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Daredevil #32 Review


Daredevil ventures into a wild and wooly realm that even the bravest of New Yorkers fear to tread: the Deep South!!

The Good

I mentioned this in my Essential Comics write-up, but Mark Waid has an amazing talent at writing forgotten C-listers with fresh, often terrifying, eyes. Nowhere was this more apparent than the hideous mass of human centipede-like limbs and reality holes that Spot had become a few arcs back. That character, even when taken seriously, had never been portrayed as a creature whose every waking moment appeared equally terrifying and agonizing. So when it was revealed, via the cover if nothing else, that he’d be taking on the Marvel Universe’s monstrous denizens in Satana, Frankenstein’s Monster (“Actually Frankenstein was the name of the actually got it right...I...I guess I’ll go…”- Pretentious Commenter), the zombie Simon Garth, a Wolfman ( possibly Werewolf By Night), and the Living Mummy, I knew that we readers were in for an absolute treat. Most of this issue is occupied with Murdock making his way to Kentucky, chasing a lead from Dr. Strange discovered by Foggy Nelson, and, as always, the dialog between all these characters is absolutely top-notch. Mark Waid writes Murdock and Nelson with an amazing, natural tone that two lifelong friends would definitely share. Likewise, the villainous mastermind Jester (obviously the name of a mastermind) and Serpent Society get plenty of on-panel time, and plenty of Waid demonstrating that ability I mentioned before.

Chris Samnee handles the art, and absolutely earns his Undeadpool Most Promising Artist I Only Recently Heard About Award (honorary). At first glance, the art doesn’t look all that special, and even looks a bit retro, but if you take the time to enjoy every panel, you realize the absolute insane level of detail in every single one. His panels from Daredevil’s perspective are especially noteworthy as that’s always been one of the most difficult powers to accurately portray, but this run has made it a non-issue and Samnee is one of the best at showing how. Javier Rodriguiz picks colors back up after a couple of issues on pencils, but his distinct style still shines through beautifully. This is one of the best comics in terms of its color palette: varied, gorgeous, eye-catching, and enhancing every, single panel.

The Bad

It ends?? I dunno, I got nothin’.

The Verdict

Daredevil got a shot in the arm after Bendis and Maleev’s superlative run, and while I have tremendous respect for that, as well as Brubaker, Lark and Diggle’s efforts, I feel like Mark Waid “gets” the character in a way that he hasn’t been since his very inception (and maybe, in a weird way, even more than that). His perfect balance between light-hearted wackiness and absolute, deadly seriousness as well as his ability to pull from the VERY obscure parts of the Marvel pantheon (REMEMBER WHEN HE FOUGHT KLAW?!?! HOW DID THAT NOT HAPPEN SOONER?!?!) and make them absolute masters of terror the likes of which they’d never been before. This book definitely seems to be veering into goofy territory, but I have learnt never to assume anything about the direction I think this Daredevil book is going, but I do know that four weeks is WAY too long to wait for another. Somehow, I’ll manage.

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Before a few months ago, I knew almost nothing about Daredevil. I've never seen the movie or anything. But this run of comic books has been absolutely incredible. The artwork is gorgeous, the writing is laugh-out-loud funny, and I genuinely care about Matt Murdock. There are few comic books that I could recommend to everyone all the time, but this absolutely qualifies.

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I picked this up earlier, just as I do every month. I haven't been able to read it yet but it is always one of the books on the Wednesday I get it. It is my absolute favorite and Waid with the help of Bendis and Miller has made Daredevil my favorite comic book character.

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I read in the letters page about how the series is going to end soon, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Daredevil is clearly in my top three comic book heroes behind Batman and Spiderman. This book was excellent from start to finish. I actually thought that white mob was gonna lynch some black people. I really did. Oh and I also like how that big green guy's head is covering the out in the word without so it looks like it reads The Man With Fear. Dont know if it was intentional or not but it probably was. Oh and I liked the Dr. Strange appearance. He seems like another character I should try and read more of.

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If mr waid can't revive DareDevil, nothing will. You see, evanesance, Wake Me Up Inside fit perfectly with the daredevil soundtrack. Lol

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I was somewhat disappointed to find out that this monsters story is not stand alone. I expected it to be a one shot, but even as a full story arc it would have been nice if it didn't drop you into a huge hole of continuity. I mean, the first half of the issue is a wrap up to the Jester story?!

That being said, this issue was still totally worth it. The way Waid plays with the genre is genius, and I can easily see why people have been praising this series so highly. I can't wait to pick up the next issue.

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Kentucky isn't south. Bring Daredevil to Texas.

Posted by Owie

I can't believe they're cancelling this book after it just got some awards. Seeing that, plus the cancellation of Miles Morales, is depressing. They're two of my favorites.

The choice of these specific monsters is great. And his line about the Racism Savings Time was one of the funniest lines I've read in a long, long time. Great art, great story.

I'll just have to savor the next few issues as it finishes up.

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At first I was like, "Hey, Matt's in Kentucky. I live in Kentucky, neat". And then I was all, "Oh...oh no".

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Anybody else notice that Corey LOVES to use the word absolute (and all of its variations)?

Seriously though, great review. I will definitely be picking this one up!

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Why is Marvel ending this series when it is doing so well? It was one of the few Marvel comics you could read independently of anything else.

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Its being relaunched as a Marvel Now series. That's why its ending. Most likely a 3.99 book. It may or not be the same creative team but it's pretty much take advantage of an easy starting on point and making new number 1s which is so lame for us who have been following this book for awhile.

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Anyone else had a total nerdgasm at the thought of Waid and Samnee on a Doctor Strange book?

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Anyone else had a total nerdgasm at the thought of Waid and Samnee on a Doctor Strange book?

I think they will do an an Ant-man book