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Cataclysm: The Ultimates #3 - Part Three Review


The Ultimates battle Tarleton in this epic conclusion.

The Good

This is how tie-ins should be done! The Ultimates battle it out with Gah Lak Tus and Tarleton, who is controlling them. This is one action packed issue as everything comes to a head here. What makes this issue, and tie-in, as a whole, so dynamite is that it plays so well off of the main story without repeating any information from the event. Writer Josh Fialkov does a wonderful job at giving the reader a look into what the other Ultimates had to struggle with during this event, and that they had their own villain to fight.

This issue is filled with some fantastic action sequences, including Hercules physically beating Tarleton to a pulp. It's incredibly satisfying, since the prior issues dealt with Tarleton betraying all of humanity to join Galactus in his conquest of Earth, and by conquest, we mean "dinner party." Readers have spent the past month feeling all is lost with the Ultimate Universe, but this gives readers a lot of hope for the future. If they can beat Tarleton, they may have a small shot against Galactus.

This issue has an incredibly awesome ending as one hero sacrifices himself and ends up becoming something else. Something better. It's a bummer to see some of these characters go, but Fialkov gives one of them new life here, and hopefully, this character will play a bigger part during the rest of Cataclysm.

Once again, Carmine Di Giandomenico does a stellar job on the art here. It really gives us this fantastic full piece full of emotion and adventure. Giandomenico really hits the whole emotional gamut on these characters' faces as they deal with some tough situations. He has a few great looking splash pages, including the final page reveal, which are full of fantastic detail and really get an emotional reaction from the reader.

The Bad

Ultimate Agent Coulson... It's only a brief moment, but he feels so forced. If it was any other agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., I'd be fine with it, but because it's Coulson in the Ultimate Universe, it feels forced in by editorial.

The Verdict

Not only does this mini-series tie up incredibly nicely, but on its own, it's an incredibly exciting read. It's an amazing compliment to CATACLYSM: THE ULTIMATES LAST STAND, and the strongest of the tie-ins. Fialkov really nails it here and with the art of Giandomenico, this is one stand-out mini-series, and Ultimate fans will really enjoy it.

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Edited by GrenadeFlow

Yeah I agree with the bad Coulson feels so forced.

I'm going to miss Giandomenico's art in the Ultimate Universe

Posted by micah

I'm gonna miss this art :(

Posted by Novemberx2

Im not, Giandomenico is a testament to how far the ultimate universe has fallen when compared to bryan hitch work.

also the whole tie has been the Nick Fury and one dimensional d-listers

Posted by micah

@novemberx2: Really, since when is Punisher, and Hercules D-list

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by thebizz

This was a really good issue, my favorite of the tie ins so far.

Posted by Ando123

Really loved this comic.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Hope Herc is still about after all this ends

Posted by Novemberx2

@micah: in the ultimate universe they are very D-List at this point im surprised ultimate Dazzler didn't show up to join the reject team

Edited by KidChipotle

This entire mini series was absolutely amazing. I was really hoping we'd see this team in a new series post Cataclysm but it seems Marvel is adamant on keeping the Ultimate Universe down to 3 books now.