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Clone #13 Review


The local coalition knows there are clones in the area and they're beginning their investigation. Also, Luke finds himself in an interesting predicament.

The Good

What's been really great about this series, since day one, is that each arc is split into two different stories. One story always follows what Luke Taylor is up to and the other follows his wife Amelia.

As of right now, Amelia, along with Gamma, the tattooed clone, as well as some other clones, are held up on a farm, hiding from the pitchfork and torch holding general public who want to get rid of this "failed experiment." The locals find out that there is a clone camp in the area and they're on the hunt. The writing team of David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg, and Wade Mcintyre really knows how to create a gripping and compelling story that is consistently thrilling. Both of these stories, within this issue, are fantastic reads, and it's always leading to something bigger.

CLONE #13 had a scene in it that disturbed me in a way that no other comic has before. During one scene, Mrs. K lets Luke know that he's holding him captive because she wants Luke to give her a baby. Mrs K was married to a clone, but all clones are sterile. Seeing as Luke is the original, Mrs. K wants Luke to give her the child she could never have. Ok, so far, this is a bit creepy but it gets worse. Spoilers ahead. She can't get Luke's "seed" the conventional way, so she goes the route of electro-shock stimulation. Yes, it's as awful as it seems.

The splash page featuring this is simple a medium shot of the act happening. Jose Juan Ryp's art here is spectacular. Mrs K has this sadistic look on her face while Luke is in an immense amount of pain. That's really been the story with this series, since day one. Ryp's art is the driving force of this book. While the writing team does a phenomenal job month after month, story after story, Ryp's art is truly the top billing of this series. He's consistent, ultra-detailed, and his art is just so dang pretty to look at.

What the reader is left with at the end of the issue is a really interesting reveal page that let's the reader know the cloning

The Bad

No real complaints here, except that the scene with Luke and Mrs. K really creeped me out. I have been wondering where the Vice President is in all of this, since we haven't seen him since the start of this arc; however, this is one hell of a book.

The Verdict

CLONE continues to be one of the best things in comics. While this issue had one of the most disturbing scenes in the past year, it will keep the reader on the edge of their seats. Schulner, Ginsburg, and McIntyre are piecing together two fantastic stories for one amazing book and it has yet to let me down. Ryp's art is nothing short of stellar on this issue. This is a book you should be reading because it keeps getting better and better.

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Can't wait to read this

Posted by longbowhunter

Not quite done with all my reading but I think it's safe to say this was my favorite book this week. My anus is still clenched.

Posted by jdp180

Man this book is awesome. Kinda makes me wonder why super hero books get so much attention. Having said that I gotta wonder how a woman who is able to slaughter a bull cant tie a rope properly. I am not sure if I like the art. Its fine but the faces look creepy at times and what is up with all those dots on their skin?