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Dancer #2 - Balance Review


After an assassination attempt on Alan and Quinn, Alan tries to find some answers and finds out some interesting things about his past career.

The Good

It's all out in the open now. Who is the man that looks EXACTLY like Alan, but younger that shot at him in the first issue? Well, read the book to find out, silly. The explanation makes sense and fits into this world and the tone writer Nathan Edmundson set up in the first issue. While this book has some science fiction elements to it, which are revealed in depth within this issue, it's still rooted in reality, and I love that about this series.

This film feels like a great action spy thriller. As I mentioned in the last review, I compared this book to Leon: The Professional, and that feeling is still there. This plays out like the opening of the second act of a spy thriller where the protagonist starts piecing things together about the company he used to work for. If you like films like this, you'll feel right at home as you glide through these pages.

I love Nic Klein's art on this book, especially the colors. I love the tones. I love the fact it looks washed out and nothing really pops. The panels are dynamic, we're not just looking at 50 panels of straight on medium shots. This is pure eye candy.

For me, so far, this book is up there with Invincible and Walking Dead. I know it may be a bit premature, but I'm enjoying every aspect of this title, and it's a book I'm now super-excited to read every month.

The Bad

Nothing this month.

The Verdict

This is one of my favorite Image titles right now. It's a fantastic book. It has the feeling of a great spy action thriller with a great mixture of science fiction that is not too "out there" to turn you off to it. Nathan Edmundson has a great story here and has done a great job writing these past two issues. In addition, Nic Klein's art is wonderful and I love the tone he sets with his art and colors.

Overall, I highly recommend this series. It is fantastic.

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Posted by SavageDragon

Glad you really like this series Mat, I loved this issue just like I loved the 1st one. With all the great new Image titles like Saga, Fatale,(planetoid even) and established spectacular Image books like The Darkness, Walking Dead, Invincible, Savage Dragon, Spawn and Elaphentmen its easy to see how this book isnt getting mentioned much. I know it just started, but even some of my fellow Image junkies hadn't even heard of this book. I really really like it. It takes a subject matter that could have been so mundane and predictable (over used) basic story and still gives you suspense with a twist without seeming dumb. Just my opinion but I agree that this book could be headed for great things.

Posted by Brownghost

my day was ruined when my comics shop ran out of #2 :(

Posted by saoakden

The cover to this issue looks cool. Image has been coming out with a bunch of new good series isn't it?

Posted by SlantedRoom

Just picked all the single issues of this series and I'm loving it so far. Just finished #2 and excited to see where it goes from here!