out of a violent action movie and Scalera's art is exploding with energy. They're the perfect team to bring this kind of story to life.

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Posted by InFamous_Wolf

Can't wait to read this!

Posted by TechnarchyWarlock

I think it's a pretty good read. The story is SUPER played out but I enjoyed this one and issue 1 quite a bit.