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Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand #5 - Part Five Review


It all ends here! Find out the fate of the Ultimate universe!

The Good

This is a tough issue for Ultimate and Galactus fans to read. Writer Brian Michael Bendis does a fine job at knowing how to rope fans in and keep them on the edge of their seat. There's a nice build up until these action sequences as Kitty and Galactus throw punches towards each other. Yes, that sounds ridiculous but it is a bit of fun. The final pages where we see the fate of Galactus are laid out and told wonderfully. It's a very nice moment in time.

Artist Mark Bagley does some great things on this issue, as well as some not so great things. His larger panels and splash pages look fantastic and there's a great amount of attention paid to detail. One of the coolest moments, artwise, within the whole issue features (spoilers ahead) Galactus reaching out of the negative zone. There's a great deal of depth within the panel and it looks incredibly cool. Bagley's best work on this issue comes by way of the cover, which is absolutely beautiful.

The Bad

The ending is actually a bit of a letdown. Maybe it's because this event was really hyped up to be something huge and completely change the Ultimate universe forever, but it ends abruptly and incredibly simple for these characters. In the past, especially with Ultimatum, Ultimate Universe events are huge and have long lasting effects on its characters. We lose a few heroes within this event, but it's hard to see how the world will be changed in the future. It seems like everything will just try to go back to normal. Regardless of that, the final issue just feels very underwhelming.

How Galactus is dealt with feels like a last minute change and way too easy for these characters. Without spoiling anything, it's not really that epic final issue that fans want. This book either could have been a bit better as a double-sized issue or the fight between Kitty and Galactus could have been shorter.

Bagley's art is down the middle of the road. There are times where I am extremely impressed with the art in this book, but the main problem with the overall issue is that his art becomes incredibly hard to read, mainly during action sequences. Maybe Andrew Hennessy's inks could have been a bit more defining or maybe Jason Keith's colors could have made things pop a bit more. However, the problem really starts with the panel compositions. During the times where everything blends a bit together, maybe another angle could have been used or it could have been a tighter shot.

The Verdict

Here's the thing about Cataclysm as a whole: it's good with moments of greatness. Spider-Man's and The Ultimates' tie ins are utterly wonderful, and the overall main story is a lot of fun, but when something has this much hype around it, it becomes incredibly hard to live up to it. This last issue of the story falls short of the hype and expectations of the readers, which is a bummer because this is a book fans were dying to see succeed. Hopefully, this reads much better in trade because the writing and the art didn't make this issue bad, the hype did.

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Posted by micah

Dang, not the going out with a bang I was hoping for, but nonethuless can't wait for Ultimate FF

Posted by micah

Question for Matt inferiorego. Will you review Ultimate FF or any of the upcoming Ultimate books

Posted by XescapetheliesX

After being burned by age of ultron and battle of the atom I decided to take a break from bendis events. It looks like it was a good choice because this followed the same pattern as the other events, decent build up with a terrible ending...

Posted by inferiorego

@micah said:

Question for Matt inferiorego. Will you review Ultimate FF or any of the upcoming Ultimate books

Ult FF will be awesome. Fialkov worked his magic with the Catalcysm Ult tie-in, so I have high hopes for that series.... yes, I will probably review them!

Posted by UltimaStarkiller

Knowing that "Survive" is more or less the "true" ending for this event, I'm just going to look at this final issue as a "penultimate" issue, and hope that one shot can tie things up more satisfactorily. Doesn't make this issue any less disappointing, but it gives me hope for a better ending, and I'll take that. I will say, as better as this event could have been as a whole, it's still thankfully better than Ultimatum.

Edited by micah
Posted by CheeseSticks

1/5 would have been more fair.

Posted by Ando123

I like this issue :D

Edited by danhimself

I was hoping for something on the level with Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-men...I was really disappointed by this book

Posted by ZbvmX

Whoa! **

Let me just hope that this really does emulate its predecessor (AoU) and give us REALLY good follow-up stories down the road.

Edited by SynCig

Seems to me that a lot of events have the problem of "THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!" hype and then the event comes and goes and little to nothing is changed. Recent Marvel events especially.

Posted by Smoker_Harrow

Such a let down.

Edited by spacemanspiff85

Why couldn't they have tried that in the very first issue? Or in any of the issues before this? It's not like they weren't doing things to distract Galactus before this.

On the plus side, though, compared to Ultimatum, this was a fantastic series. I'm not furious, sick, or disgusted by it.

Posted by BeaconofStrength

This was a slight letdown, but when Thor dove into Galactus, it kinda hurt. Ultimate Thor is one of my favorite characters; I'm just hoping hes gonna make it out alive a long with Galactus.

Edited by micah
Posted by Rixec

Why all the hate? I really enjoyed it.

Posted by SwampPing

Woah, really low score. I loved it

Posted by ZbvmX


I guess we were all expecting something different from the book (a little bit too much for others methinks).

Posted by Master_Thief

So what exactly hapened in this issue (not able to get this till trade)

So what happened to galactus

happened to him like in earths mightiest heroes show?

Posted by Jphu8414

The issue was ok for me 3/5. A bit anti-climatic and predictable, but I'm just excited for the new Ultimate series coming out

I lol at the thought of Thor and Galactus just chilling in the negative zone together

Posted by rob1157

Such a let down. 1/5

Posted by frozenedge

Moment of silence please for Thor the last and the greatest of the Asgardian's and Captain America. Excited for the next wave of Ultimate series though. Still want to know what happened to the X-Men though

Posted by GrenadeFlow

I liked the issue

Edited by scouts1998

So from the sounds of this, this is 2nd event in a row from bendis that has a disappointing ending

Posted by SoA

i must be very lame . i liked AoU , BoA, and the finale to cataclysm. im glad that its not the end of the ultimate universe .

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

This seems like the Ultimate universe's version of the Death of Superman. We all thought they would be dead, it was a bit of a cop out, and in the end it was likely just a way to revitalize interest in the Ultimate universe. Still, I think that even with the added interest, the Ultimate universe is still going to suffer.

(man I really sound negative)

Edited by New_World_Order

It's obvious Galactus is going to return to the 616 universe. The real question is, will Ultimate Thor follow?

Posted by iceslick

@inferiorego UGH!!! Bendis does it again! It's just like Battle of the Atom all over again! This is why I don't consider him as the "best" writer. He always does a banged up job at the last issue of most events. It's always rushed and looks awfully and terrible writing. I only give this a 3, because I actually liked the angle on Reed Richards and I disagree on the Kitty Vs Galactus fight because it fell flat to me, it could have been more epic, if the action was longer and yes once again Bendis needed more pages. For some reason he doesn't do justice when he has limited amount of pages for an event. This is why I think he should just stick to one book because he always ends up rushing the event books because he has too many books to do. Bendis is definitely not Charles Soule, I don't know why he continues to do so. Even though I don't like him doing multiple books, he's doing surprisingly well on the Trial of Jean Grey event.

Edited by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by Hysteria

I wonder if Kitty now has Giant-Man powers since she grew and shrank on her own accord in the issue. if it was a one time only I think she would have grown immediately after being injected with the GM serum, but since she was told to shrink without the shrinking hormone I think she will retain those powers.

Posted by Onemoreposter

CAP!! THOR!! ....damnit.....

Stoked on Reeds redemption though.

Posted by Rubear

As we, russians, speak... "От него кровопролитьев ожидали, а он чижика съел".

Posted by Novemberx2

they should of just killed it, frankly the whole series has been an insult to good era of the ultimate universe. Its even more insult that bendis wrote it... the ultimate universe was never meant to be some bizzaro universe

Warren Ellis Gah Lak Tus series was an excellent way of modernising the stupidest concept ever made: A Giant Human Male with silly purple hat, who speaks prefect English! can you imagine in the middle of say the ultimates 2 where the ultimates invade iran, suddenly this nonsense happened, people would of dropped the Ultimates 2, reviews would be overwhelming negative, but now this stupidity is seen as "a fun adventure" so its ok as long as its not as Ultimatum.

they should of killed the whole universe. started again, retained the original version of a modern marvel universe, that was grounded in reality and stuck with years of history.

Posted by JeanRalphio

2 stars is generous for this issue.

Posted by Emperormeister734

Now we need to know the aftermath

Posted by galactus1967

I`m a big Galactus fan,I give the series A (c-).The art work is good,But the ending is about the same as what happened to the chaos god,just on a smaller scale.

Edited by KidChipotle

My LCS finally got this issue! It was so difficult waiting for this an extra week. Not the best issue, I completely agree. But I do think the ramifications of the event is what will most likely impact the Ultimate Universe. With Ultimate Thor now "gone for ever", Captain America missing in action (presumed dead), and Reed Richards FINALLY becoming a good guy again, SHIELD possibly disbanding, and the fate of the X-Men being unknown, I'd say those are pretty universe shaking concepts. Also, we'll see Ultimate FF form along with an entirely new Ultimates team. Those are somewhat new concepts - or --- new takes on old concepts , but wasn't that the whole point of the Ultimate Universe? Not the best issue by any means but I am excited to read Survival, I am excited for the All New Ultimate NOW! relaunch, and may the Ultimate Universe continue to go strong for another 15 years!