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Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand #2 - Part Two Review


Galactus is stomping around and destroying New Jersey. Spider-Man makes a decision for the future of the Ultimate universe.

The Good

Spider-Man joins up with the Ultimates in order to figure out how to stop Galactus from destroying the world. They find out they may need to jump into the 616 to enlist the help of Reed Richards. Spider-Man steps up to the plate with someone else to save the world.

This issue really revolves around Miles' involvement with Galactus. The reader really gets a scope for how large Galactus is when Miles actually jumps onto his head. He's nothing but a fly to this cosmic being. It puts the giant, purple man into perspective, which in turn makes him feel like a legitimate threat.

Fans of SPIDER-MEN, one of my personal favorite cross-overs of all time, will fall in love with this issue. It truly ties back to that story as the Ultimates go to Mysterio, who originally comes from the 616 universe, to ask him who this giant entity is attacking their world. Miles travelling to the 616, for just a singular moment, and Mysterio not being of this universe are discussed here, and it's great to see a call back to that event. What really makes this scene work brilliantly is the fact that Mysterio recognizes Galactus, but doesn't really know who he is. Mysterio never had to battle Galactus, so him not knowing much about this entity makes sense. All he really knows, which he tells Tony Stark, is that Reed Richards has stopped him before.

This issue ends with everything really tying together the major groups of the Ultimate universe. This issue starts with Spider-Man joining the Ultimates and ends with the X-Men making a decision to join the fight. This gives readers a glimmer of hope that maybe, if everyone joins forces, they can defeat Galactus.

Spoilers ahoy! There's a fantastic turn towards the end as Mr Fantastic, the Ultimate version (the one who tried to end the world), offers to join the fight and travel with Miles to the 616 to get the answers their world needs. Writer Brian Michael Bendis is tying everything fans love about the Ultimate universe into one story. To sum it up, it's fan service that makes sense. Maybe that comes off a bit harsh, but I don't mean it like that. This is some great story telling where the puzzle pieces fit perfectly into their spots, but at the same time, fanboys of the Ultimate U will love what's going on.

The art team of Mark Bagley (pencils), Andrew Hennessy (inks), and Jason Keith (colors) does a great job with this issue, but where they really shine are during these brilliant establishing shots. From the opening page where Miles is jumping through the city, to the next page featuring Galactus destroying New Jersey, these artists know how to set up a beautiful scene, and they really keep up some consistently great work.

The Bad

No complaints on this issue. The first issue was a solid set-up to this event, but this issue really kicks it into high gear.

The Verdict

CATACLYSM: THE ULTIMATES LAST STAND #2 provides an extremely exciting story that fires on all cylinders. Bendis takes us on one thrilling ride as we watch Galactus stomp his way through the Ultimate universe. As of right now, this series, including the tie-ins is 4 for 4. Every issue is more than a worthwhile read. Put this book on your pull list make sure you pick it up. This is going to be an event fans will talk about for years.

Posted by TommytheHitman

Question. I'm not reading this event (even though it sounds awesome) how much damage is Galactus doing?

Posted by inferiorego

Question. I'm not reading this event (even though it sounds awesome) how much damage is Galactus doing?

Parts of New Jersey are rubble.

Posted by TommytheHitman

@inferiorego: Ah! So the usual for the Ultimateverse then?

Posted by inferiorego
Posted by micah

Everyone read this event, if this is the Ultimate Universe swan song, let's send it off with great sales

Posted by inferiorego

@micah said:

Everyone read this event, if this is the Ultimate Universe swan song, let's send it off with great sales


Posted by GrenadeFlow

@micah said:

Everyone read this event, if this is the Ultimate Universe swan song, let's send it off with great sales

Posted by Mezmero

Foolish Ultimate universe! You are nothing before the might of Galactus. I love that this event has a real horror vibe to it but then again it seems like most Ultimate events have that feel.

Posted by Ando123


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I don't think the Ultimate Universe is ending. Marvel will probably just relaunch all the titles.

Edited by eagerbuttermilk

is this cosmic spiderman?

Posted by GrenadeFlow

Just read this, great issue. Ultimate Reed is Awesome

Posted by Wiseman108

If this really is the end of the Ultimate universe, I'm hoping that at least Ultimate Spider-Man will move over to the mainstream universe. I mean I really dislike Superior Spider-Man and it would be nice to have someone put SpOck in his place. :P

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

We already got a swan song for The Ultimate Universe before (Ultimatum) and it was fine. They just killed off a lot of major characters, had a few horrible mini's then relaunched some other series. I'm thinking this will just be an "Ultimate Marvel NOW!" thing coming out of this. It's gotten some attention and should drive interest in the Ultimate line. Maybe they'll finally kill off some of the major heroes of The Ultimates (X-men and Spider-man/Peter Parker already suffered losses).