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Clone #10 Review


The story concludes, but will Luke find his wife and child or will Beta get to them first?

The Good

A small army of clones takes on a small military force as Luke continues his search for his wife and child. Beta is also on the hunt for Amelia and her newborn. Will Luke be able to stop them in time?

Artist Jose Juan Ryp is really awesome. He and colorist Andy Troy really do a stellar job on this issue. Ryp does a fantastic job with the numerous action sequences here. He keeps it extremely brutal, and the action moves smoothly. It feels like you're watching one hell of an action film, at times. I say it every single month, but the amount of work and detail Ryp puts into these panels always astonishes me. It's little things like glass shattering into hundreds of pieces where the reader will truly notice this. Again, lots of credit to colorist Andy Troy for coloring out each individual piece of glass. It's small things like this that truly make the art on this book what it is.

The best part about this issue, in particular, is the set-up for the next story arc. Spoilers hidden behind the black box ahead. After all is said and done, and everything looks like it's going to go back to some form of normalcy, with the clones all in the clear, the Vice President Davis announces on television that the cloning program exists and to consider all clones as dangerous. It's an incredibly brilliant idea and a very natural progression in this book. Kudos to the writing team of David Schulner, Aaron Ginsberg, and Wade Mcintyre for putting together a very interesting arc that has an incredibly smooth transition into the next. This book is about to go on one wild ride.

The Bad

The end to this issue feels a bit rushed. Everything comes together a bit too quickly. It seems this may be a better story to read in trade. It's all a quick conclusion in order to move forward to the next arc.

The Verdict

CLONE continues to impress. It's a book that really felt like it could only be a one-off story that has transformed into an on-going that can easily sustain itself. The future of the clones comes into question here because of the actions of the new vice president really shake everything up in this world. While the conclusion to this story feels a bit rushed, it's a solid transition into the next arc. As always, the art on this book is fantastic. Overall, this is a book you should be reading.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

cant wait to read this! Hey @inferiorego , are you watching Orphan Black?

Posted by inferiorego

cant wait to read this! Hey @inferiorego , are you watching Orphan Black?

nope.... i don't have too much tv watching time anymore

Posted by longbowhunter

Damn, Amelia and Eva were the only ones who came though this issue unscathed. Wonder if Sanah is going to make it? Really good issue this month. I seem to always forget how much I like this series until I pick up a new issue.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

@inferiorego: damn, but if you ever have time to kill, watch it. You are gonna love it!